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Stomach virus is also known as stomach bug or the stomach flu because this virus attacks swiftly and inflicts lot of pain, discomfort. Moreover, traditional treatment methods take longer time to eradicate the virus completely. Stomach virus causes vomiting and diarrhea along with sweating as well as makes you ill, weak and dehydrated, which is very dangerous. Drink fluids and sip fluids slowly, and if possible drink electrolytes to keep your water level optimum.
Stomach virus often persists for a day or two, but during this short stay causes a lot of discomfort, diarrhea and vomiting.
Therefore, to deal with it effectively, do not eat for a few hours, but once you feel at ease and your bouts of vomiting and diarrhea stop, then prefer eating soft foods like bananas, apples, rice and toast.
Ginger is exceptionally good for your stomach and peppermint has the soothing anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Cut fresh ginger and allow the chops to steep in hot water for about 15 to 20 minutes and add dried peppermint leaves powder, and then allow the concoction to cool down. Similarly, quercetin, a plant pigment (flavonoid) possesses powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and thus reduces the pain and inflammation of the gut during the bouts of diarrhea and vomiting in stomach flu infection. Chamomile tea helps calm the nerves and thus soothes the mucosal lining of the gut that flares up due to viral infection. Therefore, Chamomile tea being anti-inflammatory and relaxant helps the body eliminate the symptoms of the stomach flu virus and reduces the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.
Infectious diarrhea results when the stomach flu virus or rotavirus causes gastroenteritis. Viral infections and antibiotic usage kill both good and bad bacteria and thus make an individual prone to severe infections and diarrhea. Consumption of greasy food items should be avoided to deal with the problem of stomach virus.
You can consume a tea prepared with pomegranate leaves or peel to treat various symptoms of stomach virus.
You can consume a tea prepared with ginger root powder to treat the problem of vomiting and nausea resulting from stomach virus. You can create a mixture with the use of yogurt (1 cup), blueberries (4 – 5), applesauce (2 teaspoons) and honey (2 teaspoons).
You can consume fluids (water, coconut water, fruit or vegetable juice, soup and so on) to treat the problem of dehydration caused by stomach virus. You can prepare a tea with the use of cinnamon powder to obtain relief from various symptoms of stomach virus. Green banana can be consumed on a regular basis to treat various symptoms associated with stomach virus.

Intake of a glass of rice water containing honey (1 teaspoon) can also help in curing stomach virus.
You can consume an ice tea prepared with chamomile leaves 2 to 3 times in a day to reduce gas formation and abdominal pain resulting from stomach virus.
Stomach ulcers are small holes that occur in the gastrointestinal tract of people and causes pain in the upper abdomen and usually the pain occurs at mealtimes.
Alcohol should be avoided while suffering from stomach ulcers because it inflamed the open tissues of the ulcer.
Apart from inflammation, it may also cause bleeding and irritation in the lining of the stomach. To avoid gastric juices from attacking the digestive tract, food should be eaten frequently.
Cigarettes should be given up by people suffering from stomach ulcers as smokers are more prone to suffer from ulcers and their chances of developing ulcers are double. Raw honey reduces the pain and inflammation of the stomach and is good for healing as well. Coconut oil kills the bacteria, which causes stomach ulcer, but do not expect immediate results as it is more of a long-term remedy. Virus infections usually take long time to settle down as medicines cannot improve the condition fast. However, there are some proven natural home remedies like the ones given below that can make your efforts a lot simpler to effectively control and deal with them. The constant and persistent dehydration and the associated illness of stomach virus predisposes you to fatigue, fever and weakness and distracts you from the usual routine works, thus worsening the tasks at hand. Ginger possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory abilities and therefore helps in improving muscles spasms of the stomach and reducing pain. Therefore, prepare garlic and onion juice by mincing a few garlic cloves and slices of onions.
Gastroenteritis creates imbalance of the natural gut’s microbial flora, as a result pathogenic bacteria overgrow and healthy bacteria subside. Probiotics help restore a healthy balance of good bacteria like lactobacillus, bifidobacter and streptococcus thermophilus in the gut and protect us against gastroenteritis. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Common causes of stomach virus include viral or bacterial infection, inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and so on. You can consume a glass of cold water containing lemon juice (2 teaspoons) to deal with the problem of diarrhea resulting from stomach virus.
A glass of pomegranate juice can also be consumed on a daily basis to obtain effective results.

You can consume fresh garlic (2 – 3 cloves) with honey (1 teaspoon) to cure the problem of stomach virus. Consumption of a tea prepared with the use of spearmint leaves, wintergreen, catnip and lemon balm can also provide relief from the problem of stomach virus. You can consume a tea prepared with cayenne pepper to deal with the problem of stomach virus. You can also consume cinnamon powder (1 teaspoon) with honey (1 teaspoon) on a regular basis to treat the problem of stomach virus. If it is taken before every meal and at bedtime, the ulcer may be cured in 2-3 weeks. Juicing the cabbage may make it easier to take and carrots can also be added to make it taste better.
If any food causes any sort of discomfort or pain, it should be eliminated right away and should not be consumed. You may also consider substituting 3 big meals for 6 small ones so that food is available frequently.
Smoking reduces the production of sodium bicarbonate and prostaglandins, both of which are essential for protecting your stomach lining. However, it is very strong and people may take time to get used to it and so it must be consumed in a small quantity in the beginning and then the amount should be increased gradually. In the beginning, use just one-eight teaspoon of cayenne pepper for 1 glass of water, but try eventually to increase the amount to one-fourth teaspoon. Drink plenty of water and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, cola drinks and other carbonated drinks.
Allicin, the active compound in garlic is a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent. E.coli, shigella, salmonella are pathogenic bacteria and cause infectious diarrhea as a secondary bacterial infection. For example, if spices cause any sort of problem, they should not be consumed until the stomach ulcers are cured.
However, take care that you do not overeat as too much of food causes formation of more gastric juices as well as causes weight gain. Smoking can also increase stomach acid secretion and reduces the blood flow, both of which harms the body and stops it from a speedy recovery.

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