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Apple cider vinegar contains high levels of acetic acid as well as phenolics, which are substances that help to kill the odor causing bacteria on your skin. Sage tea can be prepared by adding a tablespoon of fresh sage leaves, or a teaspoon of dried leaves, to a cup of boiling water. Citrus fruits bring many health benefits, and are also very effective as a natural treatment for body odor.
So, take control over that embarrassing body odor by consuming plenty of citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and limes every day at breakfast, and after meals as desserts.
Tea contains substances called tannins which can help keep your feet dry, when you soak them in tea for some time every day. If these foods are consumed in excess, they can even make your sweat smell terrible, causing a real bad body odor. Different types of natural deodorants are available in the market, which are made of natural substances such as, herbs and ammonium alum, and do not contain any harmful chemicals at all.
You can also make your own deodorant at home using coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda. Green supplements are natural deodorizers that prevent bad body odor and make you smell good throughout the day. The best way to prevent body odor is to have bath regularly in the morning as well as in the evenings, especially if you suffer from this problem. If your body odor is caused by some underlying condition, a detox will help you get rid of it. This will help eliminate harmful toxins from your body which might be causing the body odor. According to naturopathy, if diet and hygiene are not the factors behind your body odor, it could be due to some underlying health problems such as, a yeast infection or a genetic disorder known as fish odor syndrome. It makes a person feel very self-conscious and can affect the personal and professional life to a great extent.

Natural treatments can be very beneficial in helping you to get rid of the body odor problem, and are aimed at treating the underlying health condition, or reasons, that are causing this bad odor, thus providing you with an affective, permanent solution. It is also a powerful astringent that helps to dry excess sweat, thus preventing body odor.
It can be used as an effective natural treatment for body odor that is caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis. They contain acids that help to flush out toxins from your body, which reduces body odor that might arise if these toxins linger in your system. So, if you are embarrassed by the bad odor from your stinky feet, this is a very simple natural treatment that will help prevent sweating on your feet by keeping them moisture-free. The powerful odors from these foods tend to even linger on your hair and clothes for a long time. So, if you are suffering from this problem, just skip these foods completely, or minimize their use as far as possible. These ingredients are melted and heated together, which produces a natural deodorant that you can use every day in order to prevent body odor. You can have wheat grass supplements, or go for chlorophyll supplements to control your body odor.
It is very easy to prepare and you can have it regularly as a natural treatment for body odor. Apply some talcum powder in the troublesome areas and you will be free of body odor throughout the day. A sauna bath taken once or twice a week also helps eliminate toxins as it makes you sweat profusely, thus preventing body odor. For fish odor syndrome, exclude foods that have trimethylamine, such as eggs, milk, peanuts and liver.
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There are many solutions available in the market, but they do not address the basic underlying cause. Also, B vitamin choline rich foods and supplements, when taken in excess, can give rise to a fishy body odor.
Strain, mix a little honey, and have this tea daily for about three to four weeks in order to reduce your body odor.
While the body starts are retaining more water than it, the other and some reason leads to the edema or the parlance of medical for the retention of excessive water. Besides taking a good shower and cleaning your armpits well, there are some other things you can do.
Excessive sweating, certain foods, systemic deficiencies in our body, digestion problems, are some of the causes behind body odor.
It is caused by the factor that like the high of sodium intake, the lack of exercise, the circulation of poor, deficiencies of vitamin, the insufficiency of venous or the problem using the flow of blood from veins in back of legs to heart, pregnancy, stress, hot weather, menstruation, the exposure to the altitudes of high, the allergies, the pressure of high blood, the problem of heart, the problem of kidney, the disease of chronic lung, the disease of liver, the disorder of thyroid, the medication of certain and the contraceptives of oral. It can also cause the joints of stiff, the change of weight, the feeling of bloated, and the pressure of increased blood, and the rate of pulse. It can be loaded using the potassium and it can help to reduce the level of sodium in body and it is rich in the magnesium and it is well for the relieving bloating of pre-menstrual.
It is rich in the mineral like the potassium, the magnesium, and the calcium that it can help to maintain the balance of proper fluid.

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