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A natural way to treat yeast infection, yogurt is perhaps your best choice since you can use it at home and also since it is the easiest thing to avail.
3.You can fill the yogurt into a syringe without any needle and then squeeze it up your vagina for a direct application. No matter which method of insertion you choose to get the yogurt into the vagina, make sure that your yogurt is sugar-free, without any added flavors, and contains live acidophilus cultures.
Apart from all the above methods of inserting yogurt into your vagina, it has been found quite effective to just eat lots and lots of yogurt. It might be difficult for the vegans to use yogurt and they can alternatively use another method. Below is a list of home remedies that should treat most Candida infections away in absolutely no time.
Dona€™t let this burning itch take over your life Find your natural yeast infection treatmentand Smile!
Plain, unsweetened Yogurt as a yeast infection home remedy probably belongs in the yeast infection home remedies hall of fame because it effectively helped so many women all over world for many, many years.
Home remedies for yeast infectionsAcidophilus capsulesYou can also directly use acidophilus capsules for a more concentrated approach.
As chemical and dangerous as it may sound hydrogen peroxide is actually a natural product and produced naturally by bacteria in your vagina.
As you may or may not know garlic is a great natural antibiotic and has some amazing anti fungal properties.
Apple cider vinegar has at least two very effective applications when it comes to yeast infection treatmentBath For one of the most soothing home remedies for yeast infections you draw a hot bath. Besides the fact that honey has great anti bacterial and anti viral properties it also has very helpful good bacteria in it which help to treat a yeast infectionSpread a generous amount of honey over the infected area and let it saturate. Aloe vera is the Empress of natural home remedy land, well one of the crown princesses at least.
Final note Yeast infection or vaginal candidiasis is a serious ailment but can be helped with these home remedies for yeast infections. If you're looking for more information about yeast infections please visit the Mayoclinic yeast infection section. Being the strongest of the muscles present in the human body, it is an inevitable part which any human cannot do without due to the fact that it helps us taste and swallow food and in talking as well. The condition of furry tongue is generally formed when dead cells, food debris and bacterias get trapped between swollen and inflamed papillae present on the surface of the tongue. A great remedy to treat furry tongue is by applying the paste of baking soda mixed with lemon on the tongue and teeth to decrease the white layer on the tongue and helps in reducing bad breath issues apart from whitening the teeth too.
Aloe vera is known for its great benefits in treating oral issues due to the fact that it is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties along with having the property to kill bacterias which causes the furry tongue issue and reduces bad breath as well.
One of the easiest remedies, this can be implemented by rinsing the mouth with coconut oil and spit after it is well spread on the tongue and wash the mouth with water afterwards. An amazing remedy to treat furry tongue, turmeric can do wonders in preventing the bacterial growth on the surface of the tongue due to its anti-bacterial properties.
Another great home remedy to reduce the white tongue condition, neem or azadirachta indica is effective due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. An easily available ingredient in all the kitchens, vegetable glycerin has been seen to have great effects in reducing the white tongue issue. The issue of furry tongue can be treated pretty effectively by brushing the tongue surface with three percent hydrogen peroxide solution (1 part hydrogen peroxide mixed in two parts of water).
This remedy is great if the white tongue issue is caused due to yeast growth in the mouth and is known to be loaded with antifungal, antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. April 26, 2014 by Moin Nex Leave a Comment We don’t recommend hydrogen peroxide though it can cure acne. When applied on skin, oxygen present in hydrogen peroxide reduces bacteria by killing them.
When you apply hydrogen peroxide on acne affected area, the oxygen present in this acid reacts with P.

