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Urinary tract infection or UTI occurs when the bacteria present in the urinary tract is pushed back into the kidney, bladder or urethra. Drink lots of water as it will flush out all the harmful toxins and bacteria from the body resulting in fast removal of the infection.
Drink blueberry juice (without adding artificial sweetener) or have some blueberries early in the morning.
You can also have lemon juice, carrot juice or coconut water to eliminate the harmful bacteria from the body. Have fruits with a high content of Vitamin C, such as oranges, guavas, kiwi, melons, raspberries and tomatoes. Alternatively, mix 6 drops of tea tree oil and 2 teaspoons of plain yogurt in warm bath water. To get relief from the abdominal pain caused due to the UTI, take over-the-counter tablets, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Take 3 tablespoons of powdered coriander and mix it with 1 tablespoon of powdered rock candy in 3 cups of water.
Add one teaspoon of roasted barley water and ? teaspoon of unrefined sugar (or powdered rock candy) into a cup of water. Take 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder with a glass of water every morning before eating the breakfast. Else, mix 1 teaspoon each of turmeric powder and Indian gooseberry powder in a cup of water. This herb contains a compound, known as arbutin, which kills the bacteria present in the lining of the urinary passage. Note- Children, nursing or pregnant women, and people with liver or kidney disease should not take this herb.
Horsetail is a good diuretic, which aids in the proper urine flow as well as stops the bleeding during the urinary tract infections. Parsley seeds are also helpful in treating the urinary tract infection as it reduces the inflammation and pain caused due to the UTI. Horseradish is a natural antibiotic, which is good for controlling the infection of the urinary tract. The compound berberine found in this herb stops bacteria from sticking to the urethra walls. This remedy is useful when there is a feeling of anxiousness both before and while urinating. If there is a frequent feeling of urination along with cramps in the area of the bladder, accompanied by very small amount of coloured urine, this remedy is helpful. This remedy can be taken if there is frequent urge to urinate along with a burning sensation and soreness in the abdominal area. This remedy is helpful to treat the acute cystisis accompanied with pain in the bladder as well as urinary opening. If a person has to strain a lot in order to pass the urine, along with a scalding sensation, this remedy works well.
Apart from these, you can try some other homeopathic treatments, like berberis vulgaris, cantharis, clematis, lycopodium, equisetum, nux vomica, sepia and sarsaparilla. Before you go to the doctor to get treatment for a urinary tract infection, you can take an over-the-counter medicine, known as ‘AZO Urinary Pain Relief’ or ‘AZO Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength’. After using the toilet, always wipe in the direction of front to back as this may avoid any germs from getting into the urethral opening. Mange is a kind of skin disease, found in animals and is caused by parasitic mites.  The effect of mange can be seen on animals, birds, reptiles, and even plants. Mange in dogs is known as Sarcoptic mange or canine scabies, which are caused by oval, light-coloured microscopic parasites.
Demodectic mange cannot be transmitted to human beings, but sarcoptic mange can cause red bumps on the skin of humans, similar to that of mosquito bite. The home treatment of mange depends upon the breed of the dog and the type of mange; they have developed. There are certain things that should be followed while treating your dog with the help of home remedies.
For treating demodectic mange, besides proper medication, it is also necessary to manage physiological stress. Besides appropriate medication, certain home remedies can also be applied on puppies and dogs to provide them relief from soreness and uneasiness of mange. Mixture of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution in borax powder and water is an effective home remedy for mange cure. Note- Borax can make your dog sick if he ingests it, so use an E-collar to prevent the dog from licking it. Apply two tablespoons of pure yogurt to the ears of the dog to deal with the problem of crusting and discharge due to mange.
Direct application of a few drops of cooking oil is an effective measure to address the problem of itching and irritation on the skin of the dog. A tablespoon of unpasteurized apple vinegar cider (ACV) in the pet’s meal is a powerful cure to treat dogs, suffering with the problem of mange mites.
Use mild soap solution on the skin of your dog as the alkaline nature of the soap prevents the spread of mange mites and kills them, as well. The application of tea of any of these herbs will kill the parasites on the skin of the dog and heal the wound rapidly.
Make a mixture of 30-40 chopped cloves of garlic with six or more lemon skins and one whole chopped lemon. Homeopathic remedies also work in a natural manner for treating this troublesome condition in dogs and puppies. Defendex All-Natural Flea, Tick and Mange Shampoo : It’s a homeopathic shampoo prevents infestations of mange, fleas and ticks. The diet of the dog should be proper and must include a high dosage of vitamin C, vitamin A, lecithin, zinc, vitamin E and B complex. Canker sores (also called as “aphthous ulcers” or “aphthous stomatitis”) are minute lesions or ulcers generally found at the bottom of the gums in the mouth.
