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Vitamin C, which is also called ascorbate or L-ascorbic acid, is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. The RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin C is almost 90mg for an adult male and 75 mg for an adult female. Vitamin C not only reduces the risk of infection but it also protects the cells from oxidative stress caused by infections.
If you have been complaining of extreme fatigue for the last couple of months or so, chances are that you may be suffering from vitamin C deficiency. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.
Whether wheezing is due to asthma or an infection of the upper respiratory tract, it is a common problem nowadays and rather than relying on expensive medications, it can be cured through herbal remedies. These herbs are able to clear the nasal passageways and enable the person to stop experiencing wheezes and coughs. This herb acts as an expectorant and it also contains properties which enable it to thin the collected mucus in the nasal passage and ease coughing and wheezing that may be resulting from it. The root of this herb is very good for dealing with wheezing and it has been used for centuries as a treatment for coughs and wheezes because it is a demulcent, expectorant and it also boosts the immunity system of the individual. This culinary herb has also been successfully used as a herbal remedy for coughs and wheezing.
Thyme can be inhaled as an infusion along with plantain for quick relief from wheezing.  Thyme can also be added to dishes and salads and it is safe for consumption. Coltsfoot is also called Kuan Dong Hua in Chinese and it has been used as a herbal remedy for cough in Chinese traditional medicine system for years.
It also slows wheezing due to allergies or upper respiratory tract infections and ensures that any constriction in the bronchial tubes is cleared. Feverfew is a herb which has been used to cure many different kinds of problems and ailments such as migraines, headaches, anemia and dyspepsia.
This herb increases energy levels and boosts the immunity system, thereby enabling the body to fend off infections that may be causing wheezing, such as cold and throat infections.  Research has shown that this herb provides relief from wheezing. Other causes like genetic factors,imbalances in hormonal levels and certain infections are also assumed to be the triggering factors of this ailment. These conditions can be extremely annoying as severe cases of dry eyes can even result in burning sensation and itching in the eyes.
Changes in the air pressure in the Eustachian tube during air travel or on high altitudes might temporarily plug the ear tube.
If allergies such as hay fever are responsible for clogging the ear tube, you should take antihistamine medications to unclog the blocked ear tube.
When we swallow, vacuum develops in the nose, which helps to open up the blocked Eustachian tube. Human beings obtain this important water soluble vitamin from dietary sources alone – as humans unlike other mammals and animals are unable to synthesize it. Pregnant women require 85mg of Vitamin C while lactating women require almost 120 mg of Vitamin C. A prolonged deficiency of Vitamin C can cause bluish-black bruises to appear throughout the body. A prolonged deficiency of vitamin C increases an individual’s chance of suffering from numerous gum diseases.Vitamin C deficiency can cause progressive deterioration of the tissues around the mouth.
People who are diagnosed with Vitamin C deficiency are twice as likely to suffer from severe mood swings, as compared to people who consume vitamin C rich diet and don’t suffer from Vitamin C deficiency.Individuals with vitamin C deficiency are prone to suffer from negative emotions like irritability, anger and even sadness. The feeling of tiredness or excessive fatigue due to vitamin C deficiency is often accompanied by other allied symptoms including irritability, weakness and sudden weight loss.Debilitating sensation of weakness or excessive fatigue due to vitamin C deficiency can be treated by eating plenty of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Herbs such as Yerba Santa, Licorice, Thyme, Chamomile, Feverfew and Gingko Biloba are very efficacious remedies for stopping wheezing. Wheezing is a result of exposure to pollutants and infections, but it can be treated quite easily through the use of herbal remedies.
You can soak the leaves of this herb in hot water, strain the liquid and then drink it regularly for relief from wheezing. If the wheezing is due to the problem of infections, Licorice root can offer complete and lasting relief. This is because it opens up the blocked nasal passageways and helps to remove dried phlegm from the body.
