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Whether your wisdom tooth makes you wise or not is a separate matter for debate but your wisdom tooth gives you intense pain for sure!
When there were no commercially available anesthetics like Benzocaine, dentists used clove oil or clove gel for numbing the pain from wisdom tooth growth. Take few drops of clove essential oil and with the help of a cotton ball, hold it gently but firmly against you aching wisdom tooth.
If onion can relieve inflammation and joint pains due to arthritis, it can also be helpful in relieving swelling and pain due to toothache. Just as you get the feel of toothache, take a slice of raw onion and chew it, spreading its juice to where it aches. If your pain is so much that you can’t chew the slice of onion, hold it gently but firmly against your aching mouth area. With its nutrient rich composition due to various minerals and vitamins, asafetida has long been used by Ayurveda to cure a variety of diseases and medical conditions including toothaches. Garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can go a long way in relieving pain. Vanilla extract that you use for cooking and baking can come to your help when you need that much wanted relief from pain due to wisdom tooth. The strong aromatic herb peppermint is one of the oldest remedies for toothache, just like clove.
Oregano herb is rich in a number of minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, and manganese and vitamins C, A and niacin. Take a little amount, about ? to ? tsp of the diluted oregano oil (1 drop of oregano oil in 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil) and hold it in your mouth. The nerve soothing lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that may get you rid of tooth pain. The ancient Greek soldiers had myrrh as an essential part of their combat gear just due to the excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh gum resins.
If you have only mild pain in your wisdom tooth, you may well think of using ginger as its remedy. If your tooth hurts while biting the ginger piece, you can even make a ginger tea to be used as mouthwash.
Some of the above home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief will work for all but some others may or may not be effective depending upon the response of your body to these home remedies.
Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. The wisdom teeth removal pain and symptoms are common for every individual in certain stage. The person who got affected with wisdom teeth, may have experienced problems such as, Stiff and sore jaw, Unpleasant taste, Numbness of face, tongue and lips, severe pain, which are the problems arising because of wisdom teeth. For more details about the pain relief and recovery you can follow the self care advice given by the experienced dentists, they are – People can use pain killers to relieve severe pain, avoid exercise for few days, support the persons head with extra pillows during night time, avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking, eat only soft food and used to chew with another teeth, use antiseptic mouth wash to avoid swelling and paining.
It is normal to every individual, after the removal of their wisdom teeth may occur continues bleeding for few hours. To overcome this problem like bleeding, people can use a small piece of cotton is placed over the bleeding area.
Swelling of mouth and cheeks is the worse at initial stage and it increasing gradually after few days.
People can follow the prescription given by the doctors to prevent from pain and other problems. The doctor gives a number of antibiotics which are definitely effective but do take their time to show results. Basil leaves are a great way to fight throat infection and reduce inflammation caused by it. It is the nature of human body to recover from any illness or infection more quickly when given proper rest and not put under any strain or pressure. It is strongly advised to drink plenty of water, or for that matter, any other fluid in case of a strep throat. It is strongly advised to keep away from cold or very hot drinks as they can further advocate throat infection.
The infected person should stay away from any possible thing which can cause allergies or infections.
Warts- skin growths caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), infects the epidermis by entering the body through a wound, sore or any other broken space.
Types of Warts Warts are unpleasant and unwanted eruptions on the skin which are unappealing to the eye and cause discomfort to those who suffer from them. Simple Home Based Treatment For Warts Though usually harmless, warts need to removed as early as possible as they are additional growths on the skin and look unhealthy.
One of the simplest and easiest ways of removing warts at home is with the application of duct tapes.
A small piece of duct tape should be pasted on top of the wart and left for 5-6 days at a stretch. Tea Tree Oil The anti bacterial and healing properties of tea tree oil are very useful in the treatment and eradication of warts. Echinacea Pills Echinacea pills are very effective in curing any conditions of the skin.2-3 pills daily or as prescribed by the medical expert can be administered to the person suffering from warts. Essential Lemon Oil A few drops of essential lemon oil are enough to make the wary disappear. Castor Oil The topical and direct application of castor oil on the warts is an effective remedy for the treatment of warts.
