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If your pet suffers from constant infestation or if it’s flea season, then you might want to try this remedy.
Besides, you can mix lavender oil with water or olive oil and apply it directly to the flea-infested areas on your pet’s body.
One of the best ways to effectively get rid of fleas is to make sure your pet is clean and well-cared for. It is not easy to get rid of fleas.While a flea collar may keep the fleas away from your pet, it can lead to the pests targeting you and your family, instead. For cats or other smaller mammals, you can prepare a salt water solution at home and bathe them in it. Because the vinegar has acidic properties, it repels and even kills parasites, like fleas, mites and bedbugs.
A different way to use the vinegar is to dip a comb in the water-vinegar solution and comb your pet. However, if you have cats, refrain from giving them any garlic, as it can be toxic for them. This remedy is easier to make than the orange flea spray and can be as successful in application.

You can collect the lemon water in a spray bottle and generously squirt this extract all over your pet.
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It is recommended that you use organic apple cider vinegar, rather than highly processed vinegars. You can make a mixture of aloe vera and an essential oil, like lavender or rosemary, and water and spray it on your pet’s body.
Take care to spray in known flea spots, like behind the ears, under the legs and base of the tail. However, in the mean time, there are some harmless home remedies that you can employ to tackle the problem of fleas. Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle and generously squirt it all over your pet’s fur. If you have a dog, then giving him or her brewer’s yeast and garlic daily can be a highly effective flea remedy.
You can make a spray using six to seven drops of lavender oil and water and squirt it on your pet’s coat every day.

Fleas feed on warm-blooded animals, so not only your dog or cat, but even you or your kids can be a potential prey for these insects. In a big pan, bring the peels, pulp, juice and water to a boil and then let it simmer for about an hour. You can also spray it on your pet’s bedding or the carpet or any other flea-infested parts of your home. You also need to give your dog or cat a bath using an herbal shampoo that contains eucalyptus or citronella. You can also use DE to keep fleas away from pet bedding, carpeted rooms or bare wooden flooring.

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