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We often suffer from hair loss problems and often try several market based lotions, serums or even medicines to cure this problem. Normal hot oil massage can be very helpful for those who suffer from tremendous dry flakes problems or those who has weak roots.
Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is known to give shine with its vitamin C properties and also give a dark color to the strands. You can buy good quality Brahmi powder from the market and soak this in slightly warm water in a glass bowl or iron bowl for 4 hours to overnight. Use 4 tbsp of each in slightly warm water soaked overnight and this pack can give you strength. Henna and reetha shampoo can be made by soaking the powders of these which can be bought from the market in warm water overnight and then you can use this as a natural shampoo instead of your chemical shampoos.
As mentioned neither earlier, hot oil massage nor only increases circulation but also strengthens the roots making your strands stronger and more firm. If your roots and strands need a deep conditioning treatment, then you can try soaking methi seeds overnight in water and then make a paste of it with beaten cup. Fenugreek seeds or methi is said to have a mucous or slimy agent to them which comes out when you soak these in plain water. You can additionally add the liquid from methi like mentioned in the previous point by soaking them and then discarding the seeds. Both these oils are known to be excellent nourishing agents and these not just strengthens the roots but also makes the strands shine. Neem is a natural cure for dry flakes, it is an anti-septic, an anti-bacterial and acne fighting agent. Washing head with beer instead of any other chemical filled hair rinses can give you shine and strength. Long before medicated shampoos came into the market, it was grandma’s home remedies for dandruff which were used successfully for this scalp condition. Since the lifestyle has become hectic nowadays,there is no time to patiently make remedies at home to cure dandruff. So, the easier and faster way is to use medicated shampoos.  The downside of these dandruff shampoos is, that it leaves the hair and scalp very dry and brittle. Warm oil treatments are very beneficial for treating dandruff, which has the added advantage of conditioning the hair and stopping hair fall.Oils like tea tree oil, olive oil, rosemary oil and coconut oil have properties which even out the pH balance of the scalp. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties which normalizes the bacteria of the scalp.These oils are great for dry skin dandruff, itching and for removing the debris from hair follicles as well as the cells.
Curd is easily available at most homes, which is quite effective in curing this scalp infection.  To make it more effective add the juice of lime to the curd and apply it onto the scalp. One of the oldest dandruff remedies of grandma, which has been commonly used for this scalp problem. Avoiding hair products which contain chemicals are very essential to avoid aggravating the scalp condition. But now a days woman are hardly struggling to achieve that look they wanted for their hair. The sight when we saw our comb fully covered with hairs can be a cause for extreme mental stress for both genders.
There are some over the counter drugs and treatments that can give you lustrous tresses but they aren’t sure shot. So, here are the top 9 home remedies that you can try to get rid of falling and thinning hair. Mix 1 tsp pulp of amla with equal amount of lemon juice and then, massage it on your scalp.
The alkaline properties and enzymes of aloe vera help to promote hair growth and control hair loss.
Who can question the exceptional antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties of neem or Indian lilac? To avail its benefits in prevention of hair fall, boil some leaves of this medicinal plant with water. When mixed with olive oil, egg whites become a potential home therapy for controlling hair fall. Apart from their wide usage in most of the spicy recipes, onion and garlic can be helpful for prevention of hair fall.
In a heating pan, place this paste along with 100ml of coconut oil and simmer for some time.
With these ingredients lying in your kitchen or backyard, you can easily regain your crowning glory without rushing to a dermatologist.

Use oils like olive oil, almond oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil for soothing benefits. Then make this into a paste and section out strands with the help of a wide toothed comb and then apply directly on scalp and roots. Use 4 tbsp each in dry powdered form to mix in slightly warm water over night or for 4 hours.
A pack with 4 tbsp each in slightly warm water soaked overnight and then used on head for 20 minutes can be helpful. If you cannot get the fruits, then you can buy the powdered reetha and soak these in plain water or warm water over night or for 4 hours and then use this to massage and wash hair. For those having flakes, you can mix henna oil and lemon juice with a pinch of camphor for 1 cup of oil mixture (coconut, olive, almond or any choice of oil which you want to be the base). You can use either Bhringraj from the garden if these are available and make a paste of this with some water. You can soak a handful of methi seeds like about 4 to 5 tbsp in a bowl of water in a glass or iron bowl over night.
In other cases you can soak methi seeds and reetha seed powder in a warm water and keep these over night to get soaked or keep this for at least 4 hours. You can use these two oils in the ratio of half a cup of almond oil to 2 tbsp of rosemary oil.
This can cure scalp from problem of dry flakes, any boils, or rashes that arise due to that and also from any infections which makes scalp itchy.
You however will never get the absolute natural honey direct from bees which are supposed to be most effective in any form of beauty care routine. So this remedy can be useful if you have acne, flaky scalp or any other types of problems like itchiness, boils or anything similar like zits or rashes on head. This is essential because this lets you keep the strands from splitting into halves and this then stretches till a certain length and then the strands become brittle enough to fall off or when you comb the sections, even if you are using gentle motions, still it may result in fall out and hence you will have more than usual strands ripping out. Now as you go twisting the sections, the strands which has ends which are split into two will pop their heads out of the twisted rope section and you can cut these easily with the help of crafts scissors.
