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Whether you are a man or a woman having foot fungus problems is not something that you want to deal with. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from Athletes Foot Fungus then you know what pain and discomfort is like. Foot fungus is more than just an unsightly problem it is something that can be painful and cause other health problems. As we look to lead healthier lifestyles, we are experiencing the ills that athletes have felt for years.
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Man knows about 100,000s of various species of fungi and they come in many and varied forms like mushrooms, mildew, yeast, etc. One has to apply a few drops of the tea tree oil to ? ounce of grape seed oil and apply the mixture twice daily. Foot fungus is quite common and a highly infectious disease that can spread easily and expand the area of infection, if not treated early.
The symptoms of foot fungus include dry and irritated skin that causes burning, itching and redness in the skin of the feet where infection starts. There are many over-the-counter medicines that can help with the disappearance of symptoms for sometime but the best remedies that can cure foot fungus are found in our homes. Vinegar is most effective home remedy for foot fungus and other infectious skin diseases.  You can soak your feet in either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for half an hour or at least 20 minutes after mixing it with water.
Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that can kill the fungus and help to cure foot fungus effectively.
Rubbing vapor rub after soaking and drying the feet has been found beneficial for many sufferers of foot fungus, though there is no clinical evidence present to confirm its effectiveness. Lavender oil also contains antibacterial and healing properties and is very powerful for curing foot fungus. External application of 100% tea tree oil on the infected foot everyday is a useful remedy to eliminate the fungal infection. A few tips on foot fungus home remedy have been presented in this article to help you deal with the condition at home. Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that is characterized by itching, burning sensation, peeling skin, or blisters between the toes and on the soles of the feet. A fungal infection in the feet can lead to pretty embarrassing problems like redness, itching, scaling, discolored nails, ingrown toenails, fissures, cracks and blisters that would only worsen with time. Common Causes For Foot Fungus A lot of factors can contribute to the growth of foot fungus in individuals. A weakened immune system (caused by certain diseases and medications taken to relieve them) can also lead to the unchecked growth of the foot fungus.
Types Of Foot Fungus Different kinds of foot fungi cause different types of infections in the feet.
Plantar Warts Usually caused by the HPV type 1 human papillomavirus, plantar warts lead to ingrown toenails which gradually start prodding the blood vessels and bones in the toes, causing extreme pain and discomfort. Athlete’s Foot Also called as Tinea Peds, this particular fungal infection is the work of the highly contagious ringworm fungus, and leads to the development of cracks and fissures in the feet. Nail Fungus Also called as Onychomycosis, nail fungus is usually caused by the trichophyton rubrum fungus which leads to the thickening of the toe nails (which become brittle wit time), nail discoloration, chipping, flaking and a foul odor. Certain Homemade Remedies For Foot Fungus Here are some of the more common home remedies for foot that would offer extended relief from the symptoms of the condition in addition to getting rid of the bacteria and fungi behind the infection.
Certain OTC antifungal medications, solutions, sprays and creams contain potent ingredients like miconazole, undecylenic acid and tolnaftate which help curb the foot fungus from spreading. Hydrogen Peroxide Soak Soaking the feet in a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (mixed in the ratio 2:1) for several minutes can help reduce cracks and fissures in the feet, and get rid of the fungi thriving in these areas as well. Saline Soak Soaking the infected areas of the feet in a lukewarm saline solution (combine 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 glass of water for the same purpose) for about 30 minutes can help get rid of foot fungus and its symptoms effectively.
Tea Bag Soak Tea bags contain tannic acid, a substance that can help treat fungal infections and reduce its symptoms. Vinegar Soak Soaking the infected feet in diluted vinegar solution for 20 minutes (vinegar and water mixed in the ration 1:4) at least twice a day can also prove to be effective in treating foot fungus and providing relief from its symptoms.

