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Do you have a favorite home remedy or maybe a comment to make about the side effects of drugs? Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath and refers to unpleasant odors emanating from the mouth and sometimes even the nasal passages.
If you are still unsure, it may be better to get a second opinion from a friend or family member. A general symptom for most people who suffer from halitosis, no matter what the cause, is the presence of a whitish or yellowish film on the tongue.
If you are unsure about the severity of your bad breath, make a note of whether the condition is resolved by brushing your teeth or flossing. Depending on the severity of the condition, the person suffering from bad breath could have his personal and social relationships affected. Bad breath is often a sign that something is wrong with your health and should not be ignored. Try using a tongue cleaner, especially at the back of your tongue, gargling with a mouthwash before sleeping, and chewing on sugar-free gum.
If the cause of your bad breath is gum disease it may be a good idea to include guava in your diet, as it is thought to be an effective remedy for halitosis. Fenugreek should be consumed in the form of a tea made with one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in one liter of water. Making a tea or infusion with fresh parsley or cloves is also a good way to treat bad breath. If you suffer from halitosis try and include fresh vegetables, fruits and grains into your daily diet. Apart from foods that you should avoid, there are also certain foods that help prevent bad breath. Questions on foul breath: My niece has foul breath even though she maintains good oral hygiene habits.
Be happy, feel confident be a sport go n fight the ailment from your mind, it works wonder and yes use the precaution n remedies mentioned on the site!!
Try rice milk,[I use a brand called Rice Dream] drink lots of it, and swill it round your mouth like a mouth wash.
Bad breath, in medical term is called as halitosis, a disorder wherein a person’s mouth smells really bad. Water helps to keep the mouth hydrated thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and also avoiding dry mouth. Another cheap, easy and relishing way to reduce bad breath is through intake of fruits and vegetables as they help to remove the bacteria that grows in the mouth.
This ingredient available in each and every kitchen contains essential oils that covers the bad breath thus eliminating the fear of halitosis and restoring confidence. Always avoid food items containing high flavour of garlic and onions when out of the house. Chewing parsley, mint, basil or cilantro which are commonly used in cooking helps I neutralisation of the odours.
Yoghurt contains active cultures that combat the growth of odour causing bacteria in the mouth. Pancreas is an important glandular organ in the abdominal cavity of humans and plays an instrumental role in digestion. There have been times when you have severe cough and sore throat which tend to lag with you although you had medication. Loquat, scientifically known as Eriobotrya japonica, is popular as nutritious yellow-colored fruit having an oblong, spherical, or pear-shaped structure. Galangal which belongs to the family of ginger is an aromatic herb which is used as a spice and flavoring agent.
Until recently, there was an assumption among people that healing dental cavities is impossible. Chlamydia is an infection, a type of sexually transmitted disease, which can happen in both males and females. Cavities or tooth decay are tiny holes that gradually develops in the hardest surface of your teeth. You might have known well that maintenance of oral health is really an important fact to be kept on mind. Aromatherapy is a home remedy for bad breath that works and delivers real results, providing that the essential oils used are of good quality and are used correctly. Cloves buds have been used as far back as 2000 years ago by the ancient Chinese for treating bad breath. Thanks to its natural antiseptic properties, this essential oil is a great addition to treating bad breath.

Many people suffer from the ill effects of bad breath, which makes many a head turn against them. A remedy for bad breath known since very ancient times, Myrrh has both astringent and anti microbial properties that will take care of dental infections.This also helps in strengthening of the gum. The deep green colour of parsley itself is an indicator of the high content of chlorophyll in the sprigs, which is helpful in keeping bad breath at bay.Chlorophyll due to its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties cleanses the blood eliminating the toxic pollutants from the body. Apart from its minty aroma and cooling sensation, peppermint has some essential oils that do wonder for treating bad breath. Fennel seeds are known to aid the digestion process and thus help to maintain a healthy digestive system, thereby avoiding problems of bad breath. There is a lot of embarrassment attached to halitosis or bad breath and though it is not a serious medical condition, it can lead to problems in interacting with others.
However, it is sometimes very difficult to judge for yourself whether your breath smells bad or not. He or she could also tell you whether the unpleasant odor is coming from your mouth or nasal passages making it easier for you to treat the condition. This is caused due to the build up of mucus and bacteria as a result of a chronic post-nasal drip in the mouth especially at the posterior part of the tongue. The reduction of the amount of saliva in the mouth causes odors to appear stronger and more unpleasant. Typically, this unpleasant taste may actually be caused by dryness of the mouth, certain oral medications, dental problems and bacterial infections, and these could also be responsible for halitosis. In mild cases of bad breath, caused by eating certain foods for example, just brushing your teeth could get rid of any lingering or offensive odors. In extreme cases, complete social isolation could lead to depression and other mental problems. When you go see your dentist, make sure you do not mask the bad breath with mints and by brushing your teeth, as this will not indicate the severity of the condition. Guava contains oxalates and tannic acids in addition to calcium and manganese, all of which help strengthen the gums, reducing the occurrence of gum diseases such as gingivitis.
Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet will go a long way in treating digestive problems, tooth decay, gum disease and other ailments that can lead to bad breath.
Green tea prevents the development of oral bacteria while yogurt helps with digestive problems that can cause halitosis.
The ancient art of yoga believes that bad breath can be cured through regular tongue and gum massages as well as through specific yoga postures and asanas. Comparison of the effectiveness of a commercially available herbal mouthrinse with chlorhexidine gluconate at the clinical and patient level.
It can lead to many embarrassing situations and also reduces the confidence level of an individual. This helps in eliminating the bacteria which are present in your throat and tonsils thus eliminating bad breath.
Put two or three small pieces of cinnamon in hot water and drink the solution to avoid bad breath.
The antioxidants contained in tea helps to stop the bacterial growth which is responsible for the bad odour of the mouth.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Even if you have an impressive personality, bad breath can let you down in front of others. This creates an embarrassing situation leading to a low confidence level.Also most of the people who have had breath might be unaware of it or will not reveal about it to others. Chlorophyll helps to clean the blood system as well as to keep the colon healthy.The deep root system of the plant absorbs the much needed vitamins and nutrients from the soil which is important for a health body functioning, thereby preventing bad breath.
Tea or tincture made from the dried resin of the bark of the tree is used for direct application by massage or by gargling. The herb has anti bacterial as well as antifungal properties that make it a perfect oral deodorant.Chew a few leaves of the herb and say goodbye to bad breath. The fruit as a whole including the rind has anti bacterial properties and contain phytonutrients.This and the high content of vitamin C makes it a good remedy to fight against bacterial action in the mouth as well as cleansing the digestive tract and stomach, thus preventing bad breath. Bad breath could shatter a personA’s self-confidence and self-esteem and lead to situations of social isolation and even depression. In many cases, bad breath could be a result of several factors including an underlying illness or medical condition. A dry mouth also alters the pH balance making the area more responsive to bacterial growth.
On the other hand, if you suffer from acute bad breath, no amount of brushing or gargling will treat the condition in the long-term. A dentist will be able to determine whether the cause of your bad breath is due to any tooth decay, gum disease or oral problems.

