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Below I list down some of the home remedies that can be tried in case your pet is suffering from fleas. To keep fleas away from your home wash the floor with lemon solution. Mix two litres of water with lemon juice and wash the floor.
Ok back from vet and about 300$or so I have 2cats and 2 dogs a big big flea problem toxic to our pets is garlic and lemon grass take you pet to vet get RX pill get borax do your hole home sofas carpet bath your pets in white vinger not apple cedar it attracts.
Make a paste by crushing a clove of garlic, apply this to the affected region, and leave it on overnight. Make a thick paste using a teaspoon each of flaxseed powder and flaxseed oil with an equal amount of honey, and apply this on your moles.
Just as with acne and pimples, banana peel makes for a great and cost-effective remedy for moles.
Tea tree oil is versatile, and can help you get rid of pretty much any outgrowths on the skin – including moles, of course. Fruits and vegetables are as effective when applied topically as when they are ingested, and cauliflowers are no exception. Extract the juice from an onion and apply it on the affected regions two or three times a day. We understand dealing with pimple is tough, especially for pubescent teenagers, but a bad acne breakout is a whole lot more difficult.
Honey is used widely for its antibacterial properties and oats is not only a good fiber for digestion when taken as food but removes excess dead skin cells, dirt and blocked pores. This may lead you into thinking – consumption of excess sodium could help in acne production, then why use it as a remedy? Collagen helps maintain skin elasticity and potatoes help in maintaining production of collagen.
Before going off to bed, apply ice on your back, this will provide a soothing sensation and reduce inflammation. Everyone loves straight hair because perfectly straight hair can make any kind of hairstyle look great. The top home remedy on this list, apple cider vinegar is one of the most potent hair-straightening ingredients in the world. Remember that hot water opens up the pores on your scalp and will nullify the effects of any hair conditioner that you apply. Fuller’s earth, aka multanimitti, is a mild cleansing agent that is naturally hair straightening. Applying soybean oil on your scalp is also said to help make it straighter, and is great for permanent hair straightening.
Another great natural hair straightener and hair growth herbal agent, a ? cup of olive oil and a ? cup of dried rosemary leaves heated along with it is all you need to give your hair the texture and density it requires.
Wrapping your hair in a mask of 1 beaten egg and 2 cups of milk is a perfect natural home remedy for straight hair, and even helps cure split ends. One of the best oils for your head, even just a little bit of this miraculous oil is enough to alleviate a variety of hair disorders and even straighten out frizzy hair.
Apart from being a versatile cooking ingredient, Vinegar can also contribute to hair straightening. Although an unlikely combination, coconut milk and lemon juice are ingredients to make a great natural hair straightening formula.
Another wonderful natural straightener, milk and honey can be used for more than just making milkshakes! Another odd mixture, the protein of eggs and goodness of olive oil can really help you improve the condition of your scalp or straighten your hair. There seems to be no end to the benefits of castor oil, whether you consume it or apply it on your head. The combination of an egg white and rice flour, along with a cup of fuller’s earth, makes for an amazing scalp conditioner and natural hair straightener.

