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Luckily, there are plenty of natural home remedies which, if used properly and consistently, can cure gum disease quite effectively. Baking soda is used as one of the most common ingredients in tooth powders and toothpastes. Massaging with crushed rosemary leaves boosts blood circulation in your gums and also accelerates the healing process. After your daily brushing, you are also advised to massage your gums gently with your finger. Garlic can be very effective not only in soothing gum pain but also in treating gingivitis. Now this could be really difficult for some of you to skip or avoid your favorite food item.
Rosemary is a good herb for gum diseases as it helps in increasing blood circulation to your gums. You need to follow a healthy diet and proper mouth cleaning routine to avoid getting gum diseases.
There are several reasons for causing pyorrhea like lack of proper hygiene, nutritional deficiency, smoking & chewing tobacco and pan, due to injury, allergies, stress, improper dietary habits, chronic disease like diabetes, various infections, some medications, alcohol along with various other reasons. Pyorrhea can be treated with various medications but with proper oral hygiene you can prevent pyorrhea.
Clove is one of the most common herbal remedy that can be used for various oral problems effectively. Most cases of gum diseases usually start with the occurrence of plaque, a bacterial sticky substance that forms on the surface of the teeth. When the saliva comes in contact with certain ingredients in the foods consumed by the concerned individual. Usually a condition that attacks the gums and the bones surrounding the teeth, periodontal disease can become a major concern with time.
Although periodontal disease would need to be treated as soon as possible, there are certain home remedies that can offer relief from the symptoms of the condition and curb its effects until the concerned individual is able to get proper medical help. The symptoms and effects of periodontal disease can be effectively thwarted by making some necessary inclusions to the daily diet.
Drinking raw cranberry juice (without sugar) everyday can help remove the bacteria present in the plaque deposits and prevent recurrences as well. Many individuals fail to brush their teeth properly and this tends to be a major cause for all kinds of dental problems. The proper brushing mechanism involves brushing back and forth rapidly right at the gumline where the tartar deposits are located.
Homemade toothpastes can effectively help remove plaque deposits from the teeth and take care of other dental issues that could lead to periodontal disease. Tea Tree Oil contains potent antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help to get rid of the plaque causing bacteria and reduce related infections to a great extent.
Mixing some turmeric powder with water to form a paste and brushing with it twice a day can provide immense relief from periodontal disease and prevent recurrences.
Individuals with periodontal disease would need to floss regularly in order to control the condition and its symptoms. Opting for a regular mouth rinse can get rid of excess bacteria from the mouth and provide freshness for extended periods. Salt Water Rinses which are made by mixing a tablespoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Diluted Hydrogen Peroxide Rinses which are made by mixing Hydrogen Peroxide and water in the ration 1:2. Massaging the gums regularly (on a daily basis in fact) can help remove bacteria from the abscesses and promote quick healing of the infected gums by increasing the blood circulation to the affected areas. Placing a used tea bag (steeped and cooled) on the infected gum for about 10 minutes at regular intervals throughout the day can help reduce pain and inflammation to a great extent. Honey contains potent anti-bacterial properties that help get rid of the bacteria causing the infection in the gums. Applying some aloe vera gel over the infected gums can help soothe the inflammation and promote quick healing. Applying a paste of lemon juice (which contains anti-inflammatory properties) and salt over the infected gums can effectively fight off periodontal disease by getting rid of the underlying infection. In addition to all these home remedies, there are a few lifestyle changes that if adopted, can increase an individual’s chances of fighting off the condition effectively in addition to preventing recurrences.
The problem of gum disease can be cured with the use of Indian pennywort.You can rub a mixture created with the use of dried Indian pennywort powder and water on the affected area to obtain relief from gum disease. Your search for canker sores in mouth means you are probably suffering some painful days with these nasty infections. These unpleasant infections never seem to go away and can make eating and drinking almost impossible. I have had my canker sores in mouth grow to quite a large size in the past but thankfully I am now free from these problems. Some people get canker sores on their tongue and lips, but I used to get them on my gums where they would rub against my lips and give me short jabs of pain – especially when eating. However there is a completely natural treatment for canker sores that knocks them dead really quickly.
This home remedy is mostly used to stop and prevent gum disease, but it is highly effective in clearing up and preventing canker sores in mouth as well. However – it is generally believed by the medical community that canker sores in mouth are the result of stress.