Thyme offers relief by healing the irritation in the sore throat and helping to ease the constriction in the lungs or chest which may be causing the wheezing. Besides warding off anxiety and sleeplessness, this herb can also be used for curing wheezing. Tanacetum Parthenium is the botanical name of this herb and it has been used since medieval times as a cure for ague. It is an expectorant and it releases the collection of mucus and phlegm from the throat, chest and nose. Almost 90 per cent of people suffering from this ailment are women. Those suffering from this ailment might experience dry eyes and dry mouth problems for no particular reason. It is quite difficult to diagnose this ailment and hence it is essential to seek medical assistance. It is also important to be aware of all the symptoms of this disease to seek appropriate treatment. This in turn results in limitation in movement of all muscles and bones leading to stiffness. It is very essential to drink plenty of water and moisturize skin with suitable products to overcome this problem. If water remains inside the ear for a prolonged period, it could increase the risk of ear infection.
If sinus blockage causes ear congestion, steam inhalation could unplug the clogged ear by healing nasal sinus blockage. Receding gums are gums that have pulled away from the surface of the tooth and crept away, exposing the root of the tooth. Vitamin C is essential for numerous health functions which includes protecting and maintaining cell health, maintaining healthy connective tissues and facilitating wound healing. Lack of Vitamin C can weaken the tiny blood capillaries which exist just below the skin’s surface.When the blood capillaries become frail, due to Vitamin C deficiency, they start to leach blood into the surrounding tissues.

A prolonged deficiency of Vitamin C can also weaken the immune system of the body.Medical research has also revealed the fact that people who live in developing countries have a higher risk of suffering from various life threatening diseases due to extreme deficiency of vitamin C.
Lack of vitamin C can affect the production of neurotransmitters especially norephrine which is essential for maintaining mood. You should also consult a doctor before trying these herbal remedies, if the condition is too severe. You can then add honey or jaggery to this concoction and drink it as a refreshing herbal tea for easing wheezes.
This herb possesses anti-tussive properties which enable it to eliminate wheezing in a person. This is because Chamomile possesses anti-histamine properties and it can heal persistent cough and wheezing. It is ideal for clearing constrictions in the bronchial tubes and upper respiratory tract which leads to relief from wheezing.
The moisture producing glands in the body are invaded in this condition which results in dryness. The exact cause that triggers this ailment is not known.
Inflammation of other parts of the body like that of the kidney, liver, pancreas, lymph nodes etc. To treat ear congestion caused by water trapped in the ear, you can put two drops of vinegar in the affected ear. There are several different causes for receding gums that can result in sensitivity or even tooth loss.
Vitamin C, which is also a powerful antioxidant, helps to reduce the oxidative stress to the body. Individuals with Vitamin C deficiency may also take a longer time to recover from serious illnesses. Generally, the leaves and flowers of this herb are used to make remedies for wheezing and coughs. It helps to remove blockages in the nasal passage and it also aids in clearing the chest and throat of any congestion.
Some might experience few or all of the symptoms and some might not experience any symptoms at all. The hallmark symptoms of this ailment are dry eyes and dry mouth conditions.
Dry cough is also a very common symptom of this disease. Some instances of this ailment take the form of cancer, but that happens after a prolonged duration of time. After one or two minutes, you will hear the sound of hydrogen peroxide fizzing in your ear. Some believe that the immune system attacks and kills the healthy cells in the body thus making this an autoimmune disorder.
However, dry eyes and mouth necessarily does not have to be the symptoms of Sjogren’s disease. When the fizzing sound stops, turn the head to allow the liquid remaining inside your ear to drain out. Gum recession is usually due to one of the following causes: Gum Disease When you suffer from gum disease, there is an active infection under the surface of your gums between them and your teeth. These bacteria are attacked by antibodies in your bloodstream, which creates inflammation, redness and destruction of the fibers that attach the gums to your teeth.
