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Pus is a thick fluid that usually contains white blood cells, dead tissue and bacteria (germs). To get the most benefit from the fluoride, do not rinse the toothpaste away after brushing.
Suttner holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Psychology, with an Honours in Psychology from the Univeristy of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Dentistry from the Univerisity of Sydney.

We provide different types of dental services, including emergency dentist, dental implants, tooth whitening and children dentistry. Brian Mooy, it has been a family practice focusing primarily on the prevention of dental problems, serving and being part of the Bondi Beach community. Mooy's replacement because of the identical nature of their treatment philosophy, the high quality of his dental skills, and his commitment to further education in all manners of modern dentistry. His wife, Cara, is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women.

The abscess typically originates from a bacterial infection, often one that has accumulated in the soft pulp of the tooth. A dental abscess can cause toothache and other symptoms.Without treatment, the condition is likely to become worse, and you may lose the affected tooth.

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