The medical explanation is that the stress in some way affects the immune system and this stops your body fighting back against these oral infections. It is easy to damage the delicate tissue in your mouth and any slight cut or abrasion (perhaps with a toothbrush or when eating food with a rough texture) allows in the harmful bacteria that lives in all human mouths. As your immune system is temporarily, or even permanently unable to fight against the infection – a painful canker sore takes hold which can be very hard to shake off. And as I hargly need to tell you – these mouth ulcers can make you feel quite miserable. Whether you have canker sores on tongue, canker sores on lips or canker sores on gums – the best treatment I found works for all places in the mouth.
When I was suffering from these mouth ulcers I was also trying to get rid of bad breath and gum disease and the product I used to cure my gum disease also fixed the ulcers. This product is called Dental Pro 7 and it is made by a small specialist oral care manufacturer who ships same-day by airmail all over the world.. Dental Pro 7 is made entirely from a natural blend of pure essential oils that have been scientifically formulated to destroy the 22 different bacteria in your mouth.
To quickly get rid of your canker sores I would strongly recommend using Dental Pro 7 to replace your regular toothpaste and mouthwash which contain chemicals and alcohol that will continue to irritate tender places in your mouth. I found that by destroying and controlling the bad bacteria in my mouth, the canker sores rapidly healed. By continuing to use Dental Pro 7 as my only oral care product I have kept myself free from canker sores since 2008.

This powerful product also ended my gum disease, which had been a problem (and an increasing problem) for several years.
Dental Pro 7 is brilliant stuff and actually helps to reduce dental costs over time by helping to prevent plaque which you pay to have removed by the dental hygienist.
Before buying this product I wanted some proof that this was going to make a significant difference. In this respect, I was impressed by the customer letters on the Dental Pro 7 website which all seemed to be extremely positive. I can assure you that your canker sores will disappear fast when using Dental Pro 7, but you might also want to take a look at your diet and consider taking supplements to boost your immune system. There are many competing products on the market that will help to boost yourr immune system and this is an additional area you may want to explore.
By addressing your nutritional needs you may help clear up the underlying issues that make you vulnerable to getting mouth ulcers.
This is especially important where the canker sores in mouth are occuring over and over again. As you will see, Dental Pro 7 not only clears up mouth ulcers in a matter of a day or two – it also stops and prevents all forms of gum disease without the need for expensive and painful dental procedures.
By ordering your supply of Dental Pro 7 you are getting the best specialist product that was designed to heal and reverse all types of gum damage.
In my experience – not many healthcare products have the confidence in their capability to give you that sort of solid guarantee.
Tags: canker sore home remedy, canker sore in mouth, canker sores home remedies, canker sores home remedy, home remedy canker sore, home remedy canker sores, remedy for canker sores. Gum pain is basically due to swollen and bleeding gums, which are the signs of gum disease.
Gum pain leads to bleeding of gums, sometimes small spaces occur between teeth and gums and as a result the teeth becomes loose and tooth loss occurs, due to the destruction of the tissue around your teeth by the bacteria which grows inside the mouth and causes the gum disease. Eucalyptus oil is very strong, so you should first dilute it with some water, mix it well and then massage it on your gums for 10-15 minutes using cotton balls.Do it every day and then wash it off. Take some salt, ginger and a little water, mix and apply well on your gums and rub gently every day. Are you prone to regular bleeding from gums or only sometimes when you brush your teeth then you might be facing the problem of a gum disease. In case, this plaque is not removed within time then it starts to harden up and take the shape of a tartar. This will ultimately lead to increase amount of gum bleeding. Though bleeding gums do not always indicate a serious disease but neglecting it can lead to turning it into a more serious form of periodontal diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. Other common causes of bleeding gums include deficiency of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin K in your food intake habits. Many pregnant women also can face the problem of blood emerging out of gums due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.
Though various medications are available against bleeding gums you can always try a hand on some of the commonly tried natural remedies can help you in subsiding the problem of bleeding gums. One of the most effectual routine for getting rid of bleeding gum problem can be adopted by rubbing a paste on the gums which is formed by mixing oak herbal powder with peppermint leaves powder, clove powder and myrrh herbal powder with some water.
For the second cure you can follow an age old technique of massaging the gums with the help of clove oil.
