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Mange is a common skin disease that affects pets like birds, cats and dogs caused by external parasites called mites, some of which appear naturally in a dog’s fur, while others can be harmful. Sharing objects such as blankets or quarters with another infected dog that doesn’t show any symptoms yet, especially in a household with multiple pets.
Here are 15 useful and clever home remedies that have been proven effective to get rid of mange in dogs which you can use to cure your pet.
Borax is a commonly found household disinfectant that is very effective in killing fungi, insects and worms. Hydrogen peroxide cleanses the affected area by adding extra oxygen to the equation and making the skin unfavourable for the mites to survive. Cleansing must aided with frequent sterilisation of your dog’s belongings like blankets, quarters and toys. Raw and unsaturated apple cider vinegar is the easy home remedy that can be applied topically to the affected areas for getting rid of mange. Neem oil can be used along with apple cider vinegar or the borax and peroxide mixture or alone. A few drops of cooking oil can be easily dispensed from the kitchen for the well being of your dog.
The consistency of olive oil itself can kill mites by forming a thick coating on the skin and blocking out their air supply. 9 Best Home remedies for Fleas, ways and methods to get rid of fleas on dogs, cat fleas, fleas in your house and in your yard. If you know your pet has Fleas, and aren’t able to get to a store to purchase Flea treatments, there are a few items you might have in your cupboards you can use. Here are a few home remedies you can use as effective Flea treatments to get rid of fleas on your dog and cat. Remember after your initial treatment to kill Fleas, you need to continue with weekly hot-washing, cleaning and vacuuming – or the Fleas will come back. Bragg is a good organic brand of natural vinegar to use as a natural Flea spray or Flea bath. When bathing your dog at home, you can use this organic apple-vinegar as a rinse, after the final water rinse. It’s best to place several of these around the house, more work better than just one. If your pet won’t tolerate this natural lemon spray, go ahead and soak a soft cloth in the solution and rub onto targeted areas. Create a natural rosemary Flea dip by steeping two cups of fresh rosemary in boiling water for 30 minutes.
When the mixture reaches a lukewarm temperature, soak your dog or cat by pouring the rosemary mixture over their coat.
Mix a few drops of any of these Essential Oils Fleas Hate into a pint of water, use as an herbal oil spray on your dog’s coat.

You can also combine aloe vera juice with two drops of any of the essential oils listed above. If you have a shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil, you can bathe your dog with this.A  Once your pet is soaped up, let the shampoo rest for 30 minutes, then rinse with clear water. If you have any cedar chips, place a handful under or in the lining of your pet’s bed. Cedar chips are good to use in your yard, around the foundation of a house, along a fence line, etc.
Treatment for Fleas on humans differs than Fleas on a dog, learn about Flea treatment remedies for human Flea bites. Winter Holiday Hazards for Your Pet you might not be aware of and how taking caution will keep your pet safe. The greater the exposure to heat, dogs have the same symptoms associated with dry skin than humans, such as dandruff and itching skin. Animals have a different pH level of human beings, so choose a cleanser formulated for your pet. Choose a food for dogs that improves the condition of the coat and skin, specifically with a supplement with essential fatty acids like Omega-6. The veterinarian treatment involves the use of heavy chemical poisons to kill the pathogens and chemical ointments. In fact it is a key component of many popular laundry soaps and is as such easy and cheap to acquire. It is also a natural disinfectant and is easily available in a solution with 3 percent concentration.
Honey can be applied directly to the affected areas on your dog.  It is a very effective antioxidant home remedy which makes it difficult for the mites to survive along with reversing pigmentation and folding of the affected skin. But timely and proper baths with a little bit of careful scrubbing in not only curing mange but also keeping the mites away in the long run. But adding a small slice of it to your pet’s meal may help get rid of the blood sucking mites. Neem has varied dermatological benefits.  It treats the infection, cleanses the skin, nourishes and soothes it as well as helps in faster regrowth of fur. Use it directly on the crusted skin, it is especially recommended to clean out the insides of your dog’s ear.
Applying it to the affected areas alleviates the waxy oozing and deposits on your dog’s skin and helps provide relief from the constant itching. Be sure to spray lightly several times, and get the solution as far down in the coat as possible.
Natural Vinegar will soothe and heal existing flea bites, without irritating the skin further. If there are active fleas in the house, you have a 98% chance of finding them with this homemade flea catcher.

It’s anA  inexpensive powder and when applied to your yard or carpets, will kill fleas and most insects. More details on Diatomaceous Earth and how to use it in your house for Flea control and in your yard to kill Fleas. Steep the lemon-water overnight, and in the morning, transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Mix thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle, then spray on the coat of your dog or cat, paying attention not to get in their eyes or ears.
In effect, it stimulates the production of more oil throughout the follicle and shaft, which will help to lubricate the skin. Be sure to not use boric acid which is also used commonly in homes to kill roaches because it can be potentially corrosive for the skin of your pet. It has to be diluted to 1 percent constituency with water for the treatment of mange in dogs. It is also a natural antiseptic and has remarkable cleansing potential for the skin of humans and dogs alike. For other objects use a mild cleanser or just wash thoroughly with water to make sure your pet is not freshly contaminated by any pathogens that may have been present.
The incessant scratching and itching because of the mites as well as the extensive skin treatment your dog receives can cause great discomfort to it. It can help cure mange by actively killing the mites by creating an unfavourable environment for them as well. It can be applied directly to the affected areas including the insides of the ears to cure mange in dogs. You can also dip the comb into a mixture of Dawn dish soap and water to check for and remove fleas.
Spray your dog or cat with this solution around the head, behind the ears, and at the base of the tail. Add three spoonfuls of aforementioned borax to the mixture and wait for it to dissolve in the diluted peroxide properly.
Diatomaceous Earth works by puncturing the exoskeleton of the insects, causing them to dry out.
Knowing how to treat mange in your dog at home using these tried and tested mange cures will prove beneficial in all possible scenarios.

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