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The major cause of worm problems with the digestive system occur because of the food that we eat. Gastric and intestinal worms need not be such a major issue, because there are several simple home remedies available which can help deal with the issue.
Natural remedy for gastric and intestinal worms - Extract the juice of a radish and add some salt to it. Take a portion of the root of the banyan tree (Ficus religiosa) and make a fine powder of that.
The following is a very good remedy for people who are suffering from continuous worm problems and are not getting relief despite trying several treatment methods. One very simple remedy that can be tried out is to drink one glass of boiled water with a tablespoonful of rock salt dissolved in it early in the morning, before eating anything else. Diet for gastric and intestinal worms - Take the leaf of a bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) and coriander (Coriandrum sativum) in equal measures. Take the fruit of the belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica) and mix it with the seeds of the butea (Butea monosperma). Take about one gram of the seeds of the butea and mix them with an equal proportion of honey. For treating gastric and intestinal worms in children, an infusion of the Indian Spikenard (jatamansi, Nardostachys jatamansi) is provided to them.
Another good home remedy for gastric and intestinal worms is to add a teaspoonful of honey to a tablespoonful of papaya juice. Coconut is used in most houses as effective remedy for all kinds of gastric and intestinal worm problems. Simply eating a raw potato continuously for three days can also help to treat the gastric and intestinal worms. Gastric and intestinal worms cannot be completely eliminated from the human digestive system because they do play and important in helping us to digest food. Ginger is well known for its multiple healing properties and its sweet smell brings relief to stomach pain caused by intestinal disorders.
Cinnamon oil is widely known for boosting metabolism, fighting infection and assisting in weight loss. This essential oil reduces nervous spasms and muscular spasms due to its antispasmodic properties. Better known as anti-inflammatory oil because of its soothing as well as cooling properties, peppermint oil is very helpful in reducing intestinal disorders. Better known as digestive tonic, Fennel oil has antiseptic properties, antispasmodic properties and a pleasant smell that together reduce the pain caused by an upset stomach. This essential oil, like Fennel oil, has antispasmodic properties that not only reduces the stomach pain but also relief from stomach cramps. Chamomile oil and lavender oil blend reduces abdominal cramps as well as pain caused due to intestinal gas. There are two types of intestinal worms that can infect human beings: protozoa and helminthes. Symptoms may include diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, gas, bloating, nausea or vomiting and passing a worm in your stool. Microscopic parasites can be picked up through poor hygiene, contact with the soil, eating raw fruits and vegetables that have not been washed properly, from our pets and from contaminated foods. Wormseed A– this herb is popular in the tropics to fight infestations of roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Pumpkin A– the seeds of this herb have been used traditionally to treat for roundworms and tapeworms.
Angelica A– this herb contains compounds that are effective against internal parasites and worms.
Black walnut A– the hulls of this nut have been used traditionally to fight intestinal worms, especially tapeworms. Cascara A– this herb can be used after eating pumpkin seeds to help eliminate parasites from the body. Cat's claw A– this herb helps cleanse the intestines and can be paired with most other herbs used to treat parasitic infestations.
Infection due to parasites is one of the commonly seen problems among human as well as other species. Worm infestations can be noticed in everyone irrespective of age or gender but children and toddlers are more prone to the worm infections.
There fore it is advised to take treatment in order to prevent the infestation from being serious.
Contaminated food and water is the main sources for the worms like roundworms and threadworms. The person may suffer from anemia and headache which is one of the main warning signs of intestinal worms.
Coconuts are found to be very effective and beneficial in the treatment of intestinal worms among the other home remedies. A teaspoon full of well grounded coconut can be taken at the time of breakfast followed by a little of castor oil mixed in 250 ml of milk after about 2 hours. Two to three garlic cloves can be chewed thoroughly early in the morning as a part of treatment for the intestinal worms. Certain digestive enzyme present in the juice of unripe papaya is found to be very effective in killing germs. A tablespoon full of unripe papaya juice along with equal amount of honey should be mixed in about 100 ml of warm water and should be taken two to three times a day.
This can be followed by taking 50 ml of castor oil mixed in warm water for the best results of treatment.