Baking Powder And Castor Oil Mix a small quantity of castor oil with a teaspoon of baking powder and make a paste. Baking Powder A few teaspoons of baking soda can be dissolved in a bucket full of water for this effective home based remedy. Garlic Rubbing the extract or crushed garlic on the warts helps in their removal and prevention.2-3 Garlic capsules or fresh garlic pills eaten across the day, helps in reducing the signs of warts.
Other Remedies For Treating Warts Heating the wart not only kills the virus within but also helps in softening the same.
Other remedies for the removal of warts include chalk, papaya, fig mask, pineapple juice and dandelion. Gums are the mucous membrane covered tissues of the jaws that surround the roots of the teeth. In some patients, spaces develop between teeth which give an abnormal appearance to the mouth. In some cases, tight contact between teeth makes it difficult to clean the inter-dental gums.
Swelling of gums may also arise as a side effect of drugs like Amlodipine, Diltiazem, Felodipine and Phenytoin. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease and is sometimes seen to be the reason behind swollen gums. Swollen Gums treatment usually involves removal of plaques or bacterial patches from the teeth.
Multivitamin pills add Vitamin C, iron and folic acid to the system the absence of which lead to an inflammation of the gums. While swollen gums are usually non-harmful, they can sometimes lead to serious complications like ulcers in the gums and even tooth loss. A very painful condition, gout is caused by deposits of uric acid crystals around the joints. It is advisable to wash the soaked area with fresh water and wipe it off with a towel. Epsom salt comprises magnesium and sulphate, used to alleviate the symptoms of gout.
Drinking the juices of the dark colored fruits decreases the chances of flare-up by lowering uric acid levels.
Most of the gout patients get immense relief from the pain when they undertake alternating treatments of hot and cold therapy. Though alkaline, it does great help in gout by making the uric acid more soluble, thus it becomes easy to flush the uric acid out. It may have some side effects like  high blood pressure, headache and vomiting. People suffering from genital warts can apply ointments containing green tea extract to the site of the infection for up to four months or until the warts are healed. People suffering from genital warts can take 250 to 350mg of cat’s claw extract thrice a day.

People bothered by recurrent HPV infections can take 250 to 500mg of olive leaf extract daily. Siberian ginseng contains eleutheroside that fights viruses and strengthens the immune system. Clove (Eugenia aromaticum), has anesthetic, antiseptic, analgesic and antibacterial properties, perfect for giving relief from horrible toothaches. Just apply a pinch of clove powder where it pains in your mouth and wait for it to get dissolved.
Onions have phytochemicals such as disulfides, trisulfides, cepaene, and vinyl dithiins, that have anticancer and antimicrobial properties and thus can kill the germs causing infection in your mouth and give you relief from pain. Asafetida is a resinous gum having pungent smell and is commonly used as a flavoring agent in cooking all over Indian subcontinent and Central Asian region. Cabbage has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and its juice is a rich source of lactic acid.
If you feel any kind of irritation or discomfort similar to allergic reaction, rinse your mouth with water and see your doctor. Oregano oil has the components carvacrol and thymol that give this oil its strong antiseptic properties. While holding this, take a sip of water and swish around your mouth for about 2 minutes and then spit out. The fine natural antibiotic and disinfecting agent, myrrh, can come to your rescue when you suffer from wisdom toothache. The anti-bacterial properties of ginger root can get you rid of minor toothache as well as minor infection and swelling related to wisdom tooth. Sage herb has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and can not only cure toothache but also gingivitis, mouth sores and bleeding gums. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. To recover from the extraction pain and problems, there are many measures to recover the pain in better way. Especially for sensitive areas those problems will take place normally and irritation also appears.
To reduce the swelling in teeth can gently press the cheeks by using cold cloth, which may reduce the swelling of teeth. To avoid these swelling people can apply the ice cubes to the affected place for 10 to 15 minutes.
Because, the place which is more sensitive for everyone, so it gets easily infected by serious problems. The medications like pain killers and over the counter (OTC) are also one of the aids used for recovery process. But what one should know is that it is not required to always seek a professional’s help in case of a strep throat. Common salt is an excellent tool against infection and works wonders in reducing the swelling of the throat.
Turmeric as well as pepper have a number of medicinal properties and act as disinfectants against throat infection.
Chamomile has excellent analgesic properties and has quick effects in relieving the individual from throat pain and infection.