For those of you who want straight hair but don’t want to dip your hair in a mix of milk, try a homemade milk hair spray. Apart from being the world’s preferred beverage, beer can also be effective as a natural home remedy to make hair straight.
In case your pet is suffering from flea infection, add few drops of white vinegar in the bathing solution of your dog. In case your pet spends time outdoors, sprinkle some cedar chips at the places, the dog frequents. You will need to keep the mixture overnight and spray the same in the living area of your pet.
Mix a drop of essential oil with aloe vera juice and spray the same in the living area of your pet. They can make your skin look dull and blemished, and can ruin the look of an otherwise healthy, glowing face. After applying petroleum jelly on the areas around the moles for extra protection, apply a drop of iodine on each mole. Apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the affected areas using a cotton ball or swab, and leave it on overnight. Using a cotton ball apply a thick layer of honey on the affected areas, leaving it on for an hour. Follow this several times a day, and you will notice the moles disappearing within a few weeks. Now imagine having this difficulty on your back, causing you discomfort every time you toss and turn on the bed, wear nice and tight clothes and anything that creates a possibility of friction against your back.
It aids in clearing the skin by removing dead cells, an efficient astringent, stimulates elasticity.
Well sea salt when used externally acts efficiently in reducing acne on your back by reducing bacterial build up and drying out excess oil. Scrape out the insides of a tomato and blend it in a blender slightly to get that pulpy consistency, then apply it on your back and leave it for 15 minutes. Orange juice detoxifies body cells, and is a rich source of Vitamin C, which aids removal of scars from the body. Take a cucumber, blend and turn it into a paste and apply on the affected area and leave it undisturbed for 10 minutes.
By restoring your hair’s natural pH levels, apple cider vinegar promotes the growth of hair and can also treat scalp infections. 1 tablespoon of soybean oil and 2 tablespoons of castor oil combined, heated and applied on the scalp, acts a binder for the hair from root to tip.
Massaging it on to your scalp once it’s cooled down will be the best possible method as the hot oil won’t really work well on your sensitive scalp.
The milk and eggs act as rich nourishing agents for your hair, repairing any damage that has been done over time. You can also add a couple of drops of almond oil to your regular conditioner if you want to make it a little greasy. Routine washing of hair with water mixed with a few cups of vinegar will smoothen out the creases in your hair, making it smooth and silky. If mixed in the right proportions, you can use the lemon juice and coconut milk formula as a creamy conditioner that will help straighten frizzy or unruly hair. With a cup of milk and 2 spoons of honey, you can get a potent hair mask that will leave your hair smelling great and soft to the touch. 2 beaten eggs and some olive oil make for a nice hair massage mix that you should gently massage into your scalp. A couple of beaten eggs applied to your scalp will allow you to get fuller and hopefully straighter hair. Plain banana mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey, natural yogurt and olive oil is a great natural hair straightener.

Applying heated aloe Vera gel directly on to your scalp will work as a mask and a conditioner, making it soft and straight. All you have to do is pour some milk into a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair after you’re done shampooing it. It is rich in a variety of proteins and vitamins that work as a cleansing and shine agent, and can also help straighten hair. However, a range of home remedies are available that can help your pet get relief from fleas.
Your dog will love it and the flea infection will diminish with regular use of this method. This is a problem faced by people of all ages all over the world, but is usually not difficult to get rid of. The enzymes from the sour apple will also lighten or completely remove skin pigmentation, evening out your complexion in the process.
Dry the orange peels and grind to get a fine powdery mix and apply after mixing with water.
And while some have it worse than others, almost everyone wishes they had perfectly straight hair, with most resorting to the use of harmful chemical treatments and synthetic products.
This will not only seal the pores, enabling the hair follicles to retain the conditioner effects for longer, but also helps straighten hair over time. You can wash off with a mild shampoo and then wrap it up with a warm towel and leave it to dry out naturally.
Keeping this mix on for more than 1 hour will condition and straighten your hair naturally. After you’ve massaged you hair with the oil, you should wrap it up with a towel dipped and soaked in lukewarm water.
All the ingredients that go into this mask will give your hair a healthy shine and can also help straighten frizzy hair. This will keep your pet hale and hearty and will prevent fleas from infecting its living space. Daily bath with a mixture of essential oils will bring much needed relief to your dog and it will rarely suffer from flea infection. Remove moles on the face with ease, at home, using the home remedies listed here – there are several to choose from, and you can treat them in almost no time. Just like any breakout resulting from Acne vulgaris, this can be the cause of your irritation for a long time if left untreated.
Wash your back very gently with the cleanser and then wash it off and gently pat it dry (do not use a loofah).
Cook the plain oatmeal in normal water, add honey to it and stir well once you have finished cooking, let the mixture sit for some time and then apply it on your back.
And while most of these methods would offer salon like straight and glossy hair, they are only a temporary solution.
Just remember that this mix will require at least two hours to set, and will have to be rinsed off with a soft shampoo. Before doing this, however, you must make sure that the honey is organic and contains no artificial additives. Take a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice and apply on the affected area and let it sit for a few hours and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this every single day for at least a week, it’ll help you reduce the dark spots on back very fast.

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