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Home Remedy For A Urinary Tract Infection - Cranberries and cranberry juice have a long-lasting reputation to cure and prevent urinary tract infections. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Juniper contains terpinen-4-ol which appears to increase glomerular filtration rate in the kidney. Plantain (Broadleaf Plantain, Lanceleaf Plantain, Ribwort, Plantago lanceolata, Plantago major) is used primarily for the anti-inflammatory action relieving spasm and discomfort. Urinary Tract Infection, generally termed as UTI, can develop in the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder or urethra regions of a person. Herbal remedies are the safest and easiest means to deal urinary tract infection as they help in treating the infection as well as relieving the pain. Horseradish has been very helpful in treating many people who have been suffering from mild or severe urinary tract infections.
The detoxifying and diuretic properties of Dandelion root increase the amount of urine excreted from the body and flush out the harmful bacteria causing UTI. However, it is important to note that this herb can interact with the effectiveness of other medications. This herb is also extremely beneficial in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections. Golden seal is available as tea, tinctures and other supplements that can be used in the treatment of such urinary tract infections. Cranberry juice works by inhibiting bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary bladder and urethra. Cranberry can be taken as juice or extract, but in the case of recurring infections, it is recommended to drink the unsweetened cranberry juice everyday. This herb soothes your urinary system, especially those linings of the urinary tract that are prone to bacterial infections. Sage, also called as Salvia spp, is an aromatic herb used in cooking as well as medicines throughout the world.
Studies show that Sage is very effective in treating the most common infections of the urinary tract.
Cleavers is a diuretic herb that contains chlorophyll, citric acid, rubichloric acid and tannins.
Cleavers, in the form of tea is extremely helpful for those who are suffering from urinary tract infections. Saw Palmetto regulates the production and expulsion of urine, thereby clearing out the urinary tract.
It is also effective in treating other urinary conditions like bed-wetting, urinary incontinence, inability to pass urine and frequent urination. For proper dosage of this herb, check with your physician. Nettle is another herb that is extensively used in the treatment of various kinds of urinary disorders.
When your immune system is strong, your body is better equipped to fight any kind of infections. Echinacea is available as supplements in pills, juices or as teas. UTI is urinary tract infection and as the name suggests the condition affects the urinary tract of humans. If the infection is left untreated it disappears in some time but keeps coming back because the infection causing bacteria never go away completely.
Pessaries prepared using garlic are inserted into the vagina to eliminate the bacteria that result in the infection. Citrus fruits like orange and lemon are rich sources of vitamin C.This vitamin is very important for keeping the bladder healthy as it eliminates the infection causing bacteria from the system.
5000mg of vitamin C is the recommended daily dosage for people who frequently suffer from urinary tract infection. Along with these remedies it is also important that you take good care of your diet.
Vitamin D overdose, also called hypervitaminosis D, is a rare disorder but can have serious side effects on the body.
Like most other vitamins, vitamin D is stored in the fat cells and is not excreted from the body. Vitamin D toxicity (hypercalcemia) can lead to more serious concerns like it can raise the level of calcium in your blood and soft tissues like heart, lungs and kidneys.
The calcium can get deposited in the bones as well as in the lining of the blood vessels, where it isn’t found otherwise and increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Due to calcification of soft tissues, vitamin D overdose can lead to stone formation in the kidney, which can lead to serious consequences if not treated timely. High level of vitamin D can cause vomiting, muscle weakness, fatigue, nervousness, constipation and dehydration. Probiotics could help to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Researchers believe that regular intake of probiotics could reduce the risk of bladder cancer.
The biggest problem people have with bodybuilding supplements, whether it be trying to gain lean muscle or lose body fat, this that they see these supplements as miracle powders. Soy, salt, yeast, milk & egg products, sugar, artificial flavors or colors, or preservatives.
I started taking this product about three weeks ago and have been taking it everyday but I can’t say if it is working or not. Disclosure Notice: I received this product for free in exchange for my personal and honest review.