Incorporation of Vitamin C enriched fruits like Indian gooseberry, orange and other citrus fruits can also prove beneficial in this regard. For the fourth remedy people sometimes add a few drops of tee tree oil in their regular toothpaste and brush along with it. The fifth cure calls for gargling using a potion made from triphala and lukewarm water. Even regular intake of cranberry juice has proved to be useful in fighting the gum problems. The sixth remedy involves using bamboo tabashir which consists of an active ingredient silica which is known for preventing dental cavity formation along with subsiding many gum problems. You can also massage your gums with a mixture of sage oil, salt and peppermint.
It is important to maintain good dental hygiene habits, which can help in preventing many gum and teeth problems. If you have pain in gums along with toothache, you should apply little clove oil on the teeth and gums. Gingivitis is the most common form of this disease, which refers to bleeding and swollen gums. Apply a dab of pure aloe vera to your gums with your fingers, preferably at night right before you go to sleep. But, you are advised not to use it more than twice a week because overuse can irritate sensitive gums. Just make sure that the rosemary leaves you are using are fresh ones. You can grow it at your home on your windowsills or alternatively can buy it from the produce department of your local grocery store.
While you are rinsing your mouth with it, you should swish each mouthful between and around your teeth properly. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Many think that it is enough to brush it once in a day but you need to understand that gong by the changing life styles and food habits daily brushing only once may not be sufficient. Apart from brushing you need to floss and clean your tongue as your tongue is often the hot bed for micro organisms to breed.
The symptoms related to pyorrhea are bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth pain, puss discharge, swelling, loose teeth and many others. There are various herbal remedies that can be very effective in pyorrhea, you can find these herbal medicines easily in your local market. Cloves have various medicinal properties to be used in different health related problems mainly oral & teeth problems. Basil is also effective in oral tooth problems like pyorrhea, gingivitis, tooth decay and many other oral infections. Barberry has antibacterial, anti fungal, antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to counter various infections. With time, the plaque would harden and become potential breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, giving rise to a series of other dental issues, including periodontal disease.
If left untreated, it can cause inflammation of the gums, jaw bone deterioration, immune system deficiency, diabetes, pregnancy related disorders (in women), stroke and heart disease etc. Some of the necessary inclusions (or) increments include foods like oranges, lemons, mango, grapes and other citrus fruits that contain Vitamin C (which contains antioxidants that aid in bone regeneration and the growth of connective tissue) and foods like whole eggs, fish liver oil, cod liver oil and salmon which contain Vitamin D (which contains anti-inflammatory properties that help get rid of gum related infections and diseases). Two glasses of cranberry juice a day is recommended for all kinds of gum diseases, including periodontal disease.
Improper brushing will fail to remove tartar deposits and therefore, fail to protect the teeth against gum diseases (periodontal disease in this case). In addition to cleaning the teeth and getting rid of bacteria effectively, the ingredient can contribute to mouth freshness. When used as toothpaste, turmeric can create an unfavorable environment for the bacteria to grow or survive in. Those who face difficulties with standard flossing techniques (using the thread) can use tooth picks, water-piks or stimudents to clean the areas in between their teeth.

In the absence of standard mouth rinses, an individual can opt for certain homemade rinses that are equally effective in keeping the mouth free of bacteria and other harmful organisms that could cause periodontal disease or aggravate an existing condition.
Rinsing with this solution twice a day, especially after brushing can effectively reduce the inflammation caused by periodontal disease in addition to flushing out the bacteria from the abscesses. Rinsing with this solution at least once every day would effectively eradicate the infection causing bacteria in the mouth and provide relief from the symptoms of periodontal disease.
A small amount of aloe vera gel would do although it should be 100% natural for best results. The paste may sting a bit at first and can be rinsed out with cold water after about 10 minutes. These include stress reduction, proper diabetes control and restricted smoking, factors which if not controlled, can directly contribute to periodontal disease in individuals. Gum disease is caused by factors such as bacterial growth in the mouth, bad oral hygiene, hormonal changes, diabetes, smoking, tobacco consumption and so on. You can prepare a solution by mixing pomegranate juice with water and rinse mouth with this solution 3 to 4 times in a day to treat gum bleeding and plaque resulting from gum disease.Pomegranate peel oil can be directly applied on the gums with the help of a cotton ball on a frequent basis to obtain effective results.
