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The urinary tract comprised by the urethra, ureters, bladder and kidneys is one of the body systems susceptible to bacterial attack and if so happens, the condition is called Urinary tract infection. The clinical features of urinary tract infection are pain or burning sensation during urination, increase in both the frequency and urge of micturition. Uncomplicated cases of Urinary tract infection are easy to treat and respond well to administration of a short course of antibiotic medications. Amoxicillin, popularly marketed as Amoxil, Trimox and Alphamox, is a drug that belongs to the broad category of antibiotics known as Semin synthetic penicillins. The bacterial species which are responsible for initiating the development of urinary tract infection form walls around their cell structure. The vast number of bacterial species against which Amoxicillin is most effective include Haemophilus influenza, Escherichia coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Pneumococci species, certain variants of Staphylococci and Streptococci. It has a moderate spectrum of bactericidal activity and thus proves to be of great use in not only cases of Urinary tract infection, but also intestinal ulcers, infections affecting the skin, ear or throat.
Majority of patients diagnosed with urinary tract infection are prescribed Amoxicillin, either in the form of capsules or oral pills. The only exception to this is when patients suffer from stomach indigestion after having the antibiotic. As with all the other drugs from the above mentioned antibiotic class, patients taking doses of Amoxicillin can experience non serious but common side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Although the onset and incidence of the below mentioned adverse effects is minimal, these changes can lead to further complication and thus require immediate medical attention and care. Other potentially serious side effects caused by Amoxicillin include jaundice, diarrhoea, painful cramps in stomach, presence of blood in stools and dark coloured urine. In case the patient on amoxicillin notices the above given changes or blistered, inflamed skin that easily peels off along with vaginal discharge, he or she must discontinue the antibiotic immediately and inform the concerned doctor for further aid. In 3 to 10 % of all pediatric patients on Amoxicillin and few adults, a late onset skin rash may develop. The best way to avoid unwanted drug interactions is to present our doctor with all the pertinent details about the prescription, non prescription and herbal medicines you are taking alongside (if any).
Urinary tract infection or UTI as commonly known can be a pretty persistent problem for those who are subjected to it. It is not without reason that doctors advise you to drink 8 glasses of water or approximately 3 liters of water every day.
Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils for enhancement of your beauty and also certain medicinal purposes as well. Grapes and fresh grape juice is considered to be a good way of reducing urinary tract infections. Vitamin C is considered to have an important role to play in the prevention of urinary tract infection. When you are recovering from urinary tract infection, you can ease the pain while urinating, by taking a relaxing bath! If you are prone to UTI then there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to: If you have severe infection then it is better that you refrain from sexual intercourse. As the name suggests, urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused by the bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Urinary tract infection presents itself with very troublesome symptoms which make you to run for treatment without any delay.
One of the causes of UTI is the transmission of bacteria present near the vagina during a sexual intercourse. Hence, pass the urine as and when you feel the need and sit there a few seconds longer after you have passed it.
Pregnant women usually become victims of UTI because many changes take place in their body system which promotes the bacteria causing UTI to thrive and multiply. Pregnant women are at an increased risk for urinary tract infection from the 6th week to the 24th week.