If administered with tea every few hours, it has wonderful effects on a person suffering from throat infection since it has antibiotic properties. A spoon of honey along with a spoon of ginger liquid acts a great tool against throat inflammation and bacterial infection. A spoon full of oil extracted from the mango tree can be mixed with hot water and used to gargle.
So next time you have a strep throat, stay home for a day and give all the rest your body needs.
It reduces the effect of medicines and any other remedy and slows down the process of healing.
Given below are some simple home remedies and measures which prove to be effective for the treatment of warts.
Backed by scientific research and recommendations of experts in the field, duct tape has proved to be effective in the treatment of warts.
Then soak the affected region in warm water and start scrubbing lightly with a pumice stone. Aloe vera gel helps in the eradication and removal of warts and this skin growth falls off on its own after 2-3 days of treatment.
Echinacea has been used since times in memorial by the Native American Indian and is very effective in treating the cause and symptoms of warts.
Soaking the affected foot or wart ridden hand in this pail of water and letting the baking powder dry off on its own, helps in the removal of warts. Apart from increasing the immune functions of the body food products like rice and sunflower seeds go a long way in preventing the cause of warts and removing them totally.
If you are concerned about bad breath and the odor that remains after eating garlic, you can consider chewing a few leaves of fresh parsley or basil after the act. The effects of these home based remedies vary from one person to another and various treatments can be tried to find the one that suits best.
This happens in people who do not brush their teeth regularly or brushes in an improper way. Fibre-rich foods that need to be chewed thoroughly strengthen the gums and bring down the risk of inflammation. Too tight or ill-fitting dentures can cause constant irritation of gums and lead to their inflammation. As a causative agent of Swollen Gums medications like antidepressants and Anticovulsants and heart disease drugs cannot be ruled out.
In worse cases of gum inflammation due to bacteria, life-threatening conditions like Endocarditis may also arise. If you are having severe swelling in the gums accompanied with constant pain, it is time to consult a doctor.
These sulfates help not only to remove the toxins out but also aid in the protection of joints by increasing the joint proteins. For this soak you need half a cup of finely ground charcoal and mix it with hot water and the soak is ready. If you are not able to consume enough vitamin C rich fruits and foods, then you need to add some supplements.It is advisable to ask your doctor about the dose. This will help in increasing the urine output, thereby flushing out some uric acid along with it. These can be taken  in the fresh, frozen or canned form, though they are best if consumed fresh. Blackberry contains high amounts of potassium and  anti-oxidants.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Compounds known as sinecatechins found in green tea possess antiviral and antioxidant properties that can rapidly resolve the viral infection. People prone to genital warts can even consume green tea or supplements containing 250 to 500mg of green tea daily.
The herb contains antiviral compounds called quinovic acid glycosides that can combat the HPV virus responsible for the infection. Oleuropein, the major active component in olive leaf, can rapidly reduce the symptoms of viral infections.
To prevent adverse side effects, the podophyllum resin should be washed off within four hours after applying it to the infection site. Your wisdom tooth or teeth may grow when you are anywhere between 16 and 25, and sometimes even later in life, in your 30s too.
If you feel, clove oil is too strong for your mouth, dilute it in ? tsp of olive oil and then apply it to your aching tooth. Stop using clove or clove oil and use some other home remedy for wisdom tooth ache or see your doctor. This resin, among other natural chemicals, contains asaresinotennol, free or combined with ferulic acid and umbelliferone.
Juice made from this wheatgrass is a rich source of chlorophyll, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It inhibits inflammatory responses in body which may be helpful in treating inflammatory diseases. It is rich in antioxidants and because it also has little concentration of alcohol, it is capable of numbing the gums around your painful tooth giving you relief.
This oil is a powerful natural painkiller and can be of utmost help in relieving pain due to wisdom tooth. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes. Individuals who extract their wisdom teeth can totally avoid the hard food and long chewing foods. Individual who need extraction recovery treatment can follow the safety guidelines provided by the dentist. Throat allergies to certain kinds of food items and excessive screaming and shouting can also be the causes. Also turmeric powder when mixed into a juice of basil leaves has a very positive effect on an aching throat.
For best results, a person should add a pinch of pepper powder, cinnamon and honey into water.
