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Cough is an infection of the upper respiratory tract can cause swelling and irritation of the upper airways.
Generally, they are two types of coughs, first one is wet or productive cough which yields mucus and is caused by cold, allergies and other respiratory problems. Salt water helps to draw the excess fluids from the inflamed areas in the throat to reduce the cough.
Carrots are rich in vitamins and nutrients which help to build immunity to prevent from the cold, cough. Green tea gives you the necessary vitamins which help to build the immune system to get rid of the virus faster.
Thyme & Peppermint has antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties to get relief from hacking cough. Slippery elm contains gel like substances which helps to ease the throat from irritation and make your cough to get reduced. Marshmallow leaves yield a gooey mucilage which coats your throat and thins mucus in the lungs, making it easier to cough and also reduces the congestion.
But make sure that not to use more than 6 drops for adults and dona€™t use this oil for children.
Both Honey and Cinnamon acts as anti-bacterial and anti-viral which cures the infection causing cough.
Chicken Soup which is hot and tasty will helps to cure cough and its symptoms better than over the counter medicines.
Nux Vomica and Belladonna are both regularly prescribed treatments in Homeopathy for cough.
Use humidifier to get rid of the dry cough by moistening the air wherever possible like home, office. Frequently have some candies which increase the saliva and reduce the irritation as well as cough. Grapes help a lot in relieving you from cough as it acts as an expectorant and releases the mucus from the affected parts of the respiratory system and at last relief from the cough. Trying these natural remedies will definitely cures your cough and its symptoms within 2 weeks.
Asthma attacks can be incredibly scary, particularly for children or people who have not dealt with asthma before.
This ancient Chinese herb has been used for thousands of years to treat respiratory difficulties. Ginger is a very powerful herb, and it’s used to treat many different illnesses and maladies. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in lots of foods, including oily fish like mackerel and tuna. One of the most nutritional foods in the world, figs are one of the most efficient home remedies for asthma attack. If you need an immediate treatment, honey is one of the most efficient home remedies for asthma attack.
Healthy bodies have a strong immune system and are not easily curbed down by bacterial or viral infection. The anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties of the passion flower make it an excellent remedy for treating diphtheria. There is no cure for asthma, however there are many kitchen ingredients to control its intensity and frequency.
Below are tumeric’s properties with an explanation on how it is used to treat asthma problem.
It has anti a€“ inflammatory property that helps to clear the mucus in the lungs and soothes the irritation or the inflammation caused due to blockage of airways.
It has anti-septic and antibacterial properties that help to kill the infection which further. Curcumin is an enzyme or pigment of turmeric which is very effective in controlling bronchial asthma.
It helps to dilate the blood vessels that allows for better air flow, restores normal breathing patterns, relaxes the muscle spasms, thins the blood and finally gives relief from the asthmatic inflammation which causes swelling in the lungs and trouble breathing. Generally, the allergic asthma is caused when the T a€“ lymphocytes from immune system releases a specific compound that causes inflammation and irritation. It contains rich amounts of minerals like iron, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and fiber which helps to boost up the immune system.

