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Beside the regular medicine given to you with a doctor’s prescription, there are also alternative medicines that can help you if you need a treatment for high blood pressure. Home remedies don’t have the unfavorable side effects like prescribed drugs and are also cost effective. A popular way of treatment against diseases today beside prescription drugs can also be home remedies and homeopathic medicine. Most of the people don’t know that such alternative home remedies for lowering of blood pressure even exist. Beside the cost effectiveness and elimination of side effects of prescribed drugs, home remedies are used for alleviating of one symptom. If it is possible, it is best you consume at least one stalk of celery a day combined with a glass of water.
Uncontrolled and abrupt consuming of drugs prescribed by doctors can have quite the negative and serious effect on your health. In the homeopathic system, hypertension or high blood pressure is considered as a by-product of the modern lifestyle. Homeopathic remedies work to lower the blood pressure safely and gradually to minimize the negative effects on the arteries.
Nux Vomica, also known as the poison nut, is best used for high blood pressure caused by poor diet or lifestyle.
Individuals who suffer from this condition love salty, fried foods as well as sour or pickled foods. Glonine is a preparation used to treat high blood pressure coupled with flushed head and face. Usually, glonine is recommended for hypertension made worse by headache, irritability and redness of the face. People suffering from high blood pressure must provide a good hydration for their bodies on a daily basis.  A dose of 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is considered to be optimal.

Either way it is best you firstly consult with your doctor or health care physician before discontinuing any prescribed drugs, or start using alternative home health remedies. This herb is used when the pain is located in the temporal region, generating a throbbing sensation. If the patient loves fried, spicy foods and caffeine, this herb could neutralize the effects of bad diet.
This preparation is used to treat high blood pressure caused by excessive salt consumption. Individuals who suffer from this condition are often irritable, excitable, with low tolerance to heat. For many, high blood pressure is a chronic disease that comes with a lifelong reliance on prescription medication, but today more and more people are taking a natural approach to treatment. These foods not only help you in lowering the blood pressure, but provide for your overall health too. Coconut Water has a high concentration of minerals like potassium, magnesium and vitamin C which help in lowering systolic blood pressure as it was found in a many studies around. But, by using of this home remedies you can get rid of high blood pressure in just 5 days. Their daily use will free you from high blood pressure forever. Using drugs to bring the blood pressure down within an hour or two puts the arteries in danger. Other symptoms include redness and heat of the face, burning sensation of the skin, and vertigo. Phthalides help in relaxing the muscles inside and surrounding the arterial walls, and in such way creating more space for the blood to flow more easily. If the patient cannot tolerate sudden movement or the slightest touch and motion, use this herb. Usually, those who consume excessive amounts of salt also suffer from bloating, edemas and migraines.

Simultaneously, it helps in reducing of stress hormones that tighten the blood vessels, which increases the possibility for high blood pressure. For those looking for a more natural, safe, and long-term treatment for their hypertension, here are natural remedies for high blood pressure that are supported by all medical camps.Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure1. Morning is the worst time for these people because this is the time when the symptoms are at their most aggressive.
Make Dietary ChangesSince a number of the causes of high blood pressure are related to diet, making dietary changes is one of the top natural remedies for high blood pressure. Reducing sodium intake, avoiding processed food, eating moderate amounts of lean protein, and generous servings of green, leafy and cruciferous vegetables each day can all contribute to the reduction of blood pressure in addition to improving overall health.3 Foods rich in Omega-3s like oily fish, flaxseed, and walnuts can all help lower blood pressure as well. While daily natural sun exposure is the best way to ensure your body is producing enough vitamin D, most of us could use a little help – particularly in the winter months. Look for a quality vitamin D supplement with 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 (not D2, which is the synthetic version) like this one.Last, but not least, getting enough calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C is also known to help regulate blood pressure without medication. Most medical professional agree that women require more calcium than men with women needing 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium a day and men only needing about half of that figure. Look into Any Current Medications for Side EffectsLastly, if you are on any other medications, check with your medical professional to make sure that they are not contributing to your high blood pressure. If this is the case, he or she may be able to prescribe an alternative or suggest a natural remedy for the issue.9The Bottom LineHigh blood pressure is a serious issue and because its immediate symptoms are few and hard to recognize, it is extremely important to have your blood pressure checked regularly, especially if you think you are at risk. Get started reading about things that can help you feel better in the comfort of your home.

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