Blood and other nutrients are supplied to these warts through tiny capillaries and vessels. After a minute of topical application, a piece of cotton wool can be bandaged and left on the wart. However, care should be taken to check the temperature of the water before implementing the remedy as very hot water may cause burns and boils. Other methods for Swollen Gums cure involve root planning, scaling, flossing and curettage. While home remedies are fine for temporary relief, it is best to visit an experienced dental professional and get expert medical assistance. All the patients of gout treat themselves with some or the other of the home remedies listed below.
Put your affected joint in epsom water for fomentation and keep it there for about 20 to 30 minutes or till the water is cool. Magnesium looks after the nerve functions, thus reducing pain and swelling.Warm soaks help dissolve the uric acid crystals.
Otherwise, the reverse will happen and the result will be the raised level of uric acid. The fruits containing vitamin C are lemon, orange, and grapefruit – basically all the citrus fruits come in this category.
This will reduce the build up of uric acid. This recommendation comes from The National Institute of Arthritis, Muco skeletal and Skin Diseases. The best time allotment is that hot compress should be for 3 minutes and cold for 30 seconds. It does not let the uric acid get deposited  in the joints and stops it from forming stones in the kidneys. Home remedies comprising of herbs and supplements can alleviate the symptoms of the infection. The herb also helps to strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of recurrent genital wart outbreaks. Studies suggest that propolis can heal the warts faster than conventional acyclovir-based antiviral ointments.
If you go by popular belief, this is the age when you gain worldly wisdom and hence the name wisdom tooth.
Also, while clove oil is considered safe when used in small quantities, it may cause liver and respiratory problems if you ingest this oil in large quantities. Shallots, yellow and red onions are more effective than the white and sweet onions when it comes to pain relief and other disease fighting qualities.
Ferulic acid has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties while umbelliferone is antiseptic. The high content of Quercetin in guava leaves lend them the excellent pain killing properties.
Antioxidants present in garlic also helps reduce swelling and in turn giving relief from pain. It can, thus, be used to relieve pain and swelling associated with tooth ache, even when it is due to growth of your wisdom tooth. You need to use very small amount of diluted oregano oil for toothache as it is very strong. It will help to an individual to recover immediately from the wisdom teeth pain and problems.
The post surgery recovery process is more important for an individual to recover fast from the wisdom teeth problem. It is also known that honey when mixed with lime juice is also very effective in such cases. If the wart does not come off easily, then the same procedure can be repeated again for a week.
As tea tree oil is very effective for the removal of warts, the application of the same does not require a long drawn process and shows results in a speedy way. However, if the condition persists or worsens, it makes good sense to refer to a medical expert immediately.
Read on to know all about Swollen Gums around tooth, its causes, symptoms and how to treat  swollen gums. Timely treatment will help you recover sooner and avoid any possible future health complication. It is not recommended for people with low blood pressure, leukemia, kidney diseases, liver problems and autoimmune diseases. People suffering from hypertension, heart problems, mental conditions and hormone sensitive conditions should use Siberian ginseng with caution.
If you are lucky enough to have a big mouth, you may not get pain while your wisdom tooth grows in there. Why not then use comparatively cheaper and easily available cloves or clove oil for wisdom tooth pain relief! All these constituents of asafetida makes it a good remedy for toothaches, including wisdom tooth pain.
These leaves have many properties that include astringent, antibacterial, pain blocking, and disinfecting qualities. Vanilla essence is made by combining chemicals whereas vanilla extract is derived from the original vanilla plants.
These are the following tips for fast recovery after the extraction of wisdom teeth, and it is given by specialist dentists to an individual who has undergone a recent surgery for wisdom tooth extraction.
But if home remedies do not seem to be working, no time shall be wasted to go and seek a doctor’s help and take antibiotics.
If you use vanilla essence instead of extract, you may not get the same effect on your painful wisdom tooth. But, the wisdom tooth, in its desperate attempt to appear may start pushing your other teeth or stuck against them. It then grows at an uncomfortable angle under your gum, which is then called impacted wisdom tooth.
With all its benefits, wheatgrass juice is one of the best remedies for tooth pain including that which is due to wisdom tooth.
Bacteria may also grow around this impacted wisdom tooth and increase your pain and problems. What’s more irritating is that wisdom tooth pain, most of the time, occurs at night when you are fast asleep and suddenly you wake up due to throbbing unbearable pain in mouth. No dentist will be available at these wee hours and what comes to your help are the home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief!

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