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The bad breath syndrome, also known as halitosis, although not a serious condition, affects 25 to 30 percent of Americans. The first step in fighting bad breath is to try and eliminate the causes that are responsible for it, which can be divided in three main categories – bacteria, nutrition and odorous foods.
Bacteria are a present entity in your oral cavity and live on your tongue, teeth and in the gaps between.  If the mouth is not subject to a thorough cleansing every day, the bacteria multiply and also let out sulfurous smells, which cause halitosis. Nutrition is another cause for bad breath as not eating properly may lead to a dry mouth or to stomach problems, which will reflect by letting out bad odors through the oral cavity.
Intermittent halitosis is caused by odorous foods such as onions, garlic, coffee and alcohol. Other causes for bad breath include smoking, infections such as sore throats, sinusitis, heartburn, diabetes, ulcers and lactose intolerance. There are some situations when bad breath is a non-acceptable ailment, which you have to fix immediately.
In order to overcome bad breath, you can try homeopathic drugs as well, such as Borax, Calc carb, Carbo veg, Cinchona, Chelidonium or Graphites.
Milia are the small, whitehead-like blemishes that often appear under your eyes, on your cheeks or on your skin. Use a facial peel that features glycolic acid once or twice a month to help soften the skin so that the skin's natural exfoliating process can expel dirt and oil. Make an appointment with your dermatologist if exfoliating, peels and lifestyle changes aren't enough to clear up your milia.
The bacteria in the mouth decompose the food nuggets left sticking on the gums and the back of the tongue resulting in a bad odor.
The tongue, especially the rear part is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria if food particles are left on the surface. Fortunately, there are easy things to do that can make your baby’s breath go back to being perfect. I just noticed recently my 5-month-old grandson’s mouth does not have the sweet smell that I love so much. A dental condition that occurs after tooth extraction when a blood clot dissolves is known as dry socket. Pain 2 days after the tooth is pulled, a dry- looking opening, a white bone instead of a dark blood clot, bad breath are some of the symptoms of dry socket. Take some (a pinch) turmeric in glass of rinse lukewarm water and wash your mouth with this solution.
Applying clove oil in the affected area is the most effective herbal remedy for dry socket. The problem is also associated with pregnant or breastfeeding women due to hormonal change or probably dehydration. As you know that dehydration can be one of the reason of dry mouth, try to dehydrate yourself as much as possible. As water is the direct source to hydrate yourself, you can have ample amount of water throughout the day. Cayenne pepper is one of the best hoe remedy to stimulate salivary gland to produce more saliva and preventing dry mouth as a result. This probably is the remedy that you often seek for so many health problems, dry mouth being one of them. It can either be a permanent condition or an intermittent one and the damages coming from it are mostly psychological, as it affects the way we perform in public, the way in which we relate to and interact with others and, most of all, it affects our self-confidence. Therefore, the simplest solution is to make sure you brush your teeth and floss every day, twice a day, preferably immediately after your meals. Since it’s not possible to eliminate these foods and drinks from your daily diet, this is where fast acting remedies for halitosis come in, which you can find more details about below. Your tonsils, if they are infected or if you have tonsil stones, can give out bad smells, which means that tonsillitis is another cause. One refers to longer term solutions, which are also related to prevention and the other type represents on-the-spot remedies.
If you wear dentures, never forget to take them off at night and clean them thoroughly, so that you remove leftover food and bacteria, which otherwise rot and give out unpleasant odors.
As part of your cleansing routine, scrape your tongue every morning with a special tongue scraper or spoon.
As part of your daily diet routine, if you suffer from halitosis, it might be best to stay away from foods that cause it, such as coffee, black tea, dishes that have high quantities of onions or garlic and, of course, very strong cheeses, such as Camembert, Roquefort and blue cheese.
As a remedy for chronic bad breath, introduce new foods in your diet that will cure bad breath on the long term.
Discuss with your doctor whether any medication you are taking at the moment might be causing you the bad breath and, if so, if there is anything you can do about it. Even if it was caused by bacteria or by eating a dish made of smelly foods, there are ways in which you can eliminate the resulting halitosis quickly. Turn to the spices shelf, as you will find a number of home remedies in there, guaranteed to help cure your halitosis in a matter of minutes.

