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Mosquito bites can be defined as the itchy bumps that appears on the skin caused when the mosquitoes bites a person.
The mosquitoes select the person to bite by identifying the scent, the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by them and according to the chemicals present in their sweat. In the southeastern part of the United States, dengue fever caused by mosquitoes has been reported. In India malaria, encephalitis, elephantiasis and dengue are the diseases spread by mosquitoes.
If you could not avoid the bites, try to treat it with home remedies for mosquito bites rather than going for over the counter medicine.
It is better to contact a doctor if you feel that the symptoms are serious with fever and body ache. There are home remedies for mosquito bites as well as over the counter topical treatments and prescription medicines available for treating the bites and allergies caused by them. It is one of the most easily home remedies for mosquito bites.A  You can use either ice cold water or hot water to alleviate the itches caused by the mosquito bites. The alkalinity of baking soda is helpful in easing the itching caused mosquito bites or any other insect bite. Baking Soda With Warm Water a€“Apply a mix of one tablespoon baking soda and one pint of water on the affected area.
Baking Soda With Household Ammonia a€“ Take a few drops of cleaning ammonia and add it to 1 teaspoonful of baking soda to form a thick paste. Some essential oils like tea tree oil and lavender oil has anti inflammatory property and hence prevents swelling and pain.
Honey is a main ingredient of many of the natural lotion and balms for skin because of their anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory property. This another easily available and fastest home remedies for mosquito bites.A  You can dab a little toothpaste onto the bites and your itching will stop quickly. Most of you will be having an aspirin tablet at home.A  Rub wet aspirin tablet over the itchy areas to get relief. Aloe Vera a€“ Apply the gel from the broken leaf or the gel available in the market on the affected area to relieve the itching. Witch Hazel- A paste of witch hazel and baking soda is very effective in soothing the inflamed skin. Peppermint- You can either use a paste of peppermint leaves or you can apply the peppermint oil.
Oatmeal is well known for the anti- itching properties.A  You can make a paste of oatmeal with water and apply it on to the affected area. Are you looking for the home remedies to treat mosquito bites?A  Do you want to stay free from mosquito bites always? This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. There are few things peskier in the summer than an unexpected mosquito bite swelling up on your arms and legs.
I would think so, I don't think they are species-specific for remedying an itchy sensation on your skin.
There are natural home remedies to stop the itch by using items that are already in your kitchen. Continue reading to find out the most effective mosquito bite relief and enjoy the summer days. Mix water with kosher salt (one teaspoon to make a paste) in your palm and rub the paste on the bitten area. Make a paste with baking soda and water and cover the bite with it to cut down the itching.
If you have a mosquito bite allergy or the bite is swollen and red, take antihistamines for a day or two after you are bitten. If a bite becomes swollen, very oozy, warm to the touch, filled with pus, or is colored dark red or black (even possibly with yellow center), the chance of it being infected is huge.
Most of the time we do not do anything about a mosquito bite and it almost always subsides without any assistance. Toothpaste can do wonders to relieve itchy skin due to a mosquito bite or any other insect bite. For getting instant relief from itching caused by mosquito bite, spray some deodorant on the area. If the mosquito bite is causing too much itching and is causing your skin to peel, apply apple cider vinegar immediately in order to prevent infection and kill the germs.
Topical application of tea tree oil can relieve intense itching and stinging sensation associated with insect bites in general.