The alkaloid present in the bark of root is found to be highly toxic towards the tapeworms.
One to two cloves of garlic can be smashed and about two teaspoons of millet and an egg yolk can be mixed together. This is found to be very effective in killing and expelling the worms especially tapeworms.
Fruits and fruit juices are to be consumed in larger amount and following a fruit diet can be also beneficial in the treatment of intestinal worms.
A well balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, milk and cereals is to be given to the person suffering from intestinal worm infestation. People suffering from parasitic diseases can take a few cloves of fresh garlic or supplements containing garlic extract daily. Different wormwood species are used in the traditional medicine systems around the world for treating parasitic diseases. The polyphenolic compounds and tannins present in the leaves of the walnut plant are potent anthelmintic compounds. For centuries, neem leaves are used as an effective herbal remedy in the Indian subcontinent for treating parasitic diseases. Chenopodium ambrosioides, commonly called amedmado, is found in the tropical and subtropical regions around the world.
Nigella sativa seeds inhibit development and maturation of eggs of gastrointestinal parasites.
Most of these parasites are essential to the digestive process, and hence are beneficial to the body.
The following remedy works for children who are suffering from intestinal and gastric worms. Drinking this once a day will help to expel worms such as tapeworm from the digestive system. These should be blended thoroughly and then consumed in quantities of one teaspoonful thrice in a day. If nothing else is available, you can use carrot, and that too with great positive benefits. Some kinds of worms can enter into the human body by clinging to the soles of the feet and then working their way upwards. While some disorders cause mere stomach upset, others even lead to serious diseases like Crohn’s disease. This particular essential oil has antimicrobial properties that warm up the painful belly and reduce pain.
This essential oil has sedative properties so you should use it preferably during bed time.
Inhalation of lavender oil promotes calmness and helps in reducing discomfort associated with intestinal disease and disorders such as spasms and constipation. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Protozoa are single-celled organisms that can take up residence and multiply inside the body. Some people may also experience constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, aches in the joints and muscles, anemia, allergies, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding and nervousness. It is especially useful against roundworms, giardia, trypanosome, plasmodium and leishmania.
It may also relieve some of the side effects of parasite infestation like muscle aches and pains.
Do not use this herb if the infestation is giardia, as they actually thrive in the environment created by cat's claw.
Worms are the most dreaded one among the other parasites that are seen in the human intestine normally. Intestinal worms can be cured completely and effectively by following some of the home remedies mentioned below. Presence of dark circles under the eyes of the patient can be also noticed in case of intestinal worm infestation. Fine rice like particles can be noticed in the stools of the patient suffering from intestinal worm.
Garlic is one of the ancient home remedies used in many of the countries including India for expelling the intestinal worms.
A cup of freshly grated carrot can be taken early in the morning in an empty stomach for the better results of treatment. Leaves of Indian coral taken along with a teaspoon of honey can be very effective in the treatment of worm infestation.
Bark of root and bark stem of the pomegranate is valuable in the treatment of intestinal worms. A decoction can be made by boiling the bark in water and then can be cooled and taken in small amounts. The flowering tops of the herb can be crushed and made into tablets weighing 8 to 15 grams. Garlic can be also taken along with half a glass of milk early in the morning for expelling the worms especially roundworms. About a tablespoon of dried pumpkin seeds can be crushed and boiled in about 250 ml of water to prepare a decoction and can be consumed. Foods and water contaminated with eggs and larva of parasites are the major sources of parasitic infections. In some cases, the parasite burrows into the intestinal walls and attacks other organs of the body.

This popular herbal remedy for treating parasitic infestation works primarily by strengthening the immune system of the host. Almost all types of parasites can be killed by taking wormwood leaf extract or drinking tea prepared with wormwood leaf. The anthelmintic property of papaya is usually attributed to the enzymes papain, lysozymes and chymopapain found in the latex and leaves of the plant.
The intestinal worms are paralyzed and killed by taking walnut leaves extract or tea prepared with walnut leaves daily. The anti-parasitic property of neem leaves is attributed to the bitter component of the plant called azadirachtin. They contain enzymes called cysteine proteinases that kill worms by destructing their membranes. These enzymes are produced to protect the plant from pest attacks. When consumed, the anti-parasitic effect of these enzymes is also experienced by humans. The dried female flower of the plant contains anthelmintic components called kosins that help to kill liver, blood and intestinal flukes.
But sometimes, these parasites can produce several problems also, such as abdominal cramps, belly aches, constipation, diarrhea and even fevers, etc.
In this buttermilk, add some roasted cumin seeds (Cuminum cyminum), some rock salt and some black pepper (Piper nigrum). Add some vidanga (Embelia ribes) in buttermilk and give them to drink once or twice in a day. Then follow it with a glassful of milk to which a teaspoonful of castor oil has been added. Crush the seeds into powder, take about a tablespoonful of it and put it in a cup of water. Another method is to consume the oil of this plant, mixed with olive oil taken in eight-fold measure.
But every type of intestinal disorder is accompanied with pain. One can get rid of the pain by applying certain essential oils. Ginger oil is used for people who complain of vomiting or nausea along with stomach disorders. Eating sugary or stale foods or foods that are difficult to digest may make it easier for parasites to take hold and thrive.
Two or three hours after eating up to 25 ounces of seeds, a laxative is recommended to purge the intestines.
Meat is a major source for the worms and infestation can be through the consumption of meat.
The eggs hatch and grow into adult worms, which live on the food ingested by its human host.
The anthelmintic property of the herb is attributed to artemisinin and other bitter components of wormwood. These enzymes work by damaging or removing the cuticle of the worms, thereby killing the parasites. Ascaridole, an essential oil of amedmado, is believed to be responsible for its anthelmintic property. This consumption will eradicate all the worms from the intestines along with the accumulated waste products within the intestines. The remedy helps to exterminate and expel the worms hidden within the digestive system of children.
This remedy is considered to be one of the simplest and the best remedies for the treatment of gastric and intestinal worms.
Here is a list of 7 essential oils that bring relief to the pain caused by intestinal disorders. One of the most common essential oil blends is a blend of orange, chamomile oil and peppermint oil that improves digestive health. Moreover, the bioactive constituents of garlic inhibit development of worm eggs, killing the eggs before they mature. Papaya also helps to improve the immunity of the body, encouraging the immune cells to eliminate the parasites. Within three days of continuous consumption of this powder, all gastric and intestinal worms will be killed and will get expelled from the rectal cavity. Have this buttermilk three to four times in a day, and keep the treatment continuous for a week. The gastric and intestinal worms, especially if they are threadworms, get killed on contact with the smoke and are expelled out when the child passes stools. It must be remembered that bitter tastes work very effectively in solving endoparasitic problems. Common parasitic diseases include ameobiasis, giardia, toxoplasmosis, pinworm infection or enterobiasis, schistosmiasis, tapeworm infection, hookworm infection, guinea worm infection, scabies, head and body lice and malaria. This treatment is effective in even removing the worms that remain hidden within the intestines. Thereafter, you need to continue the therapy for a few days to allow the worms to die and flush out completely. A number of scientific studies and clinical trials have documented the anthelmintic properties of several herbs.

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