It may be tempting to try many different home remedies for urinary tract infection, such as this one, since the pain can be almost unbearable. In addition, most brands of cranberry juice contain massive amounts of sugar, which can cause other health issues. My advice is to stick to water only, as it's neutral in pH and will help flush the bacteria out of your system. Some have been studied and found to be effective as single agents while others are recommended as teas in combination with other herbs.
In vitro microbiologic studies showed significant bacterial inhibition to both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. The soothing action for UTIs is best explained by the herba€™s ability to tighten the inflamed epithelial tissues with tannins and purge the urinary tract of toxins by diuresis. Studies show definite improvement in prostate heath by men and are a€?likely effectivea€? in treating lower urinary tract infections. UTI is a recurring problem and can lead to serious kidney disorders when not treated properly on time. It has very powerful anti-bacterial action that kills any bacteria that could be present in the urinary tract. This property makes it exceptionally beneficial in treating urinary tract infections.
For medicinal uses, Horseradish extract is generally used in the form of an essential oil. In order to get relief from UTI, couple of drops of Horseradish essential oil should be diluted in a drink and consumed on a regular basis. It is a good detoxifier that has diuretic properties and is often used in the treatment of kidney disease as well as water retention problem.
The root of this herb can be put to use in the treatment of a wide range of urinary disorders.
For preparing tea, the root of Golden seal can be brewed in some boiling water and can be consumed by the affected people regularly, until the symptoms disappear. Buchu is a diuretic and antiseptic herb that also destroys the harmful bacteria triggering urinary tract infections. It can also be taken as a tea, by using about 5 gr of it, steeped in hot water, up to four times daily. Uva Ursi contains a compound called arbutin that converts to hydroquinone and kills bacteria.
For treating UTI, the best dose would be 100 mg to 250 mg capsules or tablets, three times a day.
It works by destroying any harmful bacteria or fungi present in the urinary tract and helps the person to recover quickly. You can prepare the tea by boiling some marshmallow root in water and allowing it to brew for about 10-15 minutes.
The active ingredients of this herb include flavonoids, carnosol, rosmarinic acid and essential oil. It also relieves you from pain, inflammation and fever that are generally associated with UTI. For an effective dosage of Sage, it is better to consult a doctor or a herbalist. This herb increases the production of white blood cells in your body and has a very positive effect on the over all immune system of your body. Note that Echinacea can interact with the effectiveness of certain medicines, so it is important to check with your doctor before using this herb. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Urinary tract infection can occur in men, women and children though it is more common in women than in men. Some of these treatments have been used since centuries by women for getting rid of the bacteria causing the infection. Yogurt contains live and active cultures of healthy bacteria that help fight the infection causing bacteria and eliminate them.
Drink as much water as you can during UTI; at least 10-12 glasses of water are recommended for daily intake.
Do not use the commercially available cranberry juices as they contain sugar and other preservatives that will likely help the bacteria grow in leaps and bounds.
Do the treatment three times during the day.Leave five cloves of garlic inside the vagina during bed time. It has alkaline properties that neutralize the acids in the urine thus reducing the pain and burning sensations felt while urinating during urinary tract infection.Consume baking soda by making a solution of it. Increase your intake of citrus fruits during urinary tract infection. You can also drink fresh orange juice and lime juice for faster treatment of the infection. Wear loose cotton undergarments to avoid UTI. Cotton tends to absorb the moisture from the skin keeping our private parts clean and dry always.
Overdose of vitamin D is usually caused by intake of mega doses of vitamin D supplements, not by sun exposure.Because our body regulates the amount of vitamin D we receive from sun exposure and very less amount of food, even the vitamin D fortified foods contain minimal amount of vitamin D. Overdose of vitamin D is a gradual process and only can reach the toxic level if one’s intake of vitamin D supplements is exceeded above the recommended dose on a consistent basis.
There can cause excessive urine production, particularly at night. The best way to avoid vitamin D overdose is by getting vitamin D from sunlight and dietary sources like eggs, fish and fortified milk, instead of taking too much of Vitamin D supplements.
Studies have shown that it is extremely useful for treating diarrhea developing from rotavirus. Consumption of probiotic rich food could be beneficial for people suffering from ulcerative colitis.
Aspiring bodybuilders purchase the latest and greatest bodybuilding supplement and the assume that one package will transform their physique.

I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Plus many people, myself included, do not like the taste of cranberry juice, even with so much sugar added in.
Juniper berry oil has also been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory actions. The flavonoids present in horsetail exert a spasmolytic action on the smooth muscles to ease bladder wall spasm. Study says that it contains a compound called berberine that prevents bacteria from attaching to the walls of the bladder. The active ingredients of the herb are anthocyanins, vitamin C, quinic, malic, citric and hippuric acids and it possesses antimicrobial action.
All these contribute to the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and carminative properties of Sage, that make it an effective herb to treat UTI.
The diuretic property of the herb helps in the expulsion of infection-causing pathogens along with the urine. In order to get quick relief from UTI symptoms, some people cook the fresh or dried nettle leaves or roots and consume them directly. If you tend to suffer from UTI frequently then you must include one bowl of plain yogurt in your daily diet. During the infection the acidic environment of the bladder and the vagina increases which leads to burning and pain during passing of urine. The bacteria tend to grow into unhealthy numbers when the skin remains wet and sweaty most of the times. The most common symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, muscular pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, excessive thirst and headache etc. These symptoms can even lead to high blood pressure and increase the risk of heart diseases and damage of vital organs. Toxicity can even lead to death due to heart arrhythmia, abnormal blood salt levels and dehydration. Probiotics are microorganisms, resembling the bacteria found in the human guts, which are administered in our body through foods and dietary supplements to improve our gastrointestinal health. Lactobacillus bacteria found in probiotics could speedily cure diarrhea in infants and children. Lactobacilli bacteria present in probiotics increases acidity of the urinary tract make it unsuitable for the infection causing bacteria to survive.
It can also prevent development of pouchitis, which might follow a colon removal or ulcerative colitis surgery.
Sometimes dairy products fortified with probiotics and probiotic supplements are consumed to increase the number of good bacteria in the body. The packaging says that it helps to support urinary tract health and function so that is pretty much what it is doing. I've never had unsweetened cranberry juice, and I can only imagine how bitter it must taste. Most studies report that it decreased recurrences for most participants, but did not completely eliminated them. UTI is caused by bacteria and is the second most common infection after thrush, which is caused by yeast. Successful treatment of UTI is possible and needs to be done in time because severe form of the infection involves passing of blood along with urine. Even then, symptoms of overdose can only occur when a person consistently takes vitamin D supplements for few months. Since ancient times, natural probiotic foods, especially in the form of fermented milk products such as yogurt, are considered beneficial for the health.
Diarrhea developing as side effect of intake of antibiotic medications could be treated with probiotics. Moreover, probiotic arrests overgrowth of bad bacteria by increasing the number of good bacteria in the body.
So it's still important to exercise other prevention methods in conjunction, including but not limited to drinking plenty of fluids and not holding urine.
This treatment must be done 3-4 times for three days to get rid of the infection completely. The sugar present in some of the foods and drinks tends to increase the severity of the infection because the bacteria multiply rapidly when they are fed sugar. I would say that if you wanted to start taking something that would keep you functioning correctly then this would be a good supplement to start taking. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.Educational information not intended as substitute for professional care.
It is important to keep the vagina dry at all times or the bacteria will find it easier to multiply under wet conditions.
At least 5-6 glasses of baking soda water must be had for four days daily to treat the bacterial infection.

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