The tannin present in tea is a good anti allergen which helps in counteracting the action of histamine on the affected area. Being a natural disinfectant, white vinegar helps in controlling the itch and cleanses the skin from germs and prevents infections. But sadly, it’s also the time when bugs come out to play, especially the dreaded mosquitos.
It’s a long running question why some people seem to attract mosquitos and other people don’t.
If you are using lavender from your own garden, you’ll need to dry the leaves ahead of time. Once you have the dried flowers, place them in a blender or food processor with the oatmeal and baking soda. When you’ve been bitten by mosquitos, or have any sort of skin irritation really, like a sunburn, it’s time for a bath. As an added bonus, if you put the powder into a nice jar or bottle, it makes a great gift, especially as mosquitos get set to take their first victims of the season.
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This site is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice, or professional services. When a mosquito bites a person having certain diseases like yellow fever, malaria, dengue, the parasites or viruses causing these diseases enter the mosquitoes. To suck the blood without any hindrance the saliva of the mosquitoes contains an anti- coagulant, which prevents the blood from clotting. If the mosquito bites are not very severe, you can use any of the home remedies to relieve the itching and inflammations caused by bites. Some people are more sensitive to the bite and have a severe reaction to the bite which may look like chicken pox marks. This is the exact reason why they are effective in relieving the itching caused by mosquito bites.
They absorb the extra liquid out of the inflammation and hence reduce swelling caused by the bites. Or better and faster results use toothpaste containing peppermint.A  You can also use mouthwash instead of toothpaste. The cooling agents present in the peppermint juice counter the action of irritants present in the saliva of mosquito. If you have asthma and seem to be sensitive to mosquito bites, you may want to carry an inhaler with you if you are going to be prone to mosquitoes. If someone has throat swelling, trouble breathing or rash and hives after the bite, look for emergency help immediately.
But it could be when you are less immune that a mosquito bite could cause problems like infection as the bacteria can enter the body through the cuts caused when you scratch.
The common things that you find in your house can offer great relief from itching, swelling and pain.
If you are susceptible to allergic reactions, it is a good idea to take preventive measures as soon as the mosquito bites you.
A dry bar of soap can remove all the germs from the surface and also mask the action of germs and histamine on the skin, thereby removing swelling and itching of the affected skin.
A roll on deodorant is a better option if you have one as roll on deodorants help in suppression of the itch more effectively through the pressure exerted. Salt is also a disinfectant and helps in removing the germs that may be present on the skin surface.
The acidic base of apple cider vinegar will prevent the germs from spreading and causing trouble. Tea tree oil can be got from grocery stores and is also good as an antiseptic oil to prevent infections.
It immediately exerts a cooling action on itching skin and helps in the healing process faster.  Apply aloe vera immediately after you are bitten by a mosquito. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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My mom is notorious for getting bitten, while I can sit outside for a long time and not be bothered. If you’re anything like my mom, those small little bites can quickly swell up, get really red, and really itchy.
The bath also contains oatmeal and baking soda, which are both great for soothing insect bites and irritated skin.

Blend until the mixture becomes a fine powder with a consistency similar to whole grain flour. If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your physician or health care practitioner. They are very harmful to human beings as they spread many diseases such as a malaria, dengue, elephantiasis, Japanese B Encephalitis etc. The enzymes present in the saliva also start the digestion of the blood before they are sucked up by the mosquito.
The toxic content in the saliva of different mosquitoes varies and the amount of saliva injected also varies according to the mosquitoes and the location of the bite on the body.
So, clean the bite area with alcohol wipes or by rubbing alcohol as soon as the bite occurs.
The anti-bacterial and anti- viral properties of these oils help to prevent the chances of infection as well. You can also apply deodorant over the mosquito bites to get relief from itching.A  This is also useful for other insect bites.
Since there are different types of mosquitoes, the reaction of the body to the bites will be different and you have to find out which one is effective by trial and error. They are battery driven and heat up a small metal plate that you press on the bite for a couple of seconds.
Most of us resort to many methods for saving ourselves from the poisonous sting of mosquitoes.
It will also help prevent secondary infections that can be caused through bacteria entering the body. Of course this could not be a practical solution if the mosquitoes are always on a biting spree.
Place an ice directly on the area of mosquito bite to prevent the action of histamines on your skin.
Baking soda will remove the toxin from the skin surface by neutralising the acidity and prevent allergic outbreaks and infections. For treating many bites, add 2 cups of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water and take bath in this water. When these mosquitoes bite a healthy person, these parasites and viruses are introduced into the blood stream of these healthy people, causing diseases in them. When the body receives this anticoagulant, the immune system starts producing histamines to counter the chemicals present in the saliva.
It is better to opt for some home remedies for mosquito bites to reduce the itching and inflammation and to prevent any infection. The fact that they can bite us at any time of the day and spread a host of diseases makes it very important to do something about them.
But it does help a lot to wash as it can remove all the harmful bacteria that could have been deposited on your body.
Toothpaste, especially peppermint toothpaste helps in relieving the itch and swelling with the cooling effect of peppermint. Working with a horticultural therapist, he learned everything he could about what nature has to offer. Takes a quick explanation that no - you're not planning to press out the cigarette on your skin. If there are too many mosquito bites, just take a fresh bath and ensure that you prevent further mosquito bites. Interacting with personal trainers, yoga instructors, and other fitness professionals he gained a better understanding of the role of fitness.
The salivary gland of the mosquitoes contains many parasites and viruses, which enters our body through the saliva of the mosquito during the bite. A Some people are more allergic to the saliva of mosquitoes and they suffer more from the bites. Prevention is very important especially if you are staying in an area where mosquito borne illnesses are rampant. He now enjoys early morning jogs, cooking healthy meals, and living each day not as if it was his last, but as if it was his first.

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