If you carry around a toothbrush with you, you can easily brush your teeth to get rid of the smell. Make your own mouthwash rinse as a bad breath remedy, following a very simple and quick homemade recipe.
These are great as home remedies for bad dog breath or even for a cat, because they are natural. Picking and squeezing them won't do anything, as they are the manifestation of clogged pores that are unable to go through the natural exfoliation process. Since milia appear when your skin isn't exfoliating itself naturally, you need to slough away all the dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can cause milia. Exposure to the sun day after day begins to thicken your skin, making it harder for it to naturally exfoliate by expelling dead skin and oil through the pores. Overly thick moisturizer or makeup that is clogging your pores may be the source of your milia, and simply switching the type of product you use to an oil-free formula can help your milia to disappear.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If your child has a frequent and major problem with halitosis, you should ask your pediatrician to check her for signs of infection.
He is made to drink a little water after drinking his milk whenever possible and his mouth is occasionally swabbed with a clean gentle cloth. You can also take some dry salt, turmeric and mustard oil, mix them well and then gently apply it on the dry socket.Do this 2-3 times every day as this will help to reduce the pain associated with the dry socket.
Clove oil is very strong, so mix it with some olive oil and dilute it or you can also dilute it by adding few drops of clove oil (5-6 drops) to a cup of water. Other than water, you can also treat yourself with fruits or eatable items that have high content of water in them.
Although this may cause burning sensation but is it too much to bring your salivary gland back on track. It is the flavonoid in fennel seeds that stimulate the salivary gland to help it produce more saliva and get over with dry mouth. Fatty and sugary foods, as well as carbonated drinks stir up the acid in the stomach area and relieve bad smelling gases. Part of the bacteria that we scrape off our teeth when we brush remains lodged on the toothbrush, therefore, in order to avoid oral diseases or putting that bacteria back in your mouth change it regularly. This will dislodge the bacteria, fungi and dead cells built up on the tongue that cause bad breath. Pickles, as well as some types of fish, like herring and anchovies, are known to give one bad breath too. Eat a bit of yoghurt every day, as the active cultures in it will help reduce the bacteria in your mouth. There are certain types of pills, especially over-the-counter ones that have halitosis as a secondary effect.
Not only do these herbs have a specific taste and smell strong enough to cover the rotten odors in your mouth, but they will also fight the bacteria causing them, because they have antiseptic properties. Their strong smell will mask the foul stench thoroughly and the citric acid will force your salivary glands to produce more saliva. Try using compact size tea-tree oil based toothpaste which you can find at your local pharmacy. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water and then pour in 2 or 3 drops of antimicrobial peppermint essential oil. However, by following these steps, you can improve it considerably and never have to worry about it ever again. Milia are more stubborn than regular acne, and you should take care when dealing with them. You can try a store-bought exfoliating cream or make your own by combining brown sugar and olive oil to make a paste and rubbing it on your skin in circular motions. The resulting milia are even more difficult to get rid of because your skin becomes too thick to drain the milia.
Make sure to test it on an inconspicuous area first, as some acid peels may be too harsh for very sensitive skin. The foul or unpleasant smell emanating from your mouth can make people shy away from you, causing great embarrassment. Pop something into your mouth to munch and to generate saliva thus preventing the bacteria from feeding on the dead cells sticking to the gums and cheeks and from producing malodour. There could be an infection in her mouth or throat, or a sinus or ear infection that is causing the bad smell.
I read that a dry mouth can cause other- than- sweet mouth smell but he salivates so much especially when he thumb sucks. People who have wisdom teeth pulled, have poor oral hygiene, smoke are more likely to get dry socket. Other than reducing the pain for some time, turmeric is also very effective in healing the dry socket.

Then take some cotton balls, add few drops of the oil or soak it in the cup and then apply it on the affected area.
You can also add few drops of the gel to some cotton balls and then apply it on the affected area. Neem because of its anti-bacterial properties will help to heal the affected area very fast. So getting rid of dry socket is not that difficult and by following the above mentioned 5 herbal remedies you can easily get good results within a very short time.
You must know that it can happen due to change in the composition of saliva in the mouth or reduced salivary flow.
Now that you know that there are numerous reason for having a dry mouth therefore you must be well prepared with the remedies for its cure.
Only when you are properly dehydrated, you can help your salivary gland to produce more saliva.
Other than applying on your tongue, you can add cayenne pepper in your soups, salads, and other favorite dishes. Moreover, its flavor has the aroma that combat bad breath also. Here in this remedy, you need not to put much effort then munching some fennel seeds throughout the day.
Other than preventing dry mouth, Aloe Vera by protecting the sensitive tissues in the mouth, enhances taste buds also.
The acidic character of lemon stimulates the tongue to produce more and more saliva thus providing a kind of help in overcoming dry mouth. Luckily for us, the solutions and remedies for bad breath are mostly natural, can be easily procured and you probably already have some in your pantry.
Also, clean it every few days with antibacterial solution, as long as your doctor hasn’t advised you otherwise and try keeping it covered. You can see them with the naked eye because, when the tongue hasn’t been properly cleaned, it has a white or even yellow build-up on it. It might be difficult at first to eliminate them completely, but you need to make sure you get rid of all the sources of the problem. Eat an apple every day, because it too will cleanse out the bacteria, as well as reduce the acidity in your stomach that might be causing bad breath. We can include here antihistamines, decongestants, diet pills and almost all the pills prescribed for depression and high blood pressure.
They can both be taken care of by rinsing the mouth with plenty of water before you have to speak with someone, for example. As shown above, this will rinse or hydrate your mouth and clean away the bacteria, as saliva is antibacterial.
Using rough tactics to pick or squish them can lead to scarring or their reappearance, so make sure that you get rid of them properly for good. Chew a level teaspoon of natural bareek saunf after lunch and dinner every day to keep your mouth fresh and free from odors. During sleep, mouth and jaw muscles relax, saliva production drops, and you may even hear little baby snores. Keep it like that for at least 5- 10 minutes.Try to do this 3-4 times every day as it will help you to get rid of any intense pain.
You can also take some neem oil and apply it on the affected area with a dental pick or cotton ball.
You might be knowing that it is almost impossible to swallow food with mouth that is dry therefore it becomes extremely important to treat is as soon as possible. The bathroom is normally covered in germs, coming mostly from the toilet, which easily get latched to the toothbrush. If the drugs you are taking are making your mouth unnecessarily dry, then that is your first sign they are guilty for your bad breath. The baking soda will change the pH in your mouth and get rid of the odor and the peppermint oil will keep your mouth fresh for a much longer time.
When saliva production decreases, the dry mouth is a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that cause bad breath. You can also apply chamomile tea bags directly to the affected area and even drink at least 2-3 cups of tea every day. The reason why the salivary gland of the mouth malfunctions is ageing, dehydration, snoring, depression, drinking liquor, anxiety or stress. Dogs suffer from halitosis just like humans do and a few slices of apple or some yogurt will help them get rid of it in a natural way. The longer your baby sleeps, the drier her mouth will get, and the more the bacteria in her mouth will multiply.

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