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Prepare a decoction of the bark of the babul tree (Acacia arabica) by boiling it in water till the water reduces to half its quantity and then cooling it.
Another effective swelling of gums treatment is to put some salt in ginger and make a good paste of it.
Another effective swelling of gums home remedies is roast some ajwain (Bishop's weed) in an open pan. In order to get immediate (but temporary) relief from the painful swelling of gums, you might try taking some warm salt water in the mouth and swirling it around the gums several times.
Swelling of gums can be prevented to some extent by maintaining proper oral and dental hygiene.
Learn how you can stop gum disease at the root of the problem, instead of just masking the symptoms? In order to get rid of the pain and get a permanent remedy one must get professional help from a dentist. Washing your mouth after every meal is good hygiene and common sense and a simple activity like this one can reduce the pain by half. In addition to this you can gargle your mouth with warm water and a few drops of lemon juice. Add a pinch of baking soda to your toothpaste every morning and brush away the ulcers and blood that is lost during the night.
Another way to get rid of the disorder is to drink lemon juice every morning after brushing your teeth.
Ask your doctor or dentist to prescribe Vitamin B supplements as they will help to cure the disorder faster.

There are two ways: directly rubbing the gums with your oil or chewing a piece of nail for a while.
This plant has anti-inflammatory properties, and you can easily get it in health food stores.
In the meantime, the water itself will help to wash away bacteria and your mouth to keep clean.
Make a rice sock by heating rice in a sock in the microwave until it is hot, then hold this against your face and make sure to move them.
Swelling of the gums is not a disease in itself, but it is a symptom of some other underlying ailment.
When the leaves have boiled for about fifteen minutes, then strain the solution and use the filtrate to take gargles. This is accompanied with a lot of loss of blood from the mouth while eating, brushing or gargling. This causes a lot of pain while eating or and talking, it is accompanied with a few other symptoms like redness on the inner cheeks and tongue, drooling at night, bleeding teeth and gums, ulcers and blisters.
Gargling you mouth with warm water and salt in the morning and after meals help a long way. Do this several times a day; it also helps to improve your breath that may cause a foul odor due to the blood in your mouth.
Not only will the baking soda reduce the pain and the amount of blood lost, it will leave you with bright sparkly teeth. It helps to cure the bleeding and swollen gums and effectively helps to reduce any weight that you may have gained as well.

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In any case, it is a malaise that produces a lot of discomfort to the patient, especially because it causes pain and frequent bleeding. Simply performs a traditional herbal tea with it: one tablespoon of the herb per cup of water, boil for 15 minutes, let stand another 5 min, then strain the preparation and drink two or three cups a day of this infusion. Hence, a person with swollen gums will try to seek some remedy for them as soon as possible. Then it would be good to have some remedies that can be performed from the home to relieve the situation.
The following are some very good remedies that can be done at home in order to treat swelling of gums. This will reduce the swelling of the gums and also mitigate the bad odor that emanates from the mouth when the gums are swollen. This will not only reduce the swelling of the gums, but it will also make the teeth stronger and healthier.

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