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Listerine is very well known brand of mouthwash that is very effective in killing mouth germs and freshen mouth breathing.
Listerine foot soak is one of best home and kitchen remedies that you can apply without incurring lots of money. Listerine mouthwash can be used as single ingredient to prepare foot soaking solution adding adequate amount of this mouthwash in warm water. Listerine mouthwash can be combined with some other ingredients to make foot soaking solutions. Soaking time and duration for listerien foot soak is just about 30 minutes whether you are using simple listerine foot soak or listerine and shaving cream foot soak.
You must avoid wearing socks, stockings and shoes after using Listerine foot soaking solution. It is best to apply this remedy in the night before going to bed or doing any sort of task.

Daily application of listerine foot soak will let you have problem free feet and take good care of your feet even if you don’t have any severe feet problem. You must use original formula of listerine mouthwash for taking best advantage of this foot soak recipe. All other ingredients to be used and combined with listerine must be original and pure for best results.
White vinegar is considered the best combination with Listerine to cure lots of feet problems especially toenail fungus. However method of listerine and shaving cream foot soak is absolutely different from simple listerine foot soak recipe. Before you think of applying this remedy, you must be aware of tips and instructions to be followed while using Listerine foot soak. You have to apply shaving cream on feet and then soaking towel in listerine has to wrap on feet for best results.

This is marvelous foot soaking ingredient and lest you have beautiful and problem free feet.
You will surely be aware of benefits of foot soak for taking good care of feet regarding many problems. Adding Listerine in foot soaking solution would be very good remedy to treat feet problems.

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