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Pinworm infections affect millions of people and they are particularly common among children.
When an infected person scratches the itchy area, the pinworm eggs get transferred to the fingers and from thence they can get back into the mouth or can be transferred to other objects such as bed linen, towels, toilets, drinking glasses, eating utensils and clothing where they can live up to two or three weeks.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. If the remedy is not similar enough, if it is repeated more often than it should – in these cases the remedy may bring complications. So when one takes wrong remedy, it makes the picture of disease more complicated and impedes further treatment.
Distant Treatment is possible and comfortable to the patient. Use the fom bellow to appoint individual homeopathic consultation. This page guides to discriptive articles about prescribing and to short repertories for acute prescription in common upper respiratory, throat, laryngeal and gastro-intestinal disorders.
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The Tender coconut water (TCW) is considered the purest liquid after water and is full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Health benefits of Tender coconutSign up here Receive updates by email when more home remedies are added to the site. Clinical evidence suggests that high intake of potassium lowers blood pressure which is an important risk factor for coronary heart disease. TCW taken on an empty stomach, has the health benefit of cooling the system and relieving acidity. Doctors recommend TCW to patients with stones in their kidney, because of the high amount of potassium present in the water.
Lauric acid is prevalent in coconut and it is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-infection acid. Coconut milk, mixed with a tablespoon of poppy seeds, milk and a tbsp of pure honey, taken every night before going to bed, is an effective remedy for dry cough due to throat irritation. A tbsp of freshly ground coconut should be taken at breakfast, followed by a dose of castor oil after 3 hours to get rid of intestinal worms.
Tender coconut water should be drunk 2-3 times a day in case of a burning sensation or pain while passing urine. A herbal drink made with a tsp of finely ground cumin seeds, two tbsps of milk, two tbsps of coconut water, and a tsp of sandalwood paste, mixed together with water to make a cup of drink, taken twice a day for a week to ten days has stress relieving and sedative properties.

A paste of crushed middle aged coconut applied on the hands and feet helps to free it from a burning sensation.
A soothing facial pack can be made by mixing coconut oil with oatmeal powder and a little bit of lavender flower powder . Coconut is not only delicious and versatile, but also an excellent home remdy that heals the digestive system and promotes better metabolism. TCW's high potassium concentration poses a potential hazard in patients with hyperkalaemia and those with poor kidney function. Disclaimer: The content found in this website is for informational purposes only, and is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains provide ample fiber which helps in eliminating the worms through the feces. Though this demarcation is to some extent conditional, the ‘women’ remedies are more often prescribed to female patients than to male ones. Here are presented few remedies which successfully will bring relief from the acute stage of this disorder. It may not hurt in an obvious way but in the meantime the disease is left undisturbed and is developing undisturbed.
You will receive on your e-mail the conditions provided for distant homeopathic treatment and will decide if you are comfortable with them.
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Every part of the coconut tree is of use and gives man all that is necessary to sustain life.
TCW has a high content of potassium and there is some evidence to show that TCW may reduce hypertension. Potassium assists in alkalizing urine, which might help prevent digestive wastes in the blood from solidifying and attaching to the kidney walls, offering possible protection against future stone formation.
Research suggests the possibility that this may produce an anti-aging effect on the body reducing risk of developing degenerative and age related diseases. Babies make monolaurin from the lauric acid in their mother's breast milk, so coconut water is recommended for nursing mothers. 8-12 ounces of this water mixed with a tsp full of fresh lime juice should be orally administered to the patient.
When it is combined with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cumin and lemon it makes a very refreshing and healthy drink. It causes intense itching around the rectum due to which the sufferer is unable to pass a peaceful night. The larvae then travel to the large intestine where they grow with their heads attached to the walls of the intestine.

Take a big glob of petroleum jelly and apply it to the anus just before retiring to bed. You must do this, on a daily basis for four to six weeks.
Grind some garlic to a fine paste and apply this paste in and around the anus at night when you go to bed. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! This is due to the physical pathology from one side, and to the particular psycho-emotional pattern of the remedies from the other side. The idea is to be able to identify your own acute remedy and manage the acute affection on your own, at least in simple cases.
Perhaps that is why it is called 'Kalpavriksha' in coastal areas, which figuratively means a source of bounty. It is considered by experts as a 'natural isotonic beverage with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood.' It is said to be more beneficial than milk or orange juice, as it does not possess the fat present in milk or the calories in orange juice.
Animal studies show that consuming TCW improves good cholesterol, reduces bad cholesterol and reduces triglycerides.
It is a contagious infection and people become infected unknowingly by ingesting microscopic eggs of the pinworms.
Petroleum jelly will prevent the female pinworms from laying eggs and thus the propagating cycle will break most effectively. The antimicrobial properties of garlic will annihilate the female pinworms and will destroy the eggs quickly. It is truly one of nature's wonders, as it is also filled with amazing medicinal properties. The water of a single coconut contains enough Vitamin C to meet daily requirements of the body.
In this article the readers's attention will be drawn up to the particular mental picture of this remedy, and to the pronounced depression it is able to cure.
By the time the coconut is fully mature, it goes through three different stages of development. This coconut has less water than the tender ones, but is considered very good as it has more nutrients in it.
When the coconut becomes fully mature it becomes hard to digest and sometimes leads to acidity and higher levels of cholesterol depending on the amount of intake.

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