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Immediate treatment is necessary so that the infection does not cause damage to the kidneys. The anti inflammatory property of the herb enhances ones health and reduces gas and flatulence. The anti bacterial property of this herb helps to heal wounds, cuts and minor skin infections. Those who are suffering with high cholesterol and high blood pressure must add turmeric to their food preparations. For a sore throat and irritation in the throat you must boil a cup of milk and add a pinch of turmeric to the milk. If you suffer with joint pain or inflammation of the joints you must use turmeric powder in your food. Parents especially must pay attention to the bodies of their children since children are always fearful of reporting injuries to their parents.
Prepare a poultice of the castor leaves and apply it externally on the swelling that has been caused due to the sprain. If there is a wound caused due to some injury, take some 20 to 25 leaves of the neem tree and then grind them together. The best remedy to stop any wound from bleeding is to crush some alum and apply on the affected area. If your finger gets cut, then the best way to stop the bleeding is to soak a small piece of cloth in kerosene and tie the area with it. One more easy way to heal injury wounds is to take some basil leaves, make a poultice of them and then tie them with a piece of cloth on the affected area.
Another effective injuries cure - Betel leaves are very efficient in the treatment of wounds, and they have been used since age-old times for the purpose, even when medical science itself was not discovered. Bamboo is exceptional in healing wounds, and it has the capacity to heal even the wounds that have become maggot-infested. Take some powder of the fruit of the chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) and mix it with some animal based oil. If your wound has become suppurated (developed pus), then soak a cloth in a 15% by volume of garlic juice in water and bandage the wound with it. Another good home remedy for injuries is to mix some licorice powder in butter or ghee and honey. A very traditional injuries home remedies is to smear the paste of the neem tree (Azxadirachtha indica) on the wound. You can prepare a household ointment with the neem in the following manner: Mix exactly fifty grams of the leaves of the neem tree in fifty grams of ghee. Natural remedy for injuries - The wounds and injuries got from handling sharp instruments such as knives and forks can be easily treated using the rough chaff. The trailing eclipta herb (Eclipta alba) is made into a paste by mixing it in some sesame oil and applied on the injury.
Palpitation’s symptom usually involves an increase in pulse rate and a thumping feeling in your chest. If you have heart palpitation, you need to make sure that you avoid caffeinated beverages such as soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and tea. Weakness of the pelvic floor muscles is associated with urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse in women. If left untreated, pelvic floor muscles that have been damaged during pregnancy or childbirth, fail to support the organs present in the pelvic area. Now sit or lie down, as you wish, and tighten your vagina, as if you are trying to stop urination forcefully.
While both men and women get UTIs, women are more prone to them.A UTI occurs when the bladder and its exit tubes are infected by bacteria. In addition to the conventional treatment, many natural remedies can help prevent and treat UTIs.Here are the top 10 home remedies for urinary tract infections. This herb is used to add flavor to most Indian food preparations; however it has medicinal properties as well.
Research conducted to study the benefits of the herb stated that it helps to prevent diseases and damage to the liver. If you are hurt and bleeding due to an accident then pour a healthy amount of the powder on the wound; the bleeding will stop within a few minutes. You can also mix the powder with your moisturizing lotion and apply it on your skin every night be fore you go to bed. The herb will improve blood circulation, improve the functioning of the heart and also lower blood pressure drastically.
The herb will soothe the irritation in the throat and prevent the infection from spreading. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Rub it till the juice of the leaves oozes out and smear it very nicely onto the sprained area.
This becomes a very good liniment to apply on the sprains and the swellings that are caused because of that.

