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Mumps is a contagious virus infection which occurs mostly in children and teenagers, though adults can also suffer from this. Illness:  another reason why your baby might be crying is when baby is not feeling well particularly if his crying sounds different from normal. Colic: often called evening colic, this is characterised by a pattern of regular, intense, inconsolable screaming at a particular time each day usually in the evening and at night.
Colic isn’t harmful but you might misdiagnose it, all you can do if your baby has evening colic is to learn to live with it because it won’t last forever. Gripe water is harmless and can also comfort your baby, try and have an evening walk with your baby for fresh air. Once caught up with this infection, a person’s salivary glands swells up, whereby leading to intense pain and making it hard for a person to eat or speak.

Ginger With its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger provides enough help in getting rid from this infection. Brown Rice Water As brown rice is rich in starch, so here in order to heal the mumps, you can consume the rice water.
Potatoes With Pepper Boil the required amount of potatoes as per your consumption and mash them. Boiled Water One of the simplest and effective ways to control mumps is by consuming the boiled water. When everything you do to sooth your baby seems not to work, if you try the simple remedy of feeding and cuddling and it’s still not working, these are some other possible causes. Keep your baby in motion, walking around with him, in a car or in baby’s pram, rubbing baby’s tummy clockwise may also soothe him for a short while, make sure you pat your baby’s back till they burg after every feed, this helps sooth the baby’s tummy.

For its use, one needs to dry the roots of ginger and powder it, so as to make a paste of it later by mixing the ginger powder with water. It could be due to a diaper or wipe that you use for the baby, take baby’s diaper off, clean thoroughly and leave him without a diaper for the rest of the day. Apply this paste over your cheeks, jaw line or affected areas, twice a day, for over a week, and you will find a much required relief to your pain [1]. Now add some turmeric to the gel and rub it over the swollen areas(let it be there for over half an hour before you clean it).

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