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This community cat named Boy was found at Jurong West lying motionless next to the letterboxes.
Boy was rushed to the vet where he was diagnosed with a bladder blockage and a urinary tract infection. Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will go to Cat Welfare Society's sterilisation fund.
Antibiotics will clear up your cat’s bacterial troubles, but you can contribute to the health of her urinary tract with some home remedies.
One of the easiest ways to keep your cat’s urinary tract bacteria-free is to keep her urine moving. Whether your cat’s experiencing a urinary tract infection or FLUTD, keeping her stress level low will help her recovery. Once at the Guardian Veterinary Centre the cat is examined by a veterinarian and the bladder is initially palpated.
Pain associated with this condition is immense and an injection of pain medication is usually administered.
Once under anesthesia a well lubricated, small urinary catheter is carefully inserted through the urethral opening. A soft urinary catheter is kept in place an average of 1-3 days to allow ongoing debris and bloody urine to be flushed from the bladder. The caregivers of this community cat affectionately named Bat found him lying on the floor with a trail of blood traced back to his rear end. Bat was rushed immediately to Ang Mo Kio Veterinary Clinic where he was found to be suffering from severe urinary blockage and kidney failure. He was boarded with the caregiver until recovery and has since been released back to the community. Since the feline UTI is often confused with feline cystitis -- an inflammation of the bladder -- and feline lower urinary tract disease, you’ll need to have the presence of bacteria confirmed by the vet for proper treatment. Washing your cat in a rinse of lemon, green tea, apple cider vinegar and water will keep her backside clean and minimize the introduction of new bacteria to her urinary tract.

That means she should be drinking plenty of water to keep her urinary tract flushed, minimizing the chance of bacterial growth.
Cats frequently suffer from idiopathic cystitis, where the urinary tract becomes inflamed, resulting in many of the same symptoms as a UTI -- frequent urination of small amounts of urine, straining and blood-tinged urine. Stress is often a trigger for urinary tract issues in cats, so try to give your feline friend a calm environment. Although we do see a large number of constipated cats through our emergency service, this question is associated all too commonly with a condition called a feline urinary blockage. Once the plug has severely limited or blocked the outflow of urine, bladder distention from urine and increased pressure on the urethra, ureters and kidneys can cause extreme discomfort.
If the catheter can no longer be advanced, water is gently pulsed through the catheter to dislodge the plug and flush it into the bladder. The hydration of the cat, kidney enzymes and potassium are also closely monitored to ensure they are returning to normal levels.
Antibiotics are necessary for fighting the bacteria from a urinary tract infection, but home remedies can help keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy. Grapefruit seed extract, which acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent, can be mixed into her food.
Make sure she has access to fresh water, and if she’s hesitant to drink, try using a water fountain made for cats. Occasionally, struvite or calcium oxalate crystals form, a painful and potentially dangerous condition for a cat. A quiet room with her favorite bedding or extra TLC from you can go a long way to soothe her nerves. A blockage can occur when mucus, crystals or small bladder stones form a plug in the urethra preventing the passage of a normal urine stream. Kidneys which receive this ongoing pressure become damaged releasing increased amounts of kidney enzymes and an electrolyte called potassium into the blood stream which can interfere with the normal heart function. A prescription diet is given to help rebalance the urine, dissolve any remaining crystals (if present) and prevent their return.
This can be the most frustrating part of the condition for me as a veterinarian, as a small population of cats despite aggressive treatment can have complications requiring additional treatment such as re-catheterization or a surgical procedure called a perineal urethrostomy where the urethral diameter is widened. If she’s suffering from a UTI, conventional veterinary treatment relies on 10 to 14 days worth of antibiotics to eliminate symptoms and bacteria. Unsweetened cranberry juice is an acidifier, making the urinary tract system an unwelcoming environment for bacteria.

Adding a bit of flavor to her water, such as chicken broth or tuna juice, may tickle her interest as well. If inflammation or crystals is an issue with your cat, a change in diet may help her urinary tract’s health. Keep her litter box clean so she doesn’t hold her urine for extended periods of time. These fluids are vital to ensure proper blood pressure during anesthesia and a hallmark in the future treatment by rehydrating the cat as well as flushing the bladder and kidneys. A sample is also sent to the laboratory for a culture and sensitivity to look for bacteria and determine, if present, which types of antibiotics will work best (although to most client's suprise this condition does not usually involve an infection). It can be a difficult and frustrating disease for both the client and veterinarian but treatment and education are pivotal throughout the treatment process for the best possible outcome. Your cat likely won’t care for cranberry juice, so consider cranberry extract, as recommended by Dr. Switching from kibble to canned food will make a big difference, given that kibble has a water content of 5 to 10 percent compared to the 70 to 80 percent water content of canned food. Finally, be vigilant and keep the vet apprised of how she’s responding to treatment for her comfort and safety.
On presentation some cats can pass drops of urine while others have complete urinary obstruction. The cat may also have a low heart rate associated with a high potassium requiring a tracing (also called and electrocardiogram or ECG) and intital treatment to stabilize the heart. Blood work is collected to provide information on initial kidney damage, blood potassium level, and other values which dictate the type of anesthetics, treatment and a cat's response to treatment over the next few days. X-rays may also be taken to check for visible bladder stones requiring ongoing treatment or surgical removal. Oral medications for pain and to relax the urethra (as it has a tendency to spasm with discomfort limiting urination) are also administered.

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