After that, strain these leaves through a cloth and obtain the juice from them by squeezing the cloth tightly. Even barbers in saloons use a slab of alum to rub on the face after shaving to close up any accidental nicks and injuries.
A poultice of the tender shoots of the bamboo is freshly prepared and is applied on the affected area for this purpose.
Boil the bamboo leaves in the water till the volume of the water reduces to half its original volume. This should be continued till the wound heals completely, which could be three to four days. Extract some garlic juice (about five teaspoonfuls) and then dissolve it in three parts of distilled water (about fifteen teaspoonfuls). This tablet is prepared in the following manner: Take about five leaves of the banyan tree and grind them to a fine paste. This helps in fast treatment from the injury because of its astringent and antiseptic property. Take a teaspoonful of the juice of ash gourd and add to it an equal amount of juice of either the Indian gooseberry or a fresh lemon. It is a common problem today due to stress, incorrect diet, and sometimes unhealthy lifestyle. The pelvic floor muscles might weaken with age. However, in women, the muscles of the pelvic floor might be damaged during pregnancy and vaginal delivery. Elderly women with urinary incontinence should practice the pelvic floor exercises to improve bladder control and to prevent involuntary urine leakage. Now relax the pelvic floor muscles and stay in the relaxed position for about three to five seconds.
The herb is now sold commercially in the form of capsules due to its amazing health benefits.
It also helps to keep the digestive system well functioning and thus it is widely used when a person is suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This will prevent the formation of a swelling in the area after the sprain has been healed.
Then take a clean leaf of the betel plant again, wrap it around the finger and hold it in place with a cloth bandage.
This will make the wound heal very fast, and will not leave any scar behind after the recovery.
In such cases, you can use the Indian pennywort (Centella asiatica) herb to get the wound healed as well as to get the fever subsided. Due to this, the wound gets healed much faster and any possibility of infection is avoided. Hence, the juice of a couple of leaves of the bloodwort must be consumed when there is a wound. If you experience palpitation, the first thing that would cross your mind is that your heart is not in good condition. If you check your pulse rate, you will notice that it increases compared to your normal pulse rate.
Palpitations also occur when your heart increases its work load, probably caused by stress, anxiety, and sometimes physical work load. However, in most cases palpitation is associated with anxiety and there is no direct relation with any heart disease.
If you are following the right exercising technique, you can feel the pelvic muscle moving upwards while contracting the vagina. The Kegel exercises could strengthen the pelvic floor muscles only if they are done several times, each day.
Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is a rich source of enzymes, potassium and other useful minerals that can prevent the bacteria that cause UTIs from multiplying or growing.
Follow this remedy once daily for three to four days.Another simple way to treat UTI is to soak in warm bath water mixed with two teaspoons of plain yogurt and six drops of tea tree oil.
OnAntibiotics June 24, 2014 at 1:48 pm ReplyI tried the cranberry juice, pineapple juice, other sources of vitamin C.
If you have severe acne then you must mix turmeric powder with a spoon of honey and apply it to your face. After that, soak a small piece of cotton in this juice and keep the juice for heating on the stove. But the most important thing is that turmeric is an antiseptic and it helps in preventing any infection.
However, t here some people will experience palpitation by just mere lying on their left side. Some people experience palpitation because of flatulence, excessive smoking, constipation, and even when stomach is overfull.
Once the leaves of snake gourd become pasty, get cheesecloth and squeeze the juice of the pasty leaves from it. Make sure that your abdominal muscles and buttocks are relaxed during the pelvic floor muscle workout.

Those suffering from UTIs can use apple cider vinegar as a natural antibiotic to treat the infection.Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.
The blend of these two natural products will soothe the acne breakout and prevent further damage to your skin. After this treatment, the chances of an infection are zero, and there is no need even to keep the wound covered with a bandage. Excessive smoking can cause palpitation because of the caffeine that could trigger the heart to pump faster.
BlueberriesBlueberries have bacteria-inhibiting properties that can help in the treatment of UTIs.
So, if you are experiencing palpitation when smoking, it is suggested to lessen your number of stick per day. After this, take some fresh leaves of the same herb and then grind them to extract their juice.
Do not add any artificial sweetener to the juice.Including fresh blueberries or juice in your daily diet is a good way to prevent UTIs, too. Cranberry JuiceCertain compounds like proanthocyanidins found in cranberries prevent bacteria from reaching the walls of the urethra and causing UTIs.
Baking SodaBaking soda will raise the acid-base balance of acidic urine and give you relief from the pain. Simply add one teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drink it once or twice a day. And drink, drink, drink a lot, preferably water or diluted juices mentioned in the article. And best just go to the doctor as soon as you can; the pain that might develop is just not worth it.
I already knew about the cranberry juice, vinegar vit c and drinking lots of water…never heard of some of the other treatments, going to especially try the baking soda…thanks!
Anyway after sex last week, I got a strange feeling and I had no idea what it was when I pee so I thought nothing of it ! However mMonday morning, there was pain when I pee so I googled “it hurts when I pee” then I seen it, boom! For a series of other reasons, but I tried the baking soda & acv, which worked wonders so I thought!I prayed evey day that god take this pain away but I realized my prayer wasn’t as genuine as I thought!
Saturday evening I was in the shower praying to god pleading that he heal me, after I got out the song by Georgia mass choir song come on in the room came on, so I got in my “room” the closet as the woman did on the song and called for Dr Jesus!
Which was confirmation to me as I looked up in my closet and seen the number 702 on a box!!!!!the number 7! So that night I didn’t take any account or baking soda b I trusted god , I even had some ice cream! Just wanted to share my testimony!!!!!!!carole July 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm ReplyDid you think after unprotected sex, it may not be a UTI?
I believe once I married my husband we were each others whole world and protection is a necessity to people who have one permanent sex partner.
I am a happy Christian and take my blessings as they come and I work my way through my problems knowing God is there and he’s not the answer to everything. I have great medical insurance but think it’s a last resort to fill my body with drugs when there are so many natural ways. God has taken care of his children in many ways in secrecy and you mean to scorn his love for man kind. However, if any of you think that you can do what you know you shouldn’t and then pray to God and ask him to deliver you from your stupidity, is acenine. Susan October 19, 2014 at 10:20 am ReplyChelly, if Christ could do an eyeroll right now, He would.
Illness doesn’t come from Satan, it comes from genetics, abuse of the body and microscopic invaders called viruses and bacteria. What he did promise was that if we lived good lives and maintained faith with good works, then we would be exalted.
I believe He knew that the medical industry would become so corrupt that he would provide alternatives. Leslie Fiken March 10, 2015 at 4:04 am ReplySo glad you heard the Lords voice and believed you were healed. Every citizen pays extra taxes to have free health care but to me this is better than wondering whether or not I should go to the doctor when I’m sick. Only just that there is blood -_- That freaks me out and I’m trying to get it cleared up. If you were my daughter, i would absolutely want to know and be given the opportunity to help you.

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