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Most people have a misconception that recycler is a Computer Virus, however its not true. The recycler is nothing but a system folder which is used to keep all deleted data. In simple words, it means if you delete anything on your D drive then the data will be moved inside a hidden folder called recycler which is in the root directory of D drive. If you encounter these type of files, then your computer might be infected with a recycler virus.
If recycler virus is active, then no matter how many times you delete it, it will re-appear and create a copy of itself everywhere on the disk drive.

There are other methods to remove recycler virus, but it involves messing with the system registry.
If that’s the case then first boot the OS in safe mode, kill the process in task manager (if found), then remove it from start up tab.
In short, try and boot OS in safe mode and perform all the steps given above in the thread, except step 9. But if you have a doubt, Try microsoft security essentials and anti-malewarebytes to scan your pc thoroughly.

You don’t need to delete the recycler folder or the system volume information folder.
Remember that recycler folder is a system folder while recycler.exe is the recycler virus which you should delete.

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