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Sunburn results when not taking proper care to protect the skin during sunbathing, swimming or from any routine exposure to the sun. The cause of sunburn blisters are basically just overexposure to the sun, tanning lamps, outdoor activities, and in some cases the antibacterial compound located in some soaps. The symptoms of sunburn are the reddening of the skin accompanied with the formation of tender blisters. Apply ointment that is antibacterial to the blisters as soon as they start to rupture and show new skin underneath. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This is a very painful condition involving the inflammation of blood vessels in the skin that are small. The best method to prevent this condition is to elude having it develop simply by regulating any exposure to cold, warmly dressing and being certain that any exposed skin is covered.
Most individual with chilblains at no time need to visit a physician a€“ as using lotions to help with the itching and pain seems to manage this condition well.

If an individual has circulation which is poor or has diabetes, they need to see their primary care physician as soon as chilblains appear in order to prevent complications.
The condition that develops chilblains is the product of an extreme reaction of the body to cold. Any skin that is exposed to conditions which are cold and then rapidly warmed may develop chilblains. Individuals who weight 20% less than are projected for their height have an enlarged hazard of chilblains.
Oddly, chilblains are less likely in areas which are drier and colder since the living conditions as well as the clothing used in these areas are more protective against cold.
Chilblains can develop from or be provoked by any unusual pressure on the skin, for instance tight shoes.
Individuals with circulation that is poor tend to be most sensitive to changes in the temperature, making them most prone to chilblains. An individual with Raynauda€™s phenomenon which is another condition related to cold and affects the extremities, are also more vulnerable to chilblains.

A medication which lowers blood pressure called nifedipine (Procardia, Adalat) is often used to manage the cause of chilblains since it helps the blood vessels to open up. If the skin has broken, management should also include cleaning and shielding the wounds in order to avoid infection. If the skin is exposed to cold weather, it is useful to rewarm the skin gradually, since any sudden rewarming of cold skin will only worsen chilblains. Chilblains tend to start on skin which is exposed to the cold and is then warmed too rapidly, for instance warming cold hands in front of a fire or heater.

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