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Here are some herbs that attack the root cause of staph infection by strengthening the immune system and thereby preventing any comeback.
Because of its strong antibacterial properties, garlic is recommended by many to treat any type of infection including staph infection.
Native to South America, this herb is actually the bark of a tree that goes by the same name. This particular herb acts strongly against infections and reduces inflammation caused by them. Because of its strong antibacterial properties, turmeric has been in use since time immemorial as a treatment for bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Since these microorganisms are the reason behind many chronic yeast infections including staph infection, sage proves to be an effective remedy against them. This particular herbal remedy for staph infection has amazing antibacterial properties and is widely recommended all over. Because of its strong antibacterial properties, thyme oil helps prevent scars that staph infection on skin leave behind.
Similar to thyme oil, lavender oil has strong antibacterial properties and effectively drives away the symptoms of staph infection.
Staph infection caused by bacteria will typically show up on certain areas of body and the most common place is the nose on the face. Staph infections can be very harmful if the bacteria invade deeper into your organs of the body.
Tea tree oil has antimicrobial effects helping to kill microorganisms causing skin diseases, thereby helping to ease staph infection symptoms on face such as itching and burning. Terpinen-4-ol, is an ingredient helping to destroy various types of pathogenic microorganisms, including staph bacteria and has been used historically to treat bacterial skin Infections because of antiseptic properties and simply place few drops of tea tree oil on cotton swab and apply it on the face. Ginseng is an excellent herb useful to treat skin infections including staph infections over face and is available in form of extracts, powders, teas, capsules and creams.
The goldenseal root is a perennial herb containing active ingredients like fatty acids, resin and has anti-inflammatory as well antimicrobial properties helping to promote good respiratory health by treating varied infections. This herb is useful when taken internally by just boiling a cup of water with goldenseal extract or can be applicable topically by using a cream, which has good amount of goldenseal. Juniper is an evergreen shrub, which is used by herbalist to treat staph infections on face. Garlic is a popular herb, which cannot match the strength of any other herb when it comes to treat staph infection.
Eucalyptus contains anti-staphylococcus chemicals which is considered as one of the best remedies in treating staph infections on face. There are innumerous remedies available for staph infections; however, the natural care has proven to be fastest among them. Honey, being the natural source of skin hydration, helps in soothing the bruise the infected skin. Mix one cup of hot water with three tablespoons of honey and one fourth cup of apple cider vinegar. Mix two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of warm water, bring it to boil. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. An individual is required to maintain proper hygiene to deal with the problem of staph infection.

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is the expansion of MRSA infection, which is caused by bacteria belonging to the group of Staphylococcus.
These infections prove fatal when they enter more vital parts of the body such as lungs, bloodstream, heart, etc. Start consuming garlic (cloves or capsules) as soon as symptoms of staph infection start appearing. This herb has strong antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties apart from several medicinal compounds. It has strong antibiotic properties that boost the weak immune system and keeps staph infection at bay. The goldenseal applied to the skin should be left overnight and washed off properly the next morning. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
One must avoid using personal items such as bandages and razors, which are the most common routes of transmission.
The diluted oil works like wonders if applied topically on the face, you can even apply the cooled tea topically on the face for best results. Garlic used by Romans and garlic extracts have been used to kill the resistant MRSA (Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) infections. Garlic clove can be useful when eaten raw or crushed and applied topically on face until it heals your wound.
Prepare a tea or powder made from the eucalyptus leaves and apply it topically over the infected area on the face. Discontinue using above remedies if you start developing cramps or irritation. It has been scientifically proven that the tea tree oil has commendably helped in wiping out the staph bacteria completely. Ensure that you use distilled cotton ball or swab for application of the paste. Once the paste is applied, let it dry and cover it with a clean bandage.
The mixture needs to be heated up to the boiling point. Soak a clean cloth in the mix and wring it out. Place it directly on the infection and cover it with a heavy bandage, ensure that it neither moves nor falls apart. Applying aloe vera gel on the infected skin multiple times in a day can reduce the discomfort associated with this infection. The juice extracted from fresh basil leaves can be directly applied on the infected area to treat various symptoms of staph infection. When the individual gets painful pus on the skin or tissue, one should not delay in visiting the doctor. It has been in use among native people as a remedy for infections such as Candida Yeast and more severe infections. Tea tree oil especially excels in treating those staph infections that resulted from Athlete’s Foot or similar fungal infections. It is advised that tea tree oil should be used along with olive or almond oil that would dilute it. Anyone can develop staph infection be it newborn babies or breast-feeding women. Men who shave are more likely to be afflicted with this occurrence because an in growth hair can be the cause of staph infection.
Mostly, the bacteria cause minor skin infections, but when the infections are not taken care of properly, then it can cause great troubles.
Furthermore, application of oil is very simple, use of the distilled cotton ball, dip it in the oil and apply it on the infected skin.

Form a thick paste of the mix, and apply the same on the infected area and cover it with a clean bandage.
Use this as a hot pack thrice a day using a clean cloth and a freshly made solution each time. Another option is to apply a paste created by mixing aloe vera gel, yeast and lukewarm water on the affected area. This herb has antimicrobial properties.Hochu-ekki-to tonic can be consumed on a daily basis to treat various symptoms associated with the staph infection. A mixture made by adding olive or almond oil and tea tree oil can also be rubbed on the affected area to obtain the desired results. Regular application of basil oil can also help in reducing the itching and burning sensation resulting from staph infection.
Intake of a tonic made by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a glass of warm water on a daily basis can help in the treatment of staph infection. It appears like pus, boils in the hair follicles of the skin and in the form of large abscesses with heavy discharge of pus.
The course of antibiotic drugs has to be completed in full to destroy the bacterial growth.
However, consult a doctor before using it as has certain side effects such as diarrhea, stomach ache, etc. After you have finished the procedure, make sure that the used cloth is separately washed, bleached, laundered so as to prevent the infection from spreading to others. Symptoms of staph infection include redness, itching, burning sensation, swelling or pain in the affected area, fever, chills, sweat and so on.
Tincture extracted from pau d’arco bark can also be consumed to obtain the desired results. Fresh aloe vera juice can be applied on the infected skin on a regular basis with the use of a cotton swab to obtain the desired results. A mixture created with the use of basil, black pepper powder and water can be applied on the affected area to deal with the problem of staph infection.
Eucalyptus oil can also be directly applied on the affected area to obtain the desired results.
It can also affect eyelids causing infection known as sty and impetigo which is infection caused in skin or underlying tissue. In case you discontinue the medicines, the bacteria might survive to cause further infection. A mixture made by soaking pau d’arco powder in water can be applied on the affected area to relieve staph infection. Consumption of aloe vera juice 2 to 3 times in a day can also help in controlling staph infection. The blisters begin as tiny red bumps with itching sensation and later on develop into infectious pus. The infection is contagious and there is every chance for the patient to spread the infection to others by sharing of towels and bath-soaps etc.

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