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Ozone is nothing more than three oxygen molecules electrically bound together and one of the most beneficial substances on this planet. Ozone is a simple and highly effective that combined with the healing powers of hydrotherapy (water), by attaching an ozone generator to a mat that is placed at the bottom of a bath, producing a type of Jacuzzi effect. Ozone is an excellent adjunct when treating respiratory illness, it improves circulation and is particularly helpful in overcoming the harmful developments in diabetes. Prevents: Premature Aging, Nerve-Related Diseases, Cold and Flu, Allergies, Tumors and Cysts, Strokes, Degenerative Diseases etc. Hair is something that needs regular cleaning because let’s face it, like your skin it too is exposed to environment pollutants and this results in obstruction of cells along with a lot of damage to the hair follicles.
In this reference, herbs like lavender not only provide natural cleansing but also strengthen the hair.
Rosemary And Lavender This is a combination that really works great for the hair because the use of ingredients is minimal and you get deep cleansing without the need of even shampooing. Tea Tree And Lavender For those who have oily skin issues, suffer from dandruff or are prone to regular scalp infections, a regular shampoo only worsens the problem. Lavender And Mixed Herb Rinse This is a really good rinse that not only adds strength and shine, but also colors the hair while cleansing it.
Lavender And Nettle Leaf Tea Rinse Tea is one of the ingredients that helps to add shine and strength to all hair types. Ozone is generated naturally from oxygen in the air by electrical discharges such as lightning. Unlike the stable oxygen you breathe (O2), ozone is unsteady and highly effective sanitizer to germs, viruses, and a host of microbes that are known to cause illness.

But in instead of just normal air bubbles, you get millions of micro-size ozone bubbles will be emitted from the mat that can easily be absorbed by your skin and of course inhaled. But using strong shampoos and rinses often means that you are putting your hair through more torture. If you want, you can use it as often as alternate days, without worrying about damage to hair. Using the tea tree and lavender cleanser helps in fighting bacteria, cleansing the hair and also provides a gorgeous fragrance. Let it stay in the sun for a couple of days so that all the extracts from the herbs seep through and enter the vinegar. And once ozone has sanitized all the impurities, it naturally converts back to stable oxygen. It boost the immune system, and helps the body neutralize and get rid of harmful wastes and toxins, as well as so much more!
Add 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar to it, which acts as the major cleanser and also hydrates the scalp.
To this add about ? cup of dried lavender, the idea is to get as much fragrance and natural goodness as you can. Before using the same, make sure that you shake the bottle very well or the oil settles at the bottom and thus you only get vinegar.
Once the liquid is cool, you can add essential oil and the baking soda and then mix it well.
Lavender combats anti bacterial infections, dandruff and promotes hair growth, while strengthening it too.

Another benefit is that the soothing properties to lavender also help in faster rejuvenation of hair follicles.
Again, you may use regular vinegar, but apple cider is a much healthier and sensible option. Then throw in about 4 drops of tea tree oily, reduce the quantity if you have dry scalp issues.
Now put the ingredients in a pan, except for the tea tree oil, and let it boil over low heat. And of course, there is lavender, which is known for treating different hair issues like dandruff and itchiness. You will need about a cup of dried lavender, while the other ingredients can be about ? cup each. Another benefit that you get is that deep cleansing also prevents bacterial issues for the scalp. Remember that the chances of it going bad are only during summer, even then it will last you a good couple of weeks.

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