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Stretch marks can show up when there’s is a rapid change in the size of the body like weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy or puberty. After learning about the natural methods of treating unsightly marks on the skin, your next question might be ‘can you get rid of stretch marks faster?’. Whatever method that you choose as your answer to your ‘can you get rid of stretch marks’ question, know that the key to success is your persistence. Massage your stretch marks every now and then to help the blood and nutrients to quickly reach the scarred parts of the body. Wear sunscreen when going outdoors because the rays of the sun can darken stretch marks and cause further damage to the skin. For complete protection agains UV rays, wear protective clothing over the scarred area when going out of the house. Moisturize your stretch marks with shea butter or cocoa butter three times a day to reduce the appearance of existing marks and prevent the development of new ones. So you already know the answer to your enquiry on ‘how can you get rid of stretch marks’ and now you’re very excited to try the suggestions enumerated above.
Although pregnancy is the main reason for occurrence of stretch marks, they may be caused by other reasons as well such as: sudden weight gain or weight loss, rapid growth, hereditary factors, stress and physical changes in women. Potato juice is an excellent natural remedy that can heal stretch marks fast, because it contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate new cell growth.
Cut the potatoes into thick slices and rub them onto the affected area a few minutes making sure that the juice of potatoes covers all the stretch marks. Treating Hemorrhoids at Home: With One Ingredient From Your Kitchen You Will be Cured in 24 Hours! Probably, after years of experience, you can now say that you have mastered the tooth- brushing skill. It is a well-known fact that belly fat is the most problematic body part for losing weight. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

While they might never be completely eliminated, there are a lot of things that you can try to at least downgrade their appearance and seem like they don’t exist.
In other words, you don’t have to feel bad if you’re dealing with stretch marks as they are normal and you can do something to downgrade their appearance and many natural methods are available. The wonder of vitamin E cannot be questioned and many women swear by it as an effective way of reducing or preventing the appearance of unsightly marks. Mix enough amounts of these ingredients so that you’ll come up with a thick paste to apply on the areas of the body with stretch marks. This type of oil has a strong dose of Vitamin E which effectively treats stretch marks so you should give this a shot at home.
Given that it can take weeks or months for the natural remedies to show results, you might want to try something that gives you the fastest results. If you don’t see any positive result after a few days or weeks, don’t give up and just continue with what you’re currently doing until such time that you see satisfactory improvements on your skin. If you’re pregnant or if you have allergies, do not attempt to try any treatment yet until you’ve consulted your doctor and you’re given a go signal. They are mainly found in the abdominal wall, but can also occur over the thighs, upper arms, buttocks and breasts. Stretch marks can be unsightly, annoying and embarrassing but unfortunately, they happen to affect roughly 90% of women so it’s kind of difficult to avoid them from appearing. Apply this directly on the skin and do this everyday until you notice that your skin becomes smoother and your stretch marks become less visible.
If you know the effective methods to use and you are consistent in your efforts, then the answer is yes. In this option, only a dermatologist can administer this using a laser light to break up the pigment in the parts of the body with stretch marks. A surgical procedure may be the answer for complete, permanent and fast elimination of unsighly marks. Be extra careful in deciding which method of removing stretch marks to follow especially those that involve the use of creams and moisturizers and the invasive ones too.

The bleaching properties of lemon alone can help a lot in reducing the appearance of stretch marks so you can just imagine the kind of work that this mixture can do on your skin. As with potato juice, just slice open a potato then put its cut edges on the skin with the most visible stretch marks. This is done to help the unsightly marks blend with the color of the sorrounding skin and improve the level of collagen production in the body so that it would look younger and smoother.
The only effective procedure that can be done for you is tummy tuck which tightens the muscles in the abdomen and gets rid of excess skin in the lower to mid abdominal region. At the end of the day, it’s only with the natural remedies where you can be assured of your safety. You can buy many lotions in the market that contain vitamin E and massage it on the scarred area.
Just gently whip a few egg whites, spread them on the affected areas and allow them to settle on the skin for several minutes before washing. Immediately after the treatment, the affected part of the body will turn red and tender and the recovery period can take weeks. Repeat this same procedure everyday for a few weeks or until such time that you already notice positive results. The risk with this medical procedure is that a mishandled laser can lead to superficial tissue damage and the body can have negative reactions to the treatment.
As of this time, there are no surgeries available for removal of stretch marks in other parts of the body aside from tummy tuck.

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