As gum infections persist, the gums creep farther down the root surface due to destruction of attachment fibers.Abrasive Toothbrushing Using a medium or hard-bristled toothbrush can cause more harm than good. This may be to excess force placed on them during oral hygiene, or it may be due to anatomical forces that encourage the loss of gums and bone around these teeth.Grinding Of The Teeth If you suffer from clenching or tooth grinding, your teeth tend to flex along the neck of the tooth, near the gumlines. Rarely, the frenum may be exceptionally tight or short, causing increased stress on the attached tissue on the tooth. Typically gum recession is a very slow process that may not be noticeable at first, until you begin to see the roots of the teeth. Your dentist measures gum recession in millimeters and even two millimeters of attachment loss is significant.
Here are some typical signs that you may be suffering from receded gumsSensitivity When you have receded gums, a portion of the root is exposed to outside elements.
Even simple toothbrushing along the gumlines can cause an intense pain that feels as if the nerve has been exposed. These pores have nerve endings that extend from inside of the tooth to the outside of the tooth. When gums recede, stimulation can reach the pores and send jolting signals toward the nerve.Exposed Root Surfaces The portion of tooth anatomy that is under enamel is called dentin.
When you see this yellow area next to a defined white crown, you will know that recession has occurred.Redness And Swelling If your gum recession is related to gum disease or periodontitis, there will be some inflammation and swelling associated with the area of gum recession.
When plaque biofilm, tartar and other bacteria thrive near and under the gumlines, the body’s natural response is to destroy the attachment of the gums in the area. This causes infection and receding gums.Teeth That Appear Longer Than Normal When gums recede, the root of the tooth is exposed between the dental crown and the gumlines. As gums recede, this sharp point of gum tissue is lost, as it creeps away with the other supporting gum tissue.
The result is dark spaces between the teeth that were formerly covered with gum tissue.Food Packing As the gums recede and cause spaces between the teeth to be exposed, food easily becomes packed and lodged in these areas. Typically you will find one or more particular spaces that food packs in the majority of the time. Naturally these areas should be covered by gums and prevent food from lodging in the space. When food packs in problem areas it tends to compound and cause a consistent area of irritation and infection when not completely removed. This leads to further gum recession.Association With Gum Disease Food packs between the teeth but especially in the gum pockets that are formed beneath the gumlines against the teeth. If you have gum recession that measures a significant five or six millimeters, it can be very serious because even with an area of no infection there will be an additional two to three millimeters of unattached gums within the pocket.
There is no bone loss or loss of tissue between the teeth.Class II – Gum recession extends toward the border of attached and loose gingiva.
There is no bone loss or loss of tissue between the teeth.Class III – Gum recession extends past the border of attached and loose gingiva.
The root is partially covered.Class IV – Severe gum recession that is associated with gross loss of bone.

You may have mild recession with just one to two millimeters of exposed root surface, but a very deep pocket under the gumlines that is symptomatic of severe periodontitis. However, severe gum recession also means there obviously cannot be enough bone support on that portion of the tooth, meaning tooth stability is at risk. Losing attachment levels around a tooth can ultimately lead to tooth loss, which also affects the adjacent teeth in the area. If recession is due to habits such as abrasive brushing, grinding, clenching or tobacco use, it is important to halt these before even more loss can occur.Receded gums can also be a signal that you are suffering from gum disease. Healthy gums are tightly attached to the teeth near the margin of the dental crown, with no exposed root surfaces.
If inflammation, bleeding, redness or sore gums are associated with your receded gums, it is likely that you are suffering from periodontitis. Most recession is usually noticed when you have already lost two millimeters of attachment around the tooth, leaving a mild amount of root surface exposed. The more severe your gum disease, the quicker you will see the attachment levels being lost. If the cause of your recession is due to grinding or abrasive brushing, the signals may take longer to appear. Any signs of recession during orthodontic treatment should immediately be brought to the attention of your orthodontist.
