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Focal vitiligo: an isolated macule or a few macules in a localized, non-dermatomal distribution. Segmental vitiligo: macules in a unilateral dermatomal distribution which this patient has.
Homeopathic treatment at our centres involves a detailed case study in each and every case taking into consideration the unique features of the disease condition as well as the persons constitutional attributes and characteristics. Priya (name changed), a child of Indian origin living in the USA started with our treatment for confirmed vitiligo of the scalp.
Homeopathy can be used in conjunction with the medicines you are already taking or can also be your only choice of treatment for Vitiligo and disorders leading to loss of skin pigment.
Kindly email me details of your homeopathy treatment and cost for the same.My wife is suffer from this skin problem.
The most common symptoms of Asthma are wheezing sounds while breathing and difficulty in breathing which is caused by the shrinkage and inflammation of respiratory tract.
It is observed that 50% of Asthma patients are children of ages under 10 because they have very narrow air passages.
Hereditary Reason: It means that if parents have this disease then it may be transferred to their children.
Medicines: In some patients using some specific medicines can also cause or trigger Asthma symptoms. You must be wondering why Homeopathy treatment is more effective than Allopathic treatment and how an Asthma patient can be fully recovered by Homeopathic Treatment.
If main reason of Asthma is allergy then medicines are given to increase resistance against allergens. Immune system of patient is improved by medicines that increases the ability to resist against Asthma creating substances.
Special medicines are given that stop the recurrent colds and infections in lungs and air passages. If Asthma condition is Hereditary in some patients then specific medicines are given to treat these cases which not only cures the diseases but further delivery to next generations is stopped. So, Homeopathic medicines eliminate the root cause of Asthma problem which gives permanent relief to patients when proper and complete treatment is done.
Other bacteria that cause urinary tract infections include Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Chlamydia trachomatis, and Mycoplasma hominis. Irritation or injury to the vagina or urethra caused by sexual intercourse, douching, using a diaphragm, tampons or feminine deodorants. Bladder outlet obstructions like kidney stones, benign masses or tumors, Prolapse of the uterus or vagina or prostate enlargement. Pain or burning when urinating, since the bacteria and infected urine in the urethra cause the inflammation but are flushed out when "fresh" urine flows through the urethra on its way out of the bladder. Infection of bladder (Cystitis) – It is often noticed with frequent, little urination since the infected bladder cannot hold urine for a long time. Infection of ureter (Ureteritis) is often identified with colicky pain in the lower abdomen or flanks.
Infection of kidney (Pyelonephritis) occurs in untreated cases of UTI with pain in the lumbar area and has other symptoms of nausea and vomiting.
One of the prominent remedies for cystitis and lithaemic conditions is Sepia, and the condition of the urine becomes an indication for its use.
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Buy homeopathic single remedies, cell salts, combo products, pellets, tablets and homeopathy kits.
Rxhomeo Homeopathy Family Kit and Rxhomeo Homeopathy Children's Kit can be found in the Rxhomeo Family Kits section.
Homeopathic combo products for age related ailments like prostatitis, osteoporosis and enlarged prostate. The most commonly used homeopathic combo products for conditions like arthritis, muscular pains and colic pains are Rhus tox, Bryonia, for fevers Belladonna, Arsenic alb and Eupatorium, for cuts and wounds Arnica, Calendula and Hypericum, for headache Belladonna and Gelsemium, for burning urination Cantharis and Apis, Berberis Vulgaris for renal colic and renal stones. This category features our homeopathic combo products for ailments such as forgetfulness, stammering, anger management etc.
Homeopathic combo products for respiratory complaints such as Blatta Orientalis for Asthma, Antimonium Tartaricum for bronchitis, Ipecac for cough are featured in this category. This is our most important category which features a wide selection of OTC homeopathic single remedies which are available in various potencies, sizes and formats.
Natural Medicines have evolved gradually as the human civilization progressed from pre-historic period till the modern day era, catering to the needs of human health & wellness.
In the late 1700s, a German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, proposed a new approach in treating illness & Homeopathy emerged as an alternative medical system. Homeopathic products can be purchased from homeopathic stores or homeopathic pharmacies as OTC (over the counter) medications.
All information contained on this site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, are for informational purposes only. Rxhomeo, the online homeopathic stores is the safest and most reliable source of homeopathy remedies and homeopathy related information. Piles TreatmentLearn all about piles (hemorrhoids that become inflamed), their causes, symptoms and the treatment. Hemorrhoids treatment – hemorrhoid homeopathic, Hemorrhoids treatment through homeopathic. Homeopathic medicines for piles – homeopathic treatment, Detailed feature on homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids . Venapro – homeopathic hemorrhoid relief, The venapro homeopathic hemorrhoid relief formula gets rid of hemorrhoid misery fast. Hemorrhoid treatment reviews: find the best hemorrhoids, See which hemorrhoid treatment is most effective.