A mouthwash created by mixing myrrh in water can be used for rinsing mouth 2 to 3 times in a day to cure various symptoms associated with gum disease.You can also prepare a paste by mixing dried myrrh powder, kava root powder with white oak bark extract and use this paste for brushing to obtain the desired results. You can rub margosa oil on the affected area with the help of a cotton swab multiple times in a day to treat gum disease.To obtain effective results, margosa twigs or leaves can be chewed on a daily basis. Eucalyptus kills the germs in the mouth and thus prevents any decay of tooth, gum disease which leads to receding gum along with gum pain. The reasons for the occurrence of bleeding gums can be numerous but the most common of them is the insufficiency at your part to remove the plaque  from the teeth along the gum line. Even brushing too hard or choosing a brush with hard bristles for gums which are sensitive can aggravate the problem.
The tee tree oil has been proved for its advantageous properties to fight against gum problems. You can dip cotton in clove oil and then use it.Clove oil is especially useful for pain that occurs after tooth extraction.
Brush the teeth and apply honey on the gums.Honey kills the bacteria that cause gum infection. This way, the healing process will continue throughout the night and will get you faster results. There are many ways to treat gum diseases and if you carefully follow these you will not suffer from this problem anymore. You eat different types of food items and brushing once may not help to remove the stuck food particles always.
Food items such as dairy products, meat, chocolates and sweets, sugar candy needs to be avoided. Echinacea contains antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in many problems along with pyorrhea.For using Echinacea in pyorrhea make tea with the leaves of Echinacea and drink it 1-2 times a day. Clove contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and ant allergic properties along with many other medicinal qualities.Using cloves in pyorrhea is very simple you can either eat 1-2 raw cloves or use clove oil. Basil contains various medicinal properties like antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and some others.
Barberry contains berberine that is very effective in various infections.Barberry can be used in many forms like juice, barberry extracts and as mouthwash.
Ginger is also very useful in oral infections like pyorrhea, gingivitis and gums related problems. If manual brushing fails to yield positive results, it is considered wise to get an electric brush (preferably a ‘sonic’ one with soft bristles) that would effectively remove plaque deposits from the teeth, thereby treating periodontal disease effectively. Applying some baking powder onto a damp toothbrush and brushing the teeth with it twice a day can provide fruitful results quickly. Applying some honey over the infected gums after brushing can have beneficial effects for individuals suffering from periodontal disease. A mixture of dried pomegranate flower powder and lemon juice can also be used as a toothpaste to treat gum disease. Rinsing mouth with a solution created by boiling fresh margosa leaves in water 3 to 4 times in a day can also provide relief from gum disease. Clove oil can also be directly applied on the gums to cure various symptoms associated with gum disease. Use aloe vera gel (fresh) taken from the aloe plant and apply this with your fingers or with some cotton balls directly to your gum 3-4 times every day.It will keep the gums strong and thus prevent any gum pain. The following home remedies for gum pain have been found to be very useful in treating the condition. Brush the teeth with baking soda paste.It helps in curing gum problems as the baking soda helps in neutralizing mouth acids. For using clove oil dip your index finger or cotton into it and massage slowly around the gums and teeth.
You can easily find basil around your area, many people plants it in their homes too for using in food preparations.Basil is very useful in treatment of pyorrhea, and can be used in many forms.
You can also use barberry by making tea from barberry extracts with adding little lime juice. The various medicinal qualities of ginger make it capable of treating infections, inflammations and many other problems. Rinsing mouth with a solution of clove oil and warm water can also provide the desired results. Try to do this 3 times every day as it will help you to get rid of any gum infection and thus prevent any gum pain. If the gum pain is not treated in time, it can cause many dental problems, which can become serious and cause danger to health. It flushes away harmful bacteria, speeds up the healing process and stimulates blood circulation in your gums.
It has antibacterial, ant allergic, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.For using ginger against pyorrhea you can drink ginger tea 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days.
Take aloe vera gel (? teaspoon) in a cup of water and wash your mouth properly with this solution every day after having meals.
You can also apply clove oil on your gums to get rid of pain.You can use cotton balls or use a soft dental pick, dip it into the clove oil and then apply it gently and massage the gums.
You can also apply chamomile tea bags directly to your gums and drink at least 2-3 cups of tea every day. You can also use basil leaves by adding them in tea or with lemon or applying basil oil directly over your gums.
People who take tobacco should quit the habit as tobacco delays healing and reduces the chance to fight gum infection.

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