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Fordyce spots are small bumps measuring from 1-3 mm in diameter that develops on the skin surface.
Unlike pimples, which may develop pus after bacterial infection, this spot is harmless and does not belong to the type of skin infection.
Some people treat this type of lesions with laser therapy for reducing sebaceous prominence.
You can include more garlic foods in your diet since it is an excellent antioxidant for healing wounds and infection. Tonsil inflammation (tonsillitis) – this can be caused by a bacteria or virus, being accompanied by headaches, fever and a stiff neck as additional symptoms. Tonsil stones – as it was already explained, tonsil stones can appear as white spots on the tonsils, as the debris in the tonsil crypts (bacteria, mucus, small particles of food and dead cells) becomes infected.
Oral thrush – this is a viral infection (with yeast) and it is aggravated by the lack of immunity and a high intake of sugary foods. Sore throat – this is also known as a strep infection and, besides the white spots on the tonsils, the patient will suffer from swollen lymph nodes and high fever. Mononucleosis – this is a viral infection and the symptoms resemble the ones of flu, the patient experiencing fatigue, fever and headaches. Tonsillectomy is recommended in the situation when the tonsils are frequently infected or inflamed. If you have suffered surgery for tonsils removal, then you should know that you will fully recover in one or two weeks but you will have a sore throat. Gargling – this is one of the best home remedies that will help you keep the area clean and free of infection. Warm fluids – when we say warm fluids, we are talking about tea and not caffeine-based drinks.
Using air vaporizers and room humidifiers will guarantee that you breathe in air that is moist. Dark spots on the face are a very common problem faced by a lot of people around the world.

If you follow some basic skin care tips at home, and make sure that you are eliminating the causes of furthering or spreading the dark spots, then you can easily get rid of them sitting in the comfort of your home.You need to begin by understanding what exactly has caused the dark spots. When this oil gets blocked in the gland which does not contain any hair, it slowly converts into lesions or bumps. You can try some products like Tretinoin gel available over the counter for reducing the size of the spots. Cryotherapy is also performed for curing these spots in which liquid nitrogen is applied over affected area for freezing the bumps. In the past, if your tonsils got swollen or infection was present, the first choice of treatment was surgical removal. This happens when there is an infectious agent, such as bacteria or virus and the immune system sends the white blood cells into the battle. In other cases, it happens that debris accumulates in the tiny pockets of the tonsils (tonsil crypts), leading to tonsil stones.
In more serious cases, the patient will also have swollen lymph nodes and extensive rash on the body. The latter will only contribute to dehydration, making you recovery late, as opposed to tea or chicken broth which are great. Dry air has the tendency to aggravate sore throats and prolong the presence of white spots on the tonsils. However, the good news is that there is not always a need for you to go to a dermatologist or a skin clinic and spend a lot of your precious money on complicated and possibly dangerous treatments and surgeries. It could be you pricking or touching your pimples very often, which could have resulted in the acne scars turning permanently into dark spots.
At the same time, follow a healthy and balanced diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and does not have tinned or canned foods, which have a lot of preservatives in them.
Milk helps in lightening the dark spots and freckles, and also helps to have a smoother and clearer complexion.Avoid unhealthy habits such as alcohol consumption, too many late nights, lack of sleep as well as erratic work and party schedules. These spots are not contagious in nature but generally occur in more number on adults and old age people.

Some doctors perform laser therapy using CO2 laser for desiccating the spots and reducing their size.
Today, it is well known that the tonsils represent the first barrier of protection against infection, whether we are talking about the protection of the digestive system or the one of the respiratory airways.
As the white blood cells die in order to kill the infectious agent, white spots appear on the tonsils. However, in the case of a white spot on tonsil, for 40% of the patients, the symptoms will subside in three days and for the rest in one week. Then there is also a chance that you are not consuming a healthy diet, or your face and body is constantly exposed to heat, dirt and pollution. Also, when stepping out of the house, make sure that you always have a good sunscreen lotion applied on your face and body to reduce the effect of the harmful UV rays.At home, you can easily prepare a mix of honey and lemon juice and apply it on your face for 15 minutes, at least 3 days in a week. Though it can develop on person of any age group, still the number of spots is large in aged people. These spots are actually represented by mucus and calcium and they might require both medical treatment and home care remedies. The size of the Fordyce spots may be small or large seen on the wet tissues and on the mucosal surfaces. Dye laser is also used for treating prominence of sebaceous gland and it does not leave any scar.
With regular use, you will start to notice visible differences, and your dark spots will start lightening up.
It is very common for men to have such spots in their genitals and this does not imply any serious health issue.

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