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Many of the smaller sebaceous cysts you will encounter tend to disappear on their own even without any form of treatment. Diligence is the key to preventing and also aiding in the healing process of these cysts and any further problems can be fixed.
A cyst is a pouch of tissue that usually contains a fluid or semi-liquid material like water or pus. Sebaceous cyst removal is the most effective treatment option for both cosmetic and medical reasons.
Sebaceous Adenitis is an inflammatory disease process – directed against the skin’s sebaceous glands, resulting in their destruction.
Conventional treatment for SA involves the use of steroids but vizsla owners are reporting great successs with a less invasive approach.
Tucker is my 6 year old male Vizsla that I purchased from a reputable and well respected Vizsla breeder in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. With his food, we gave him an entire can of Tuna in Oil every day, and on Sundays we would also give him a full can of Sardines in Oil. The Sebaceous Adenitis condition is apparently rare, but it is something to be aware of.  If you have a Vizsla and are seeing signs of hair loss, do not ignore it. This article details the unfortunate experience I had of a sebaceous cyst on my back becoming infected while I was travelling through Europe on vacation. A sebaceous cyst is not such a scary thing, It’s basically like a giant blackhead under the skins surface.
Fast forward 2 years to my trip to Europe and the cyst had grown slightly bigger over this period of time. Within a day or two of arriving my back had turned into a volcano, and I was in a world of pain! In my particular situation it was quite difficult to get medical treatment for my cyst, I had just arrived in Romania and it was a few days before Christmas.
The home treatment involved placing a hot water bottle on my back regularly throughout the day for approximately 15 minutes per session.
Below is a macro-shot of some of the semi-hard white lumps that came out of the swollen lump on my back.
From beginning to end the cyst took some 3 weeks to fully clear up, this is counting the days in the beginning when it became painful, right through to the final pieces of the cyst coming out and the inflammation going down to an acceptable level.
As an afterthought I should mention that panadol or ibuprofen are good to have on hand, and certainly helped to ease the pain when I needed to sleep. I hope this is helpful to anyone who finds themselves, or a friend, in similar circumstances. No, it was a sebaceous cyst, because my doctor examined it before I went traveling and confirmed what it was.
You are more than right I am a Dr myself and I am having one just right now ( not that big like yours but still large) I am treating it with Ichtamol unguentum it is drainind > Now it is flat, but I still feel fluctuation inside and I will continue the treatment > I am also having Bactrim ( Ichtamol is really magic( !!
Still, having never heard of a sebaceous cyst, we thought it was a zit and so kept on evacuating it and treating with Bacitracin and band-aids.
It oozed junk for a few weeks, and I too made a full recovery, smooth back, and not even a scar….
Thank you for posting this I to have a cyst on my back and It recently became infected .I also was on vaca and it became sore you are right the drawing cream if a wonder drug it is completely gross but thank goodness is going down I fill better knowing another also uses home healing as well as my self thanks for the great infoe!
Hoping this will inspire some of you to keep on persevering with the removal of those cysts.
Hi, I also have two sebaceous cysts on my head, had them for around five or so years, started off pea sized, but the one on the front of my head became inflamed and infected virtually overnight around a week ago, the pressure headaches and pain surrounding these cysts became almost unbearable. Dora, I know what you mean as soon as i hit puberty i started getting in my genital area, armpits, bra line and they are horrible.
These cysts often come about due to the blocking of the sebaceous gland by a protein called keratin, which occurs naturally in the body. It is always beneficial to keep the skin clean at all times, but this is particularly important when dealing with sebaceous cysts.
A total excision is an invasive procedure, but removes the entire cyst and eliminates its return. He kindly acknowledges the help and support given to him by Heather Black and Joanne Woodhall – both of whom have generously shared information gleaned from the experience of successfully treating their own vizslas.
His behavior did not change, but he did begin to lick himself a lot, and rub his head against the carpet.