The ideal way to apply it is by massaging it into the scalp, and washing it off after 4-5 hours, using a mild herbal shampoo. Beat two eggs and apply it directly on to the scalp, massage for a few minutes and leave it on for any hour.  The hair will be very silky and also have a lot of body.
Also, it is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties that aid the growth of hair on scalp. This oil is a rich store house of essential nutrients like amino acids and vitamin E required for the healthy hair.
It has polysaccharides and amino acids that can aid strengthen your hair from the shaft and retain their natural sheen.
While olive oil has DTH hormone to promote growth of hair, eggs have essential nutrients like iron, protein, phosphorus and sulphur for revitalization of hair. Onion is rich in sulphur to regenerate hair follicles and antibacterial properties to prevent infections. You will also see a large amount of difference if you do a hot massage with essential oils at least once a week or twice a week because this increases circulation and it will also relieve stress. Then heat these over indirect heat and use when this is still warm and applicable but not hot. You can also try using some camphor to a cup of heated (over indirect heat) coconut oil and then do hot oil massage with this. You can heat up a cup of mustard oil over a pan containing hot water which is the indirect heat method and then take this out using tongs carefully. Next morning you can either, make a paste of this whole mixture or simply discard the methi seeds and then use the water which will be slimy. That is in crude form but in the market you can get honey from brands like Dabur and these will not be the crude forms but these are the proper choice because these are trusted brands that will give you at least very near to the crude forms but with some preservatives. If after using this solution over the sections and all over head you stand outside then the vitamin C and natural bleaching properties of the lemon will make the hair shine naturally and make the color lighter. You will therefore need quite some amount of chamomile tea and only a single tea bag will not be enough.
However if the problem persists then you should consult with a doctor and take clinical sittings or recommended shampoos and medicines but you should first try this solution. However, if you do not want to go for this at home, then you will have to do it at a parlous.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t because these natural remedies are not laden with harmful chemicals that can aggravate the problem instead of resolving it. So if you have stress that is work or household related and you do not get a proper sleep then doing this will also enhance sleep. After you have massaged this on the head for about 15 minutes, you can wrap a warm towel on the head to let the oil to get soaked in.
The second option is to buy amla powder in dried form which is also highly nutritious and filled with vitamin C and iron which imparts the reddish black color. Keep for at least 20 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo or anti dandruff shampoo and use a conditioner.
In case this is not freshly available then you can buy good quality powder from market and soak in slightly warm water in glass bowl for 4 hours or overnight.
You can then let it to slightly cool down and then use this when it is of applicable temperature. You can use this to shampoo instead of using the chemical filled shampoos that are sold in the market.
You can directly mix these in this ratio which is for shoulder length and then increase the quantity in the same ratio till as much is required and then use this directly to massage the head and then wash off with shampoo. In case you are using these as natural form then make a paste of these with two fistful of neem leaves, one fistful of tulsi leaves and two fistful of henna leaves and take some water to grind these into a paste and apply fresh. Simply apply this and sit for about half an hour and if required cover head with plastic cap. If however, you do not want the color of your hair to lighten then do not go outside after washing hair with this solution. Therefore it is suggested that you start cutting off the split ends or trim by taking the sections of tresses separately and then twisting them and cutting the popping out heads of tips that come out of that twisted rope section and then cut these.
This is very relaxing and that is an additional advantage that this will help you sleep better.
The first option is to buy fresh amla from markets which is quite unlikely for many people because these are not available everywhere and during all seasons. You can warm up some water in an iron bowl or use a glass bowl and then mix about 4 heaped tbsp of this. This cleanses the scalp naturally and also the strands full length from the roots to the tips of it. In case you cannot get these fresh then these can be used in equal ratios mixed in slightly warm water if using dry powder form. Step the chamomile tea in hot water and the keep it soaked and covered so that the steam does not escape. If you already do not know then it is important to remember that a proper sleep will enhance the strength of the roots and make your locks stronger and shinier because oil also gets secreted when you sleep. However, if you can get these fresh, then remember to simply cut these into pieces and separate the stone like seed from it.
At the same time, it also has anti-bacterial properties and it will also help to reduce any itchiness and also boils of the scalp.
Now after 30 minutes to 40 minutes strain this through a fine strainer or simply take the tea bag away, squeeze out the water from it and then discard it, if using tea bags and not loose tea. Use a conditioner and if you have frizz problem, you will also benefit with the usage of this method. You can then wrap a warm towel on head for about 20 minutes and then use a natural shampoo like reetha water or simply use a mild herbal shampoo to cleanse this off.
Next keep this water stored and then next day after shampooing and conditioning, wash off the conditioner from head with this.
4 tbsp is for shoulder length and this can be increased if more required as per length and thickness. The yogurt and honey minimizes the egg smell so we suggest you add these two when you make egg pack.
You will have to take a mug of water and into this mix about 4 tbsp honey and squeeze out 1 whole lemon.
You can section out with wide toothed comb and use these in the rows and keep this on for at least half an hour and then wash off with a natural shampoo or a mild shampoo.

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