Simple sores come into view 3-4 times a year in people between the age of 10 and 20 years, and may last up to a week. Certain foods such as acidic or citrus vegetables and fruits which includes lemons, pineapples, oranges, figs, apples, strawberries, and tomatoes.
Sometimes a dental appliance or a pointed tooth surface, for example, ill-fitting dentures or braces might also set off canker sores. A slight injury caused by eating coarse foods such as nuts and chips or by biting the internal portion of the mouth.

The sore or sores are quite painful and one experiences great difficulty while eating or drinking. Alum powder, an ingredient commonly found in most of the kitchens can be used to treat canker sores naturally. Put one drop of any of the 2 essential oils right onto the ulcer- oregano essential oil or melaleuca essential oil.
It may be a very painful procedure, but it is one of the best methods to cure canker sores. This remedy is not as painful as others, but then, comparatively, it takes longer time to heal the sores. Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution in a plastic soda cap and dilute it by adding similar quantity of water. Mix one part of diphenhydramine (sold as Benadryl) and one part of antacid such as Kaopectate or Maalox.
Or else, combine ? teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of honey to make a fine paste. Another commonly used ingredient for curing canker sore is cayenne pepper which contains capsaicin that can momentarily numb the nerves, resulting in immediate relief from the pain and inflammation. As an alternative, you may also eat a few candies that contain cayenne pepper as one of the chief ingredients. Or else, you may also make a paste of one medium-sized onion or extract the juice of an onion and apply it directly on the sore.
Topical pastes such as Lidex, Anbesol (Benzocaine), Aphthasol or Vanos may aid easing the ache caused by canker sores. Used tea bag contains tannic acid which is a type of an astringent and it reduces uneasiness and speeds up the healing process. Alternatively, you can also intake a minimum of 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel 3 times a day for positive outcome. Owing to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil works wonders on canker sores.
As an alternative option, you may also apply sage leaves in a powdered form directly on the canker sore and leave it for a couple of minutes. Myrrh is well-off in tannins and is used as a traditional remedy for gum and mouth irritations. Prepare a tea by mixing various herbs that are rich in tannin, for example, eucalyptus, St.
Alternatively, you can also prepare a tea by mixing burdock root, oak, red clover, rest-harrow, calendula and red raspberry. Wild geranium was widely used as an astringent by the Cherokee Indians to stop the bleeding of open wounds and cure mouth sores. Echinacea has immune-strengthening, antiviral, and wound-healing properties which are helpful in curing mouth ulcers. Shun eating foods such as nuts, pretzels, chips, salty foods, certain spices, coffee, chocolate, seeds, tomatoes, and acidic fruits like grapefruit, pineapple and oranges that may cause irritation in your mouth.
Keep stress at bay by using varied number of stress-reduction techniques, for example, guided imagery and meditation. In day to day life sometimes we find ourselves too busy to prepare a home cooked meal that satisfies our whole family.
For those who swear by paleo recipes or for those who want to explore new things, here are 10 of the best Paleo Crock Pot Recipes that are great for those on-the-go families. Paleo Crock Pot Recipes are great for those who want a taste of the past but want to be able to stay in tune to the things of today’s society. Some favorites may include paleo crock pot breakfast recipes, a paleo crock pot roast, paleo crock pot soup recipes, and so much more! This super simple chili recipe is great for those who like to add an extra spin on recipes. This Chicken Thai Pad recipe is amazing because the noodles cook perfectly in the crock pot.
Lasagna is a classic dish but this paleo crock pot lasagna gives “lasagna” a whole new definition.
Next time you are in a time crunch, one of these awesome paleo crock pot recipes will surely save not just your time, but also from the McDonald’s down the road. It mainly happens due to sexual intercourse when the harmful bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract cause infection in the bladder.
Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and wash the opening of urethra with this solution.
You can place a hot water bottle or heating pad over your abdomen to help soothe the pain caused due to an infection. Drink cranberry juice as it works great and does not allow the bacteria to remain in the urinary tract.
This enzyme imparts anti-inflammatory properties to this fruit and is helpful in trimming down the UTI symptoms. Take some sandalwood oil, bergamot oil, tea tree oil, juniper oil and frankincense, and mix them well. Sugarcane juice also works wonder in order to control and prevent a urinary tract infection. Cod liver oil also helps to boost up the immune system while making the body strong to fight off any type of bacteria or viruses. Strain, and then drink this concoction at least thrice a day in order to cure a urinary tract infection. Therefore, it helps to fight against the viruses and bacteria that are the main cause of infection in the urinary tract. This condition may be accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the bladder even after urinating. Mange is characterized by hair loss, severe itching, and the formation of scabs and abrasions on the skin.
