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Homeofresh Chewing Gum Chlorophyll Flavor provides added protection for teeth and gums when used in combination with Homeofresh Toothpaste. You have to match your symptoms with the symptoms of the homoeopathic medicine and then take the right medicine.
If there is intense pain due to decayed tooth and the pain is aggravated by holding warm water in mouth but not relieved by taking cold, then take chamomilla in 30 potency thrice daily. When pain is worse by both hot and cold things, then you need to take staphysagria in 30 potency three times a day. Relieve teething pain safely, effectively and instantly with NEW Orajel® Natural Source Homeopathic Gel. This naturally sourced, homeopathic remedy soothes painful teething gums and calms the restlessness and irritability associated with cutting teeth. You will be sharing your story, comments, or ideas on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.

Studies have shown that dental caries demineralization of tooth enamel and dental plaque are closely linked with a particular microbial flora in the mouth. If there is infection in the teeth and the pains are throbbing, shooting in nature and it extends to the head, then you need to take belladonna in 30 potency three times a day.
Additional indications for this medicine are unhealthy condition of gums and black turned teeth. In acute conditions you may use 3 tablets 4 to 6 times per day 90 tablets 750 mg 10 day supplyContraindications: Strong cooling formula reduce dosage or discontinue if diarrhea occurs*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
It’s also paraben-free, dye-free and sugar-free, so you can be sure it will be gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums.
The common diet especially rich in refined fermentable sugars establishes an environ-ment for poor dental health.
It is very common condition in children. Children eat whatever they like and do not clean their teeth as properly as they should. You should take this medicine three times a day orally as well as apply the dilution of this medicine to the affected tooth.

Take coffea cruda medicine in 30 potency if toothache is better by holding cold water in mouth and pain is radiating all over the face.
Homeofresh Chewing Gum is free of these cariogenic sugars and prevents the acidi-fying effect of bacteria on tooth enamel when used after meals. Here are some homoeopathic remedies that you can take when you are suffering from toothache.
Xylitol an inhibitor of the cavity-causing bacteria streptococcus mutans is a natural sweetener derived from birch tree bark. Xylitol halts tooth decay inhibits the for-mation of dental plaque and remineralizes tooth enamel.

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