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Grans Remedy is clinically proven to be the most effective remedy for smelly feet and footwear. When Gran's Remedy is applied to shoes each day for 7-10 days, it's three active ingredients reduce the numbers of these micro-organisms so their activity can no longer cause a smell. There are certain household products which are far more useful than just their primary use. Though it is primarily used in the preparation of food for thickening gravies, puddings or soups, it has some incredible uses outside kitchen too. Surprising And Unique Uses Of Corn Starch Takes Care Of Your Carpet Stains Corn starch can be effectively used to remove greasing and stains from carpets. Remedy For Your Oily Hair At times when you don’t have time to wash your hair, sprinkle some corn starch on your scalp and let it sit for some time. Perfect Remedy For Sweaty Shoes Nothing can be worse than those sweaty and stinking shoes spreading bad odour all around. Soothes Sunburns With corn starch by your side you need not worry about your sun tanned skin.
Insect Bites Treat your insect bitten skin with the same mixture of corn starch and water to get relief from itching. Get Rid Of Grease Stains On Clothes Corn starch can be used to get rid of stubborn greasy stains from fabrics. Clean And Fresh Carpets This time, before vacuuming your carpets, sprinkle corn starch over it, and allow it to stay for some time. Get Sparkling Windows Here is a budget friendly window cleanser you can make out of corn starch.
Homemade Face Paint You can make face paint at home for a clown make-up or a Halloween party. Prevent Your Books From Mildew Save your pages and books that are damaged by dampness and kill mildew smell using corn starch. Clean Your Sticky Playing Cards You can revive your long kept playing cards with the use of corn starch.
Prepare an easy homemade spray starch which you can use before ironing your clothes to get crispy and clean look for your clothes.

Treat Heat Rashes Under Breasts Many women have found relief with itchy rashes under breasts by using corn starch. Natural Remedy For Diaper Rash You can reduce baby’s discomfort caused due to diaper rash using corn starch. Corn Starch As Dry Shampoo It can be an excellent alternative to expensive store bought dry shampoos.
Treat Your Oily Face Treat your oily face with corn starch by dusting a little amount of starch, so that it absorbs excess oil from your face. Remove Excess Furniture Polish Sometimes while polishing wooden furniture, polish residue remains off on the surface when you are done with your work. Boon To Pharmaceutical Industry Starch is used in various preparations in the pharmaceutical industry.
Easy Gripping With Sports Equipments Corn starch comes handy when you want to ease your grip with any sports equipment. Corn Starch Glue You can make a paste or non toxic school glue using corn starch along with baking soda and vinegar.
Substitute For Eggs Corn starch can be used as an excellent substitute for eggs in recipes. Gran's remedy for Smelly Feet and Footwear is a unique blend of powdered chemicals that treats the problem of smelly feet or foot odour, rather than masking it.
Gran's Remedy knocks the organisms back so much that it takes them months to build up enough to start causing an odour again.
Dust some corn starch on the stains, allow it to stay for some time, then clean it with a brush. Prepare a paste by mixing corn starch and water; apply it on the affected area on the skin. Then go ahead with your vacuum cleaning, you will notice that corn starch has absorbed odour and dirt leaving your carpet clean and fresh. Mix detergent and corn starch in 1:1 ratio in a bucket of water, mix well and apply on to the windows. Just mix corn starch and white vegetable shortening (fat made form vegetable oil) in the ration 2:1 to prepare a non-toxic grease paint.

Mix a small amount of corn starch to regular nail paint in a small mixing plate and apply immediately onto your nails. Sprinkle corn starch on the damp pages, so that starch absorbs all the moisture from the pages. Take out the pack of your sticky playing cards, put them in a paper bag and add 2 tablespoons of corn starch to the bag and shake well. Prepare a mixture of corn starch and plaster of Paris in equal quantities and apply the mixture in cracks. Dust some corn starch powder on the stains and allow it to stay overnight, clean it in the morning using a brush.
Sprinkle corn starch on your hair, using palm and finger tips rub it gently into your scalp for some time.
Mixture of soy milk powder, corn starch and water can be used as egg replacer in many preparations.
Corn starch can give you relief, spray some corn starch on your feet as well as inside your shoes. Half a teaspoon of Gran's Remedy sprinkled in the footwear you use each day, for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up, leaves your feet, shoes and socks odour-free for up to six months. Just sprinkle corn starch on the cluster or mass of threads and you can easily straighten out the things. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and put it on the affected area on the skin to give relief. Footwear that you wear intermittently, such as sports shoes, should be treated each time it is worn until the powder is used up. This moisture is food for the micro-organisms that live on our skin, and when these organisms break the sweat down, they release acids that cause an offensive smell.

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