Problems such as constipation can be dealt with by increasing the intake of fiber through whole grains, breads, nuts and seeds.
Crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrots and apples reduce bad breath by removing plaque build up from your teeth. Regular yoga practice can help balance the digestive system and prevent constipation and therefore help get to the underlying causes of bad breath.
It can be caused due to many general reasons such as eating food items that are odorous, dry mouth (most common reason), gum disease, smoking, medical conditions and even sinus conditions.
A combination of cinnamon, bay leaves and cardamom in hot water which can be used to rinse mouth after straining is another effective means. Put a few fennel seeds in hot water and drink the solution after straining or even fennel tea can be prepared and consumed to take control over the bad breath causing microbes.
Early detection and management of the defect with herbal remedies will help to regain good oral health and general wellness. As the herb is a good source of potassium, this also helps in maintaining the proper acid-alkali balance in the mouth, to avoid bad breath. Either chewing few seeds as a whole or gargling with fennel tea is done to fight bad breath.
If you are confident these unusual incidents are happening because of bad breath then you have to cure it.
Bad breath could even be responsible for poor professional and personal relations and therefore requires treatment at the earliest. Nearly a quarter of adults suffer from bad breath at some point of time and dentists list halitosis as the third most popular reason for dental visits, the first two being tooth decay and bleeding gums. Dry mouth can be caused by certain medications, dehydration, aging, caffeine, and excessive use of mouthwashes and rinses that are alcohol-based. In fact, excessive brushing of teeth could lead to a worsening of the bad breath as well as damage to the gums and teeth.
There have been numerous studies supporting claims about the efficacy of cloves and clove oil in dental care.
It is also recommended that you avoid over-processed food products and items containing white flour and refined sugars. Yoga and meditation also reduces stress and can decrease the chances of digestive ailments and stomach ulcers. If breath is really bad keep it in the mouth for a minute or so, spit it out and don't rinse.
The basic reason is the growth of bacteria in the mouth which leads to symptoms such as sour or a change of taste, coating on the tongue, dry mouth, etc. So you may be buying the right essential oil to treat halitosis, but will experience no noticeable results. Stay in this position for about five breaths and then come back to your normal position after a minute.
There are other ways to tell if you have bad breath, and other symptoms that could occur simultaneously. Proteins such as meat and eggs can also lead to halitosis and should be consumed in moderation.Changing your diet can also reduce the amount of oral bacteria that builds up.
Vitamin C also restricts the growth of bacteria in the mouth, but make sure your vitamin C is consumed through natural foods and not by supplements. It is supposed to be based on natural plant extracts and is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.I still have bad breath periodically but these things really help me control it when I get it.
The wastes created by such bacteria are known as volatile sulfur compounds or VSCs and are what cause the unpleasant odor. This is because vitamin supplements can cause stomach upsets in some people consumed in excess. However, remember to always consult with your doctor before starting any new health regime and make sure you practice yoga under the supervision and guidance of a trained yoga instructor.
So, it is important to get a health check up if you are continuously having bad breath problem. Certain foods encourage the production of such bacteria and VSCs and eliminating them from your diet can help cure halitosis. While most of these claimed health benefits may be treated with a healthy amount of skepticism, yoga does offer tremendous health benefits, and a greater amount of research is needed on the subject.
Caffeine, carbonated beverages, and tobacco can all cause tooth decay and gum disease and subsequently lead to bad breath.

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