He had lost almost all his hair on his head, was patchy on his body and his back was looking horrible. We are always happy to put people in touch and also strongly advise joining a forum called CIMDA – Canine Immune Mediated Disease Awareness. Mine took the form of a small, reasonably solid lump on my back, although it had grown somewhat since I first discovered it a few years ago. I was in my last week exploring the Island of Crete in Greece when the lump started to get a little sore and painful.
I didn’t speak the language, and although I had a friend with me who could translate I was still plagued by visions of a foreign doctor pulling out his scalpel and advancing mercilessly towards my back muttering things I could not understand while I pleaded with him not to cut me.
Some days I would do this 5 or 6 times and other days once or twice, depending on my energy levels. This stuff really is magic, my back had become so swollen and painful I could barely move, and I really wanted whatever was inside the lump to come out – I applied the ichthammol cream and within 15 minutes the cyst started to drain, at first a clear liquid which was followed by many semi-hard white lumps which were the contents of the cyst.
It does not include healing time as I still have a wound on my back that needs to heal at the time of this writing. Im 9 weeks post op from a cyst being removed from the back of my right knee joint, I have had seciondry infection(haven been given NO cleaning advice from the surgeon) and have the exact same lump again filled with sebum because my surgeon didnt fully remove the cyst! Right now I am going through the same stage of a horrible swollen and ripe cyst on the back. I had lumps of stuff coming out when some pressure was applied, and I felt much, much better afterwards. I’m 20, and I have cysts under my breasts, between my breasts, my armpits (the most painful I might add), and the back of my neck. If you have reoccurring issues with cysts in these areas it may (or may not) be a sign of worse issues down the road.
Thankfully there are a number of different sebaceous cyst home treatment methods that can help analyze the situation also provide methods of coping and healing. Your first course of action should be to apply a warm compress directly on the affected area. For this purpose, you may opt to use an antibacterial soap as part of your everyday skin care regimen.
This oil has known antiseptic properties, and it can help drain the cyst, and therefore hasten the healing process. These glands are generally located at the base of hair follicles and produce the sebum oil that coats your hair and skin. A minimal excision removes the cyst wall and its contents, requiring a smaller incision and minimizes the risk of scarring. With care and great patience this is a disease which can respond very well to topical treatments. After outgrowing the typical Vizsla period of 4 years of craziness, hes turned into a perfect gentleman of a dog and is a pleasure to be around. At first, we thought it was an allergy to his food, so we immediately changed to a different brand. When I first found it I was obviously concerned, however a visit to my doctor relieved me somewhat, I was informed that the chances of the lump being something other than a benign sebaceous cyst were 1 in a million, and that the cyst itself just contained a natural, fatty oily substance called keratin, trapped below the surface of the skin. A friend whom I was travelling with had an apartment in Bucharest, Romania, and feeling a bit poorly and sorry for myself I decided to head there a little ahead of schedule in case things got worse, and I’m glad I did! With this image in mind I decided to go for the self-treatment option and ride it out as best I could. Unfortunately the process of extracting all of the contents of the cyst took some 10 days with the cyst flaring up and then receding numerous times. No surgery was needed, and from what I can see currently there is no sign of scarring, which would have been inevitable under the knife.
I have now noticed the one on the back of my head has started to increase in size and is causing quite a lot of pain. In most cases, sebaceous cysts contain an odorous pasty substance, and they may occur anywhere in the body with the exception of the soles of the feet and the palms. Alternately, you may also use a heating pad, and like the warm compress, apply it to the affected area for several minutes.
During this period, I stumbled upon a website with pictures of Maddy, a Vizsla with similar symptoms. My doctor said she could remove it easily, a shot of anaesthetic, a quick slice of the scalpel and she’d have it out in 5 minutes.

It should be noted I was prepared to go to the doctor if things got any worse than they were, if I developed a fever, or if the infection appeared to spread beyond the localised area. This may be unusual and I would be interested to hear in the comments what other people who have suffered this have to say.
The inflammation has receded to the point I can lie on my back, and there is barely any pain or discomfort. If even one molecule remains the cyst will return which is what usually happens will self treatment. I also have a cyst that has popped and has left a hole and I need suggestions and advice on how to heal it.
The heat from the warm compress or heating pad will serve to soften the hardened sebum content of the cyst, causing it to be more readily absorbed by the body. Whilst not a home treatment, surgical excision of the sebaceous cyst is a relatively simple procedure that completely removes the sac, though it is only recommended if completely necessary. Infected or inflamed cysts may require other treatments, such as steroid injections or drainage, before it can be removed. Every January we take him to the vet to get his annual vaccinations and hes had a broken nail once or twice but other than that, a healthy, fit and athletic Vizsla. I emailed the owner of the posting, DI Addicott, and asked for suggestions on how she treated her Vizsla. My doctor also told me that most of the time a sebaceous cyst can just be left untreated, sometimes they even go away naturally.
My Romanian friend supported this thinking, but was also not keen to see me at the doctor or the hospital unless it became absolutely necessary – a relative of hers has passed away in hospital due to infection after an operation, and she thought it was probably attributed to poor hygiene standards. For me the lump would go down and a scab would form over the area – I would then think I was almost home free, but some residue must have remained and the lump would flare up again the next day and more liquid and pieces of white keratin (the cyst) would come out.
I hope all turned out well for you and hope mine will too, I have insisted on surgical excision, cant deal with it any longer. I had a small one that closed itself, but this is the size of a dime and still has showed no signs of closing after 2 weeks. I went to a dermatologist yesterday (Friday) and they told me that it is so bad that it needs to come out but refused to treat me bc I am traveling back home on Sunday, and apparently I am too much of a liability to them. As a result, cyst will shrink and eventually heal without further treatment necessary and leave minimal scarring on the affected area. The use of home treatments is already enough to facilitate health and recovery in a speedy process and the use of a surgeon is purely for any additional long recurring problems. When the results came back negative, she gave us some antibiotics and a shampoo to use in case it was a mite of some kind.
They did give me antibiotics and pain pills (extremely painful) and I have an appointment Tuesday with a dermatologist back home. I went to change the Telfa pad and to put on a new MOV skin over it and when I drew it back, the whole inside of the cyst came with it.
She recommended an animal allergist which I didn’t think was the best action to take as its upwards of $1,000 to walk in the door, and I expected the vet to do a little more work before pawning the issue off on someone else.
The recommendations at first seemed odd, but at this point, I was willing to try anything to get my boy back to his normal self. I really appreciate your story, bc I have been unsuccessful in locating any information regarding what I have. After meeting with the new Vet, she took another skin scraping and gave us a different shampoo and antibiotic to try out for 2 weeks. As I was leaving, she mentioned it may be something called “Sebacious Adenitis” which I had never heard of. She had not seen this condition to often and literally just found it in a book while I was making my next appointment. And I definately don’t want to spend the rest of my life going to the doctor to have them cut this crap out of me.

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