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To combat any infection, changing how we live and eat is an important factor we need to put into consideration. Among other foods that can be taken as treatment for herpes are PruneIla vulgaris and mushroom Rozites carpeta.
As mentioned earlier in the article, a certain life style is an important factor in the curing of herpes. Researchers have discovered that consuming a small glass of red wine daily can help cure diabetes. As per research report, strong "super-food" compounds detected in the red wine can work in addition to a daily dosage of medicine for sufferers of Type 2 diabetes. Researchers found that red wine antioxidants could be just as effectual as a daily intake of a combative medicine.
The polyphenols, biologically active compounds found in red wine, work in the same way as the drug rosiglitazone, which is now prohibited. Boffins from Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences discovered that consuming 125ml red wine daily was sufficient to provide Type 2 diabetes sufferers their daily amount of medicine. The researchers stated that the suggested daily dosage for curing Type 2 diabetes utilizing rosiglitazone is between 4mg and 8mg.

The research group said that 100ml of the examined red wine was the same as 1.8-18mg of rosiglitazone.
The results of the research have been released in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Food and Function. Diet, therefore, plays an important role in any case. Foods rich in Vitamins B and C and mineral salts like Zinc and Iron help in strengthening the immune system.
PruneIla vulgaris is edible especially the leaves and stem as part of a salad or boiled and eaten as a potherb.
It is scientifically proven that if the body is stressed, it losses the ability to fight diseases. It is curable and there is also a natural way of doing it.The first step to any cure of a disease is to know something about it. Loose- fitting clothing allows air to circulate and keeps sweat and moisture away from the affected area hence speeding up the process of sore healing. In other words, stress weakens the immune system. Therefore, it is vital that we find means of addressing our stress. It is transmitted especially through unprotected sex and it affects the genital area of both men and women.

Herpes virus when contracted for the first time, it gives you flu, blisters develop around the infected area but eventually heal after a couple of weeks or so. When you are sick, doctors recommend long restful sleeps because it allows the body to rest and recharge hence have the ability to fight the infection even better.
It is important to keep in mind that successful stress management can help reduce the frequency of herpes outbreak.
As it is used in cooking, it can also be used together with bee wax and lavender as a mixture to spread on the infected area.
Taking a plastic bag and fill it with crushed ice, wrap a cloth material around it and apply for at least 10 minutes several times a day helps alleviate the pain.
Ice has to be applied with caution and in moderation since prolonged applying of ice can cause tissue damage.

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