Curcumin lowers the inflammatory enzymes known as COX a€“ 2 and LOX to give relief from asthma.
Follow these remedies to clear the blockage of airways by preventing phlegm and congestion in bronchioles and reduces the asthma attack along with its intensity and symptoms. This process helps to give relief from the congestion of bronchioles and thereby prevents the blockage of airways. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoons of honey until they are combined properly. This process helps to give relief from the irritation on bronchioles which can also be a cause for asthma. This process helps to clear the breathing problems that are very common while suffering from asthma. The dosage for adults will depend upon the form of turmeric they are using, their health status and the tolerance levels of the particular person. Always remember that the exact dosage will not be same for everyone as the curcumin (active ingredient) content in turmeric might vary from one batch to another. Make sure to consult your doctor if youa€™re suffering from gallstones or diabetes as this turmeric will lower the blood sugar levels. Remember that asthma is a life threatening disease, so you have to treat this problem on time by consulting your healthcare provider. All these methods are effective, natural, safe and tested methods which give excellent results. The disease affects the upper respiratory tract and is characterized by typical rashes all over the body. The vaccine might trigger side effects like mild fever or non contagious rashes, but these side effects are generally temporary and disappear on their own within a few days.
The initial symptoms of Measles are runny nose, fatigue, loss of appetite, red eyes and other cold like symptoms. The prerequisites for facilitating the process of healing Measles are a healthy diet, intake of plenty of fluids and adequate amount of rest. Besides, vitamin A rich foods, especially, carrots and papayas should be positively included in the diet. Although, it is a common health problem in everyone but not serious if ends in a week or 10 days. Second one is dry or unproductive cough which is caused by cold, cigarette smoke, dust, fumes and other forms of irritation.
Take it regularly (but not too many), as it have nutritional properties which plays a proactive role to prevent the cough. So, drink water and other fluids (Fruit juices) but dona€™t take citrus fruits which cause irritation to your throat. This tiny coughs helps to move the mucus towards the upper part of air passages so you can expel more of it in the last cough. If you have cough more than 2 weeks, or if you have cough with blood then immediately call to the doctor and take the treatment to it as it may be dangerous. If ita€™s not cured, immediately consult the doctor for medication, as it can lead to any serious problem. However, most people do not eat enough fish to get the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It is a grave disorder caused by highly contagious bacterial infection, the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Healthy dietary habits and maintenance of personal hygiene are the most essential ways to a healthy immune system.
One has to boil a sun-dried, powdered passion flower in a glass of water and drink the strained concoction twice daily. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is caused when mucous or phlegm gets trapped in the airways which passes air to the respiratory system.
Sometimes, it occurs frequently, so turmeric will provide a quick and effective relief from these asthmatic bouts. Purchase turmeric from herbal stores which offers genuine herbs and also dona€™t get confused about the many colors of turmeric, as color is not an indicator of herb quality. This smoke acts as excellent expectorant that helps to relieves you from congestion, cough and prevents blockage of airways to prevent the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks.

Fortunately, nowadays, vaccines for this serious disease are easily available to prevent its occurrence.
Due to its contagious nature, the disease spreads from the affected individual to an uninfected individual with no immunity against the disease. Lack of proper nutrition leads to low immunity which, in turn, leads to further complications like blindness, ear infection, pneumonia, severe diarrhea and encephalitis. This is considered a good natural remedy to get rid of Measles related symptoms as naturally as possible.
They are highly beneficial to cure the disease by getting rid of the infection causing the disease. This remdy is particularly useful in case a family member develops the disease and hence other members of the house are also threatened by the infection.
Mullein and licorice will soothe irritation of membranes and thus reduces the inflammation. This mineral can relax the muscles found in the upper respiratory tract, decreasing the amount and severity of asthma attacks. Ginkgo biloba does build up in your system, so you should take a supplement every day to get the most from it.
Using this remedy every night before bed can gradually decrease the amount of asthma attacks you get. Omega-3 fatty acids work a lot like conventional asthma medications, so they can be very effective. To get enough caffeine to stave off an asthma attack, you should drink 1 full cup of coffee or 2 cans of caffeinated cola.
You can eat turmeric every day to protect yourself from asthma attacks or you can just use this remedy on days that your asthma is acting up. This illness is particularly precarious when it affects the throat where it creates the thick grey membrane that may develop large enough to hamper breathing.
Vitamin C which is mostly found in the citrus fruits helps in the boosting of the immune system. One can also use this paste with luke warm water for gargling, which is used for treating the disease.
It makes breathing difficult and causes inflammation on the lining of lungs and the airways.
If you didna€™t find genuine turmeric powder then you can make this powder by taking fresh turmeric roots and boiling, drying and grinding them. Morbillivirus, a Paramyxovirus can be held responsible for causing this highly contagious condition. Individuals who have already had Measles are also considered immune to the disease from future point of view.
Thus, most of the conventional treatments as well as natural home remedies for Measles aim at providing relief from the flu-like symptoms and rashes in order to cure this disease. There is a widespread misconception that the vaccine for this disease causes autism in children but studies have shown that there is no correlation between them. Taking about one cup of this home medicine (1-2 tablespoons at a time) is one of the most therapeutic natural home remedies for Measles. Experts recommend that the patient should restrict the consumption of oily and spicy foods until the disease is cured completely. The toxin produced by the diphtheria bacterium can cause serious complications that might damage the heart, the nervous system and sometimes even the kidneys. The most identifiable symptom of this disease is the occurrence of red or reddish brown colored rashes present all over the body, starting from the forehead, then the face, the neck and other parts of the body. Itchy throat, chest pain, sore throat, congestion, feverish is some of the symptoms of cough which will irritate you. It is also helpful in dealing with breathing problems that usually occur due to lack of salt in the body.

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