Neglecting gum health allows periodontitis to occur, which causes gums to detach from the surfaces of teeth. As a result, gum recession occurs and is directly linked with stability of teeth with periodontitis infections.
The best prevention plan is to use a daily oral hygiene program that includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Use 100% pure botanical oral hygiene products that kill the bad bacteria that lead to gum problemsUse A Soft-Bristled Toothbrush Perhaps the number one cause of receded gums is from brushing too hard or brushing with a medium or stiff-bristled toothbrush. Not only do stiff bristles cause gum recession, but they can also abrade – wear down or rub away by friction -the enamel away from the tooth, resulting in sharp wedges taken out of the tooth near the gumlines.
Brush with a soft-bristled brush and only place as much pressure as needed to cause gentle tissue blanching. Anything more forceful is damaging to your gums and can push them away from the teeth.Wear A Guard During Nighttime Grinding If you wake up with sore jaws, or have sharply worn teeth, you may be grinding or clenching your teeth together. Because this action also causes the teeth to flex and break near the margin of the gums, you may suffer gum recession as a side effect. Preventing flexing and wear associated with teeth grinding can reduce the risks of gum recession.Check Your Gums Regularly During your normal oral care time, look in the mirror to see if there are any abnormal gumlines. Your gums should appear fairly even with one another (considering the scalloped pattern along your teeth). If you have one or more teeth that appear longer than the same tooth in the opposite side of the mouth, it may be suffering from recession. Most surgery for receding gums is invasive and uncomfortable, requiring lengthy healing times. In order to surgically treat receding gums, tissue is typically taken from another location and then placed in the area needed in order to repair receding gums.
Gum grafting can be a fairly expensive procedure, averaging several hundred dollars for a single tooth. This flap is then stretched across the area of the gum recession and sewn (sutured) into place.Donor Tissue Grafts Tissue may also be used from a tissue bank. Using donor tissue results in less healing time because there is no need to remove or make incisions to access graft tissue within your own mouth. The donor tissue is sewn (sutured) into place or held in place by an additional protein additive.Frenectomy The small flap of skin that extends from between the middle of your lower front two teeth and the lip is called a frenum. For areas that suffer gum recession due to a tight frenum, simply snipping the frenum can reduce the stress that it placed on the gum margin. There are natural options available that can promote oral health by aiding in the destruction of harmful bacteria and creating an overall healthier environment that promotes gum attachment. Remedies for receding gums truly lie within great oral hygiene practices that are gentle on the gums.
The use of tobacco is harmful to the health of the gums and in most cases prevents the healing process from occurring. In cases of gum recession, smokeless tobacco is especially harmful as it causes direct tissue irritation and can further gum recession into very severe statesLimit Your Sugar And Acidic Foods If you suffer from symptoms of gum disease, eating a diet that consists of processed foods, refined sugars, acidic drinks and alcohol can create an environment that allows bacteria to thrive.
Eating a balanced diet free of sugars and acids is extremely beneficial to tissue health and reducing live disease bacteria in infected areas.
Why limiting sugar intake holds the key to optimal dental health.Reduce Stress Stress is a common cause of teeth grinding and clenching. Consider making choices that help limit stressors and participate in relaxation techniques such as yoga. The use of an appliance during sleep may also help prevent excess strain due to muscle tension. It is important to stop gum recession before it progresses to the point where you need surgical gum grafting. You can encourage gum reattachment in areas of gum disease by reversing the disease and keeping the tissue healthy.Can I repair receding gums naturally? If you have a tooth that is out of alignment (such as due to severe crowding) or in an area where you scrub harder during brushing (this typically happens near the corners of the mouth), then those teeth may be more likely to suffer from receding gums.Could I be making my gum recession worse?
Over time this mobility typically results in loss of the tooth due to its inability to firmly stay in the socket. From his ability to work with those with physiology and chemistry backgrounds he was able to discover formulations which fed the body and skin what it wanted - thereby getting vastly superior results.

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