It also serves to exfoliate dead skin cells which are accumulated over pores clogging them.
In case you got higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide mix water to make it to less than 3%. If you’ve read above paragraphs then you know that it says hydrogen peroxide is a great remedy to treat acne.
But who would want to go for a product which has short term result and long time side effects? Note: Few people may see good results with hydrogen peroxide, but you must remember skin type matters a lot here.
Yogurt naturally contains ‘lactobacillus acidophilus’ which is a bacterium found in any healthy vagina. Next time when you have the infection, you can easily insert them just like you insert your tampon. The logic behind this is that some of the acidophilus will eventually end up in your vagina and help you solve your yeast infection. Look up into the refrigerated section of your local health supermarket or health food store.
The bacteria in there normally can take care of their own business, which is guarding your vaginal health so to speakWhen you use a douche when there is actually no real need for it, it may do more harm than good.
It is undisputed the most effective of all natural yeast infection home remedies, it eases the burning and fights the infectionThis because plain yogurt contains the living bacterial culture lactobacillus acidophilus which is also found in healthy vaginas.
As you may remember we already mentioned the fact that hydrogen peroxide kills yeasta€¦Yesss kill, kill, kill!!! You will need two 300mg capsules (size 00), a total of 600mg per use once a day, for one week. If you drink the juice, if necessary mixed with another natural juice or water, it will fight yeast infections from within, strengthens your immune system and helps to get rid of toxins, all in one!You can also apply aloe vera gel directly as a yeast infection treatment to the affected area, it will give you great yeast infection reliefFinally you can also use it as a douche. Remember though that all women and all cases are different and what works for one woman might not work for another.
A healthy tongue is considered to be pink in coloration and is covered by papillae, which are small nodules present on the surface of the tongue.
The inflammation in the papillae can be due to various factors like fever, dehydration, excessive alcohol intake, dry mouth as well as smoking. To use this, one needs to rinse the tongue with a spoon of aloe vera juice first and then drink one more spoon of the juice post that.
This process help in removing the yeast deposition on the tongue decreasing the white layer and acts as a toxin remover as well.
Apart from this gargling the mouth with lukewarm salt water daily for about 6 times helps to a great extent.
The yogurts good bacterias help in reducing the bacterial and fungal growth in the mouth and helps to get rid of furry tongue pretty fast and effectively. To reap the benefits one just need to scrub the white part of the tongue with a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice and rinsing off the mouth with warm water. In order to use this, one needs to gargle the mouth regularly with water boiled with azadiractha indica leaves.
Brushing the tongue surface with glycerin softly helps in eradicating the white deposition to a great extent. This is due to the fact that hydrogen peroxide is a great antibacterial agent which helps in preventing bacterial growth on the tongue surface which causes the white tongue issue.
Absolutely safe for use orally, this can be used by rinsing the mouth with diluted colloidal silver (equal parts of colloidal silver with equal part water) for about 5 minutes and spitting out, following with another rinse with warm water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. When you use hydrogen peroxide or benzoyl peroxide for longer period they may treat acne but they make your skin dry. It has been found that by producing hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus can naturally kill the yeast and that is why today yogurt is being popularly used to solve yeast infection problems occurring in the vagina.

Though it feels a little cold in there, in time it will do away with the burning sensation caused in your vagina by yeast infection. Yogurt is found to be so effective that today even medical practitioners prescribe it for their patients. Eating yogurt on a long term basis can help you ward off the chances of getting a yeast infection.
It successfully helped in the battle against the fungi and cured that infection and, probably most important, gave them relief from that burning itch!
It not only takes out some of the unwanted visitors but also your guardian friends, the ones that safeguard and clean the place. In short this acidophilus bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide which kills the yeastWhen you use this yeast infection home remedy make sure you use plain, unflavored yogurt with no added sugar. You can of course use garlic in your diet or eat small pieces with some water, this will also help you. Insert them in your vagina, the moisture and heat in there will melt the capsules and release the boric acidTo be on the safe side after the first week you can go on with this treatment two times a week for another three weeks.
When you're done take a shower or a bath to clean it and make sure you dry everything very well afterward. We were made aware that Tea tree oil, even when diluted can cause chemical burns in some people. So don't despair if a home remedy doesn't immediately work for youYou can try another one probably with more success.
However, at times the tongue gets coated in a white layer which is known as a furry tongue condition which results into bad breath and bitterness in the mouth as well. Other reasons include factors like having food high on sugar or acidic levels, having poor oral hygiene and also due to health issues like jaundice, liver congestion among others.Even though this problem of furry tongue is not a major one and gets better with time, but it is best to avoid it from staying on for long by following some simple home remedies which help to get rid of this issue easily and faster.
Along with bacteria it kills skin cells, making it difficult to heal properly and leaving scars.
Even parents of children suffering from yeast infection use this method to avoid using suppositories or strong drugs.
Make sure that the capsule coating is something soft that will melt once inserted inside your body. This creates opportunities for bad bacteria to infect you and cause all kinds of serious problemsA douche is only advisable when the bad bacteria have taken over and cause some kind of infection. You have to come to the rescue with this yeast infection home remedy!!Mix one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water.
This is remedy is surely capable of treating the more persistent and stubborn yeast infectionsFor some women boric acid can bring a bit of discomfort, a slight burning or can cause some serious vaginal discharge. This is obviously the last thing we want to happenTherefore, DO NOT use yeast infection treatments that include Tea tree oil.
Insert it into your vagina and make sure a piece of the cloth stays out so you can pull it out laterYou do this before you go to sleep and leave it there for the night. This very helpful natural remedy for yeast infection will reduce the pain and inflammationComfort TipPut some olive oil on the top of the tampon and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Or freeze yogurt in a tampon-like shape with the help of the fingers from disposable or rubber gloves or a tampon applicator. The olive oil works as a lubricant and keeps the tampon from absorbing the tea tree oilIf you experience a stinging sensation when you apply the tea tree oil tampon try to use a tampon applicator.
Lift off the top of the applicator, apply the olive oil and tea tree oil as described and put the tampon back. Now it feels a lot better when you use itNatural doucheThe second yeast infection home remedy we heard of is using tea tree oil in a douche. Use this as a vaginal douche once a day for at least a weekAgain, after careful consideration we have concluded that Tea tree oil is NOT safe for treating a yeast infection.

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