All about hemorrhoids treatment, Free researched information about natural hemorrhoids treatment and bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. The treatment recommended earlier had no effect on his condition and was slowly spreading all over his body, especially affecting the right half of his upper body.
We stopped giving the medication end of november,( When the medication was almost finished), observed her for 2 month to see if the patches are coming back or there is any kind of change. 09639805555Dear Sir, Meri wife Rani Bhatia jo ki Vitiligo se preshan hai use kafi jagah par marks hein, aur woh kafi had tak badh rahe hein foots par hands par neck par etc. The 1st one was taken on 16th February and the 2nd one 12th April (the writing on her face is just a stamp she stamped on her face). Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi, on +92300-5125394 OR Send An Email, Discuss Your Problems and Start Treatment Right Now! Actually, air travels from our nostrils to lungs through small bronchial air passages that end into the lungs. If you observe that your child has difficulty in breathing consult your physician ASAP OR this condition may become severe or chronic. This is good news to Asthma patients who are taking Allopathic medicines for years but have not seen any permanent relief yet.
Sabeel Ahmed Qureshi is serving as Homeopathic doctor for last 14 years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. When it affects the lower urinary tract it is known as a simple cystitis (a bladder infection) and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as pyelonephritis (a kidney infection). These bacteria are normally present in the colon and may enter the urethral opening from the skin around the anus and genitals.
Men and women infected with Chlamydia trachomatis or Mycoplasma hominis can transmit the bacteria to their partner during sexual intercourse, causing UTI.
Bacteria may also penetrate the urethral opening when young girls do not wipe carefully from front to back after a bowel movement.
If the infection is greater, occurrence of blood in urine can indicate the location of infection. The main cause of infection is due to the descending of renal stone or from bacterial infection from the reflux urine which enters the ureter from the bladder.
Avoid tight-fitting jeans and nylon underwear, which trap moisture and can help bacteria grow. These remedies may help patients get through an existing or recurrent urinary tract infection without the use of antibiotics. The keynotes for Apis in urinary affections are scanty or suppressed urine, drowsiness, oedema in in various parts, thirstlessness and suffocation on lying down. These pains in the back and along the ureters are very severe; they are worse stooping, lying or sitting, and relieved by standing. It has been found useful in inflammation in the neck of the bladder with intense desire to urinate, which is increased even by the passage of a few drops. It has a reddish clay-colored sediment adhering to the vessel, a sediment of red sand so-called. Products of highest quality are shipped from our FDA registered facility to any location in the United States. All single remedies are conveniently categorized in the Single Remedies section which you can order in any potency or size you want. Cell Salts such as Calcarea Fluorica, Calcarea Phosphorica and Kali Phosphoricum are available and can be found in the category called Cell Salts.
You can check out the offerings, for instance by visiting the categories page for Digestive Health if you are looking for homeopathic treatment for Gas Relief. Please follow the easy navigation and place your orders for all our single homeopathy remedies and cell salts in low to high potencies and various size options. These combo’s include homeopathy single remedies like Conium, Sabal Serrulata, Calcarea Flourica. Schusslers 12 tissue salts can be found here, which are useful for various conditions like: Calcarea Flour for bone deformities, Calcarea Phos helps in bone development, Ferrum Phos for anemic conditions, Kali Mur for ear pains, Kali Phos for neuritis, Kali Sulph for dandruff and acne, Magnesia Phos for Colic pains, Natrum Mur for headaches, Natrum Phos for acidity and Silicea for acne, fistulas and abscesses etc. In this category you will find combos with homeopathic remedy Cina for treating worms, Chamomilla and Calcarea carb for easy dentition, Equisetum for bed wetting, and Calcarea Iodata for adenoids and so on. Combos include homeopathic single remedies like Eupharasia for conjunctivitis and Staphysagria for styes.
We created combos with single homeopathic remedies like Pulsatilla, Sepia and Ignatia for ailments common in ladies. These combos include homeopathic single remedies like Anacardium for forgetfulness, Stramonium for stammering, Argentum Nit for examination fear, Chamomilla for controlling anger and so on.
You can use the easy navigation at the bottom of every product page or use the search option given on the top. When human civilizations were not blessed with the science & technological advancements, then also natural remedies were in existence to help human beings to stay alive & healthy in hostile environments. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease. We have hands on experience of operating real life homeopathy stores & homeopathy pharmacy, supervised by experienced & qualified experts and our products comply stringent quality measures. It is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professionals or any information contained on or in any product packaging or labels. In Barbados the incidence of vitiligo is rare and her recovery has amazed doctors there and has been praised even by the media.