Dry Feet Keeping the feet dry constantly can prevent the foot fungus from multiplying and spreading. Foot Rinses Rinsing the feet with soap solution at regular intervals throughout the day can help get rid of the foot fungus and curb its symptoms. Foot Powders Individuals prone to excessive sweating can get relief from foot fungus and its symptoms by applying some powder over the feet at regular intervals throughout the day. Excellent examples of natural foot powders you can use for the same purpose include cornstarch powder, baking soda, raw garlic (in powdered form) and powdered Aspirin tablets.
Footwear Considerations Wearing shoes for longer intervals can contribute to foot fungal infections. Wearing open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops is considered a wise decision when fighting off a foot fungal infection. Sprinkling some baking soda or cornstarch powder in the shoes can get rid of fungus that would have latched on to the shoes and could possibly trigger a re-infection. Diet For Foot Fungus In addition to treating a foot fungus by external means, there are certain dietary habits that can treat the infection from inside the body as well. Garlic Adding plenty of garlic to an existing diet can prove to be effective in treating foot fungus and its symptoms.
Garlic also contains antibiotic and antiseptic properties that would help promote quick healing from a foot fungal infection. Yogurt Yogurt contains plenty of healthy bacteria called acidophilus which can tackle the unhealthy bacteria and fungi causing the infection.
Immune System Boosting Foods Including foods like cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli etc.), red meats, scallions, fish, oats, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and barley etc. This article "Your Easiest Foot Fungus Home Remedy Suggestions For Relief Of Pain" offers options for treating foot fungus naturally.
This article "10 Natural Ways To Get Foot Fungus Relief" offers some simple natural solutions for foot fungus relief.
The fungus infection, Tinea pedis, develops between your toes, on top of feet, on toenails and between the fingers.
This article "Ten Best Home Remedy Strategies To Find Foot Fungus Relief" looks at the 10 best home remedy strategies for foot fungus relief. The infection, Tinea pedis, develops between your toes, on top of feet, on toe nails and between the fingers.
The infection, Tinea pedis, grows between the toes, on top of feet, on toe nails and between the fingers.
Itching, burning or stinging between the toes, skin dryness on the sides and bottom, cuts, scales, cracks are some of the athlete’s foot symptoms. Tea tree oil can be used to treat ringworm by using a few drops of the oil in a handful of the water and rinsing it thoroughly in the affected area that has been earlier cleaned by soap and water. By adding tea tree oil in shampoo, one can easily combat dry or oily scalp, dandruff as well as an itchy scalp. Again Jock itch can also be treated by applying undiluted tea tree oil on to the area and then covering the area with cream to reduce the dryness effect of the oil. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
But it contains ingredients like camphor, thymol and menthol which have shown effective results in fighting toe nail or foot fungus. Mix lavender oil with oregano oil in equal portions and apply on the infected toes and feet to find relief from itching, burning and infection.Fungal infections in the feet and toes are highly contagious and may be difficult to cure using only one method of treatment. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is a very good remedy to treat this problem of toenail fungus.[1] It contains amazing properties of natural astringent. Yogurt Yogurt contains amazing natural anti-bacterial properties.[3] It can help you as a great home remedy for the toenail fungus. Talcum Powder In the situation when you are facing the problem of toenail fungus, you should ensure the proper dryness in your feet.
Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar also contains cleansing properties and vital nutrients that are necessary to get rid of toenail fungus.
And in the worst case scenario, the fungus infecting the feet can spread to other areas of the body and cause infections in these areas as well.

The fungus are more susceptible to moist environments and can easily spread from one person to another via socks, shoes, clothing, floors, locker rooms and even public swimming pools and toilets.
Women tend to be more susceptible to foot fungus infections in this case owing to airtight shoes that cause the feet to sweat excessively (a potential breeding ground for the foot fungus). A body with a weak immune system would not be able to fight off the bacteria and fungi causing the infection and would be more vulnerable to secondary infections as well. Applying these medications on the infected areas at least twice every day can effectively treat the infection and bring down the symptoms of the same. A tea bag soak (soak at least 6 bags of black tea in 1 quart lukewarm water for the same purpose) for about 15 minutes every day would also help soothe the pain and discomfort caused by the infection.
A dry environment would be unfavorable for the foot fungus which usually thrives in moist places. Diluted lemon juice (lemon juice and water mixed in the ration 1:2) and diluted vinegar juice can also be used to rinse the infected areas of the feet at regular intervals in order to get rid of the infection (and the foot fungus) effectively.
The powder would absorb excess moisture in the feet and keep them dry for longer intervals. An excellent mask for the same involves adding 5-6 drops of olive oil to crushed garlic cloves (2-3 pieces) to form a paste which needs to be applied directly above the infected areas.
The remedy needs to be repeated at least for a month for extended relief and to prevent recurrences. Remaining bare foot during a foot fungal infection can therefore prevent the infection from spreading and offer relief from its symptoms.
Garlic contains potent antifungal properties that would help get rid of the virus causing the infection quickly and effectively.
Therefore, eating at least 3 cups of yogurt every day can treat a foot fungal infection and bring down its symptoms almost instantly. This article "10 Beneficial All Natural Treatments For Athletes Foot Fungus" gives some natural treatment options for Athletes Food. All references to products, services, affiliates, trademarks and brands are used in strict accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not intended to imply that this website or the publisher is providing information for any commercial purpose. By drenching a cotton swab with 2-3 drops of undiluted tea tree oil and wiping the swab beneath the affected nail and all over the nail helps in treating fungal infection of hands and feet.
This skin condition is more common amongst the elderly and people with impaired immune system and diabetes. Apply lemon juice on the affected toe and feet directly or prepare a warm soak by mixing 1 tbsp baking soda along with fresh juice of a lemon.Or mix equal amount of olive oil to the fresh juice of a lemon and massage on the infected area. It helps in deep cleansing of your skin naturally and vanishes away all the impurities and infectious bacteria.[2] Take some warm water in a bucket and put some baking soda in it. Sweating and oily skin can lead to increase in the fungus infection.[4] Therefore you should apply some talcum powder on your feet after an hour or two to ensure proper hygiene in your feet.
Apply some apple cider vinegar with a clean cotton swab on your toenails to treat the problem of toenail fungus.[5] Besides this there is another method to use apple cider vinegar. Though it can be treated with OTC anti-fungal medication, it is advised to consult a doctor, especially if the person is diabetic or the infection does not subside despite trying out home remedies. You are likely to catch this fungus from warm, humid and wet environment like wet socks and shoes, play ground, swimming pool, bathroom etc. Vinegar can treat foot fungus effectively because it contains natural acids that create an acidic environment in which fungus cannot live. Application of tea tree oil helps in the improvement of scaling, inflammation, itching and burning. Infection spreads when your skin comes in direct contact with contaminated surface or object. There are several types of fungal infection and each one can be cured using a tea tree oil anti-fungal treatment.

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