UTI causing bacteria can find its ways into the urinary tract of a pregnant womanthrough sexual intercourse, partial obstruction of a urinary route, or the catheters positioned into the bladder. Women are more prone to falling a victim to UTI than men (related to the short length of urethra in females).
Similar to the other antibiotics clubbed under this category, Amoxicillin (initially called Amoxycillin) exerts bacteriolysis through the same mode of action. This ensures their optimal survival and promotes bacterial cell multiplication. Amoxicillin is a potent drug, and in its presence, bacteria cannot form the cell wall. Even cases of bronchitis and pnuemonia show a positive response to this semi synthetic antibiotic. The other forms in which the drug is made available are chewable tablets (for pediatric use), powder or liquid drops for oral suspension as well as for intravenous drip.
If a person on amoxicillin develops an allergic reaction, he or she may show the following symptoms. Although Amocillin is considered safe for pregnant women, your doctor needs to be informed.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is caused by bacteria that affects the urethra and spreads to the kidneyand bladder as well. That amount of water forces you to urinate and thus flush out the bacteria that hangs on to the walls of your urinary tract.
If you have a recurring problem of urinary tract infection then add cranberry juice to your daily diet to prevent it from infecting your system again.  But how does cranberry juice work? It simply does not let the bacteria to stick to your urinary passage and helps wash it out well. Add liberal quantities of fresh grapes to your morning breakfast and also drink grape juice for dealing better with UTI. Simply add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to your bath water and cleanse your intimate parts well. Usually along with the infection in the tract there comes a searing pain around the lower abdomen.
Sex can aggravate your problem and push the bacteria further in and may cause more severe infection. Maintain a healthy toilet regime. One feels urgency to pass urine because the controlling system does not work efficiently any more. The first one deals with bacterial infection and the second has to do with the weakening of bladder muscles. Holding of urine for too long stretches the muscular walls of the bladder more than it has been designed to. Some of the common symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy include frequent urge to urinate and burning sensation while urinating.
The causative organisms responsible for this infection are Escherichia coli, fungi or parasites. As a patient, you must know the relevant details regarding this particular drug, which can be found in this article.
This disrupts the osmotic concentration within the bacterial cell, leading to immediate cell death and resolution of bacterial infection.
Unlike other antibiotics, the bioavailability of Amoxicillin is unaffected by food, thus can be ingested with or without food. One must stick to the entire antibiotic course and not leave it midway or else the infection will not subside completely.
Some of the uncommon side effects include lightheaded feeling, inability to sleep (or insomina), anxiety and mental confusion. The sudden onset is clinically marked by an altered mental state, intensely itchy skin rash, followed by fever like sensation and nauseatic feeling.

The effectiveness of Amoxicillin may be diluted in case the patient is on concurrent medication such as Sulfonamides, Chloramphenicol, macrolide group of antibiotics as well as Tetracycline. Amoxicillin has been reported to interact with oral contraceptives too.
Although everyone is susceptible to this infection, adult women are more prone to it. Often many are not able to recognize the symptoms of urinary tract infection. If you have already suffered from urinary tract infection then don’t refrain from drinking water regularly. Massage these oils around the bladder area and you will find relief. You can individually use these oils or even mix them in equal amounts to get relief from the burning sensation while urinating.
To ease the pain you can take a hot water bag and give the surrounding area a hot water compress.
The more laces and synthetic materials you wear the higher the chances of infection there are.Refrain from having excess caffeine and aerated drinks that have artificial sweeteners and can trigger your infection further.
It may happen that the output of urine is very little and one continues to feel the need to urinate. When the urine is released, there is considerable lowering of pressure and the bladder contracts.
In such situation if you get ill or are infected with any disease it can directly affect your baby. It also includes difficulty while urinating, cloudy appearance or foul odor of urine and cramps in the lower abdomen or lower back. Patients takin anti-coagulants (for example- Warfarin) are at an increased risk of experiencing prolonged bleeding. You can use this remedy after the major symptoms subside to provide relief from the pain around the bladder; aromatherapy however has nothing to with the real infection. Grape seeds are also considered to be very effective in dealing with urinary tract infection. It also helps keep your bladder healthy and increase the acidic content in your urine thus reducing the onslaught of bacteria. It will not only give some relief from the pain but the high temperature will help you contain the bacteria and prevent it from spreading further.
The more you hold up the more the chances are of infection as it causes bacteria to thrive. Whenever you have intercourse visit the rest room immediately afterwards to clean up well to minimize the chances of the bacteria from moving deeper into your tract. Pregnant women are advised to increase their intake of water to avoid a UTI, as they are not supposed to eat medications meant for treatment of a UTI. So you need to take extra care about your diet, physical, mental and emotional health during pregnancy.
And as far as pregnancy is concerned it is an ideal condition for the UTI to develop during this phase due to the frequent changes in the urinary tract of the pregnant women. If there are children in your house who have a tendency to suffer from it then make them drink cranberry juice at least once in three days. Additionally, if you keep delaying the passage of urine, the chances of infection increase many fold.
Usually UTI is a nagging problem that refuses to go away permanently. It can recur with the slightest neglect.

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