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Nails are not commonly associated with disease but when fungal infection does occur, it causes a person’s nail to get distorted due to a change in color or shape, affecting normal finger movements.
Homeopathic medicines are ideal for providing a complete cure for infected nails as they tackles the root cause. The incidence of fungal infection in the nails is found mostly in people who are subjected to a chronic exposure to detergents or water, people who indulge in repeated manicuring or those who suffer from an injury in the nail margin.This condition may assume an acute or chronic nature. Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid assures positive results in cases where the nails grow very fast and are crippled. People have nails with longitudinal ridges. I am 67 years old and other then very moderate high blood pressure I am a happy healthy person! For months in my right thumb’s nail in the left corner getting pain but not severe, and pain is in back and forth and nail getting distorted.
In 1 week my three foot toe nail have been cracked in half and start bleeding after that i m very tensed is this any disease or just simply due to week nails. I have had toe nail fungus for over 20 years and I do not want to try the alopathic medicines because of the harmful side effects. I had hand nail fungal infection about 4 years and I try the alopathic medicines because of the not effective. I am facing problem from toe nail infection in both the big nails, i am 44 yrs male person. Last two years ago I was feeling same problem, Infection and sharp Pains in Toenail, first toe finger colour changed (Blackish), & swellings, the pain unbearable and the nails grow deep inwards and are surrounding place are swelling. So, kindly advice for Homoeopathic Medicine, because I’m suffering unbearable pain from last 14 days.
My Grand son Aged 11 years suffering from nails fungal infection on both the hand nails as well as both the foot nails having blackish colour under the nails & nails are growing very slowly, Please help me advising me for proper treatment.
Hi, one of my toenail has discoloration and now it grows (very slowly) with some deformation. For the last about 4 months, the thumb and adjoining finger nails of my left foot are turning black and getting distorted.
Recently I had asthmatic attack due to lungs infection but now it is okay with allopathic treatment. How unfortunate that there are so many people and practitioners who are deluded into believing that a properly prepared homeopathic remedy is able to do anything other than to effect a placebo response.
FYI, I am willing to place a reasonably large sum of money in an escrow (say $5,000 or $10,000) which would be awarded to any homeopath that could show under properly controlled scientific conditions that a homeopathic preparation is able to help with any condition whatsoever. I have discoloured Toe Nails, which pains at the ends,possibly due to its penetration to the flesh.Pl suggest a homeopathic remedy. I am currently taking Thyronorm 50 mg everyday for my Thyroid problem and I use one drop of Lumigen in both eyes for my Glaucoma problem.

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When people think of the phrase ‘home remedy’ they envision something that has been passed down through generations of family members and passed through many people by word of mouth. There are a great many home remedies suggested for sufferers of toenail fungus and even more people will agree that they are effective. The theory behind many of these treatments is that the fungus requires a certain environment to grow in, which includes a favorable pH level. Using rubbing alcohol or peroxide, applied to the nail, the surrounding area and under the nail bed if possible, are two other very common remedies. Being non-intrusive and non-toxic, this natural treatment delivers good results in case of nail fungal infections.Moreover homeopathic toenail fungus treatment are very safe and can be used for a long period without any side effects .
People generally tend to neglect it in the initial stages due to which the infection can become chronic.
This Homeopathic medicine  may be given to patients in whom the skin surrounding the nails is swollen and there is occasional formation of pus. Of the Silicea, Graphites, Bufo Rana & Flouric Acid, my indications are closest to BUFO RANA. I have this problem for over a year and used different medication, which doesn’t seem to be very helpful. Some nail fungus resolves on its own; where this occurs, it of course reinforces the belief system of the homeopath and the patient.
There is much more at stake here than a mere few thousand dollars; I would tie award of these funds to the successful award of the JREF Million Dollar Challenge so that, if you pass the Challenge, then you would receive $1,000,000 plus the funds I would have placed into escrow. I AM SUFFERING NAIL PROBLEM PARTICULARLY, BOTH TOES SINCE 30 YEARS 4 MONTH BACK I STARTED HOMEOPATHIC BIOCHEMICS LIKE CP, CFL, SILICEA, AND KP 4 TIMES DAILY.WHAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION FOR THIS IN HOMEOPATHIC. It started in my foot thumb first, i took allopathy medicines and it got cured but after stopping it again started spreading on my foot. Everything from soaking your feet in Listerine or vinegar to applying Vicks VapoRub, bleach, peroxide or various essential oils to the affected area are circulating out there. Soaking your feet in something like a solution of vinegar and water would alter that pH level rather drastically and make the growing environment more hostile. The likelihood of irritation is fairly high with these two but they have also been proven effective at killing toenail fungus. Nail affections are associated with a deep dull pain that runs upward till the axilla (armpit). Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid may also be prescribed in cases of nail infection with corns which are sore to touch. Fed up of having antibiotic medicines to cure my rotten toe nail which is surrounded by flesh (Black in color) and pus is also there.

I think my skin problem, developing subacios cyst associated with hair follicules, that leave pitted skin with hyperpigmentation, could very possibly associated with a fungal infection. As most of our grandparents and great grandparents grew up in a time when going to the doctor wasn’t as easy as it is today and when medicinal compounds weren’t that far away from what was already available in the house, many home remedies may seem strange, but especially in the case of fighting toenail fungus, they just may work!
Whereas the intelligence behind putting bleach directly on your skin is questionable, there are online-forums-worth of people who will swear by this and other methods.
One problem with this particular method is that soaking your whole foot in vinegar changes the pH in every area your skin comes into contact with the solution, which frequently dries out the skin, leaving it more prone to infection. The results are fairly unanimous from those who have tried it, it really works to clear up toenail fungus, and works fast.
If the infection gets worse or if the skin around the infected nail becomes irritated and infected as well, stop treatment immediately and see your doctor. In the beginning, the condition may manifest itself only as color change but in the long run, it may exhibit itself as a distortion of the nails.
Plz guide me towards a better direction to get it cured and suggest some homeopathic medicines. I just don’t really know, which one to choose in my case, thank you very much for advice!!! A viable alternative is to soak a cotton ball in vinegar and place that on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. If you choose this method, you must cover the entire affected area and rub the compound in well.
Most of these remedies are for the early stages of toenail fungal infections and should not be started if your toe is already oozing pus or if the nail has separated from the nail bed. Homeopathic remedy Graphites may be given for nail infection in people with cracked finger tips. I m currently having ayurvedic medicines and had homeopathy treatments too in the past years but no success as of now. This isolates the vinegar to the places it is most needed and doesn’t damage the healthy skin surrounding the infection. Toenail is the most common nail to get affected by fungus , homeopathic medicine antimony crudum works wonders in treating toenail fungus. Silicea can be given to patients in whom the nails grow inwards and are surrounded with flesh and pus. Doctors are saying abt my nails that they are psoriatic nails and will not come in their older shape.

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