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Application of ice pack on the affected area can help in reducing the swelling and itching resulting from a spider bite. An individual can apply olive oil and turmeric powder on the affected area to deal with the symptoms of a spider bite. This paste can be applied 2 to 3 times in a week to obtain effective results.
Direct application of juice extracted from fresh basil leaves on the affected area can reduce the burning sensation resulting from a spider bite. Tea tree oil or lavender oil can be applied multiple times on a daily basis on the affected area to reduce the swelling and itching resulting from a spider bite.
Application of onion juice on the affected area can relieve the itching resulting from a spider bite. An individual can apply a mixture created with the use of meat tenderizer powder and water on the affected area to cure the symptoms of a spider bite.
Application of apple cider vinegar (half teaspoon) mixed in water (1 cup) on the affected area can reduce the redness, itching and swelling resulting from a spider bite.
A mixture of garlic oil (1 tablespoon) and crushed cloves (3 – 4) can be directly applied on the affected area to obtain relief from the pain and redness resulting from a spider bite. Causes Spider bites are simply caused when a spider rolls over your skin or comes in direct contact with the skin. Symptoms It should be remembered that identifying the spider breed along with the symptoms is crucial and will help you find a related treatment. Types There are mainly two kinds of spider bites, the poisonous ones and the non-poisonous ones.
The first treatment that you should do at home is to use your fingernail or even the edge of a blunt knife to scrape off the spider from the skin. Ice Pack Take some cubes of ice and then apply generously on the area for at least 15-20 minutes.
November 28, 2013 By Admin In addition to spiders being scary, they can also leave behind some pretty painful bites. Baking soda can neutralize the poison and venom in a spider bite, making it one of the most efficient home remedies for spider bites. Refresh as needed, and leave on a baking soda mask until the swelling and redness decrease.
Ice works in two ways: it minimizes the swelling often caused by a spider bite and it numbs the area temporarily. Hold it to the spider bite until it melts and no longer provides relief from your spider bite pain. Keeping infection away should be one of your main goals when choosing between home remedies for spider bites.
Add more basil on a daily basis until your bite no longer itches and isn’t swollen anymore.
When you get bitten by a spider, blood flows to the area immediately to fight off the venom. Wash the affected area thoroughly with lukewarm water.Sprinkle some table salt on a wet washcloth. Spiders are present in almost every house and apart from the fact that they can scare almost every one; spider is one of the dangerous mammal that can cause harm to the human life. Ice is very effective in reducing the problem of swelling that is caused due to spider bite.
It is advisable to place the ice pack on the affected area for a period of 15 – 20 minutes to obtain effective results.
Another option is to apply a paste prepared with basil leaves (dried) powder and rosewater.

It is advisable to remove this paste only after 45 – 60 minutes to obtain best results. Peppermint oil can also be applied on the affected area to obtain relief from the problems associated with a spider bite.
A paste created with the use of sugar and water can be applied on the affected area to reduce the burning sensation resulting from a spider bite. Onion pulp can also be directly applied on the affected area to treat the problem of spider bite. To obtain effective results, this mixture should be removed after 1 hour of the application. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. In most cases, the symptoms of common spider bites are redness in the area, followed by slight pain and itchiness. Even the poisonous ones are usually not very harmful, until it is some rare breed like the black widow.
If it stays on the skin then it would mean that little sacs of poison will continue to go into the skin.
Doing so helps the poisonous enzymes in the body to break down, which in turn provides respite from all the inflammation and swelling. Basically baking soda assists in bringing down the level of inflammation and also stays in place. The oil has cooling effects that reduce the swelling and also seep through the skin to heal the wound internally. However, if you underwent severe symptoms like vomiting and nausea then detoxifying fibrous foods along with lots of fluids and juices are suggested. You may want to use this remedy as soon as you notice the spider bite in order to minimize side effects. An infection can increase the pain you suffer from your spider bite and even make you ill; this remedy staves off infection.
Aspirin is one of the fastest-working treatments for a spider bite, so you may want to try this as soon as you start experiencing symptoms from a spider bite. Also, get medical help if you are not sure whether the bite was from a posionous spider.Spiders do not feed on humans like some biting insects. The anti bacterial properties present in hydrogen peroxide are very effective in reducing the infection. The anti bacterial properties of turmeric reduce the infection and helps in healing the bite. The anti bacterial properties of garlic are very useful in fighting off the infection and the use of it helps in reducing the pain and inflammation as well. It can be very serious though, especially if you were out on a vacation to some exotic location where such rare breeds are available. However, in some cases, when the bite is poisonous, one may experience abnormal swelling of the area followed by blueness or mottling and vomiting and nausea.
The other poisonous breed is the Brown Recluse, which is less fatal but can be excruciating.
Apply on the affected area to get respite from the redness and swelling as it kills the poison and provides immediate relief. Again, this should be made into a paste like mixture and then applied generously on the skin. Basically this vegetable has some compounds that reduces the level of poison and provides instant respite and prevents spreading of the poison too.

If you do not have peppermint oil at home then you can use some peppermint based toothpaste or cream too. Basically, if the bite is less harmful, you should get results in the first couple of hours itself. Then add some water to make it into a fine paste and apply on the area for neutralizing the poison.
These home remedies for spider bites can treat the redness, pain, and swelling of spider bites in no time.
Almost everyone has some ice cubes in their freezer, making this one of the most convenient home remedies for spider bites. If the spider bite is on a leg or arm, elevate the extremity in the air to minimize blood flow and prevent swelling. Spider bite is not a dangerous thing to happen unless there is any venom present in the spider. All you need is to take some dried basil leaves, crush them and apply over the bitten area regularly.
Alternatively you can also apply a cloth soaked in cold water over the bitten area to get relief.
Replace the power every two hours to get significant relief and with continuous use you will get rid of the problem completely. Most spider bites, medically known as arachnidism, are not a matter of concern.They can cause mild symptoms like limited inflammation, redness, pain and itching. Ice PackWhen bitten by a spider, the first thing you need to do is clean the wound with mild soap and water. It has an innate absorption property that helps draw out and remove toxic substances from the body. Spider bite results in different symptoms like itching, swelling, pain, redness which can be followed by pus at the bitten area. Alternatively you can also tie garlic cloves with cloth over the affected area to get relief. Depending on the type of spider, the symptoms may last a few hours to several days or even weeks. After the toxic substance is out of the body, inflammation and tenderness reduce automatically.Make a paste of some activated charcoal using a little water.
Spider bite resembles a mosquito bite only and therefore it becomes very important to take care of the bite. The cold temperature will help numb the nerve endings, soothe the itching sensation and reduce swelling and inflammation.Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin towel and place it on the affected area for 10 minutes at a time. Here are some of the important home remedies that can be used to get rid of the symptoms of spider bite effectively. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. It can bring down the itching and inflammation, largely due to its anti-irritating and soothing properties.

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