Currently more that 60% of his macules have recovered slowly and once recovery takes place they usually do not reverse.
So please email me as soon as possible, and send me your clinic address thanx, Call me if you want talk with me email add. When these bronchial air passages are inflamed, obstructed or tightened because of the spasm in surrounding muscles, the difficulty in breathing is observed in patient.
The main affect of Allopathy medicines is to expand the air passages that helps patients to breath with ease.

We don't 'claim' or 'guarantee' to cure any disease and conditions especially which are considered as 'incurable' on the basis of modern scientific researches. Urinary tract infections occur more commonly in women than men, with half of women having at least one infection at some point in their lives. If blood appears at the start of urination and then if urine flow is normal in colour – it indicates infection in the urethra. The sharp pain with catch of breath during the middle and end of urination usually indicates bladder infection.
Since urinary tract infection is a result of immune system weakness, which does not defend against foreign bacteria that enters the urinary tract and causes an infection to develop in the urinary tract, bladder & kidney. Its first effect is to produce a copious diuresis; this is followed by the scantiness of urine which results in dropsy. In the bladder they cause a desire to urinate, and the patient is constantly urinating, for the bladder seems imperfectly emptied. The patient walks about in great distress; at the same time there is tenesmus of the rectum. Likewise, we have combos with Staphysagria and Caladium to treat ailments related to men’s health. Human intelligence found its own way out to use herbs & other natural elements which can help them curb their physical distress by random trials & errors.
Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness.
According to Homeopathic doctors & researchers, homeopathy medicines enhance the capacity of natural healing & natural cures in a human body.
But it is always advisable that you should consult homeopathic doctors for homeopathic treatments as they can prescribe the best homeopathic remedy suitable for you.
Our goal is to promote homeopathy online so that the benefit of homeopathy reaches people globally. Information and statements regarding healthcare products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. In countries where Homeopathy is not as known, we are pleased to have increased its awareness and popularity. The treatment prescribed was purely Homeopathic based on the child's personality and pathology. The content of this website is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment.
The urethritis pain will be more in the beginning of urination and diminishes with the flow. A Homeopathic medicine will enhance resistance to infection by stimulating your immune system so that the illness can be resolved as rapidly and with as little discomfort as possible. There is a persistent and violent urging to urinate, with great tenesmus; the urine is passed only in drops and seems like molten lead passing through the urethra, so intense is the burning. The regular product pages offer only few options, but from here you can order some additional potencies and large professional packs and extremely competitive rates.
According to the renowned homeopaths, homeopathy works fast when your conditions are diagnosed properly, and subject experts can only do so.
Your continued access or use of the site shall be deemed your acceptance of all our terms and conditions.
It is often indicated in acute cystitis (homeopathic remedy for cystitis), gravel and urethritis, the great keynotes being the burning and the tenesmus of the bladder; haematuria also calls for Cantharis under certain conditions. Large packs such as 100 grams and 450 grams apart from our regular 4 dram and 1 ounce pack sizes. Homeopathic practitioners select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including not only symptoms but lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and other factors.
You should not also discontinue homeopathy treatment suddenly without your homeopathy doctor’s advice. If you are living in a country other than Pakistan, read Treatment of Patients Living in Other Countries.
Pyelonephritis, if it occurs, usually follows a bladder infection but may also result from a blood-borne infection. Based on the classical approach of Homeopathy a Homeopathic practitioner looks at the person holistically, that is mind, body and emotion together and not just at the symptoms of the illness. And a homeopathic teacher, or a homeopathic doctor, helped me a lot with this, so I would recommend that.Pete Townsend"Homoeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person's health.
In those with vague symptoms, diagnosis can be difficult because bacteria may be present without there being an infection.
Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homoeopathy extremely important and applicable."Gay Gaer Luce PhD (science writer - twice winner of the national science writer's award). A Homeopathy remedy will not harm your body functions as homeopathy remedies are natural remedy and the acceptance of homeopathy is growing fast as herbal remedies, alternative treatment - alternative medicines.
In those with frequent infections, low dose antibiotics may be taken as a preventative measureUrinary tract infections (UTIa€™s) are a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year.
It is a common infection that usually occurs when bacteria enter the opening of the urethra and multiply in the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder (ureters), bladder, and the tube that carries urine from the bladder (urethra). Men, women, and children all can be prone to develop UTIs, but the condition is more common in women and young girls than in men and young boys. In some cases, a painful burning sensation in the urethra may be present even when not urinating.
The main causal agent of both types is Escherichia coli, though other bacteria, viruses or fungi may rarely be the cause.

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