All dogs are raised generally with demodectic mange mites, which they get while cuddling with their mother during the first few years of their life. The result of mange can be observed in dogs in the form of scaly bald patches, itching, etc.
Firstly, it must be acknowledged whether the dog has developed demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange. Some infected dogs with demodectic mange require special treatments, like medicated shampoos, to prevent further skin infections. Honey can be applied directly to the skin of the animal, but remember to wipe it off by night; otherwise, the skin of the dog will be bitten by ants.

Brushing of the fur daily gives an excellent scrape to the dog, which helps in the removal of scabs and scaly skin. The antacid present in it counteracts the acidic environment and alters the pH which, in turn, reduces the activities of sore-causing bacteria.
It comprises antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties which effectually lessens the pain and uneasiness. Instead of gulping the juice completely, keep it in your mouth for a couple of minutes, so that, the juice could heal the inflated area. Allow the juice or pieces of papaya to linger for some time in the mouth so that it could make direct contact with the sores. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and remedial properties that reduce sores in a few days. The soothing properties of sage provide immediate relief from the symptoms related to canker sores.
For preparing this tea, take a teaspoon or two of this dried herb and add it to a cup of boiled water. Cankerroot was used as a tea to treat both sore throat and canker sores by many American Indians.
Chamomile has healing properties which gives a calming effect on inner lining of the mouth. When you don’t have very much time to prepare something for your family for dinner, many often think of getting takeout or stopping at the closest fast food joint in town. This dish is full of fresh vegetables that provide the perfect balance to the many spices that are included in this recipe. For any cultural food lover, you don’t have to go out to get that tasty meal you’ve been craving. This paleo pork roast that cooks in the crock pot is a great one that not only bursts full of flavor, but does not dry out. Because it cooks in a crock pot, you are free to work on getting other things ready for the big party.
These poached pears with a spiced chai flavor are unique enough that people will be anxious to try them out.
While pleasing a paleo diet at the same time, this recipe combines many different pleasurable and spicy flavors with only five ingredients!
It helps to neutralize the acid content present in the urine, thereby, removing the infection. In case of sarcoptic mange, the dog should be kept isolated so that the disease does not spread to other pets and human beings. The puppies and younger dogs often get fully recovered with this disease, but, adult dogs require long-term therapy to control the disease.
It may hurt for a couple of minutes, but gradually it will ease the pain as well as inflammation. After making a cup of tea, put the wet tea bag inside the refrigerator for a couple of minutes.
All you need to do is, simply, chew the raw root and your pain will diminish in a couple of minutes.
Instead of fast food, these Paleo crock pot recipes offer an efficient and effortless way to still produce a tasty meal to enjoy around the dinner table. This chili is a recipe that can easily be tweaked and is ideal for those who like to experiment. Out of all of the paleo crock pot breakfast recipes out there, this one seems to be one of the most appealing recipes because it is an easy, yet delicious recipe to put together.
Utilizing veggie noodles, this Thai recipe is not only good for your body, but good to your taste buds.
This recipe is different in that it is changed to make it more healthy and approved by those with a paleo diet. All you have to do is cut up all of your vegetables, mix them with your meat, fill the peppers and put them in the crockpot to cook.
There are several home remedies for UTI that can be tried in order to prevent the infection from getting worse.
You can take AZO Cranberry tablets once your UTI is cured in order to maintain the health of the urinary tract. The veterinary doctor may prescribe some anti-parasitic medicines for the dog to ease its itching and inflammation, the results of which can be seen after a month’s treatment. Canker sores can be categorized into 2 types- simple canker sores and complex cancer sores. Initially, you might sense some irritation, but in a little while, you will feel much relieved.
Press the ice-cold, wet tea bag softly over the canker sore for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Whether you make this with ground beef or ground turkey, this chili is bound to leave you wanting for more! Those who are open to trying new and exotics things to send your taste buds out of this world, should definitely try out this recipe! Like with any meal cooked in a crock pot, it is very convenient because it cooks for you while you are busy with other daily activities.
There are so many different kinds of soup recipes out there and beef stew is one that stays very popular.
You can heat them up or chill them in the fridge but either way, everyone will rave over this delightful delicacy. It takes only 20 minutes to prepare and after 8 hours you will have a dish that’s ready to serve! You only have to wait a total of two and a half hours to try out this homemade piece of art. The final scrape should be performed after a month’s treatment to ensure that the disease does not re-occur. You can visit Paleo Leap for the mouthwatering recipe that your family will for sure enjoy.

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