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Though we are not interested in spams, but we cannot deny the fact that sometimes they do catch our eye, and thats when their purpose is fulfilled. There is no way to get rid of these mails if you through away your email address everywhere on the internet. There is no full proof way of doing so, you can just be extra careful and hence prevent your email address from landing into spammers list.

You better have two email addresses , first one for official and personal use, and the second one for registering for services, filling surveys, online shopping etc. Its often said that if your email address is complex then you might survive against spammers, because they do not prefer hard email addresses, but thats not true. Never reply to spam emails, that confirms that the your email address is valid and working, hence the spammers will be more interested in your email address.

Once you mark any of them as spam, your email service will automatically mark any further mail form that particular spammer as spam, and will put it in the SPAM box.

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