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Antibiotics work by being either bactericidal where they kill microorgnisms; or by being bacteristatic where they inhibit the growth of the microorganisms. Narrow spectrum antibiotics target specific reaction in particular microorganisms; whereas broad spectrum antibiotics will have an effect on more general features so affect a wide range of pathogens. An example of antibiotic resistance can be seen with Penicillin, some bacteria can produce an enzyme called Penicillinase which breaks down Penicillin before it can take effect. Other mechanisms of resistance include the evolution of a capsule that is resistant to antibiotic, and cell membranes becoming less permeable to antibiotic.
Bacteria can spread resistance genes between each other by bacterial conjugation where two cells join by their pilli and exchange plasmids which often contain genes for antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is made much worse by the overuse of antibiotics in medical treatment. Even though we can describe all antibiotics with a single word, there is no single description that does justice to these fascinating compounds.
When we talk about animals, plants, or people growing, we’re really describing individual organisms getting larger.
In order for bacteria to grow, then, they need to make all the parts necessary for building new bacterial cells. Many, if not most, antibiotics act by inhibiting the events necessary for bacterial growth. If bacteria need to grow in order to be killed by antibiotics, then bacteria, can escape from antibiotics, by NOT growing or by growing very slowly. This phenomenon has been observed with biofilms (colonies of bacteria living on a surface) (1), E.

Now that so much more of the biochemistry of antibiotic action is known, things seem to be much more complex. Are there ever times where antibiotics can’t block the enzymes (reason as to why a zone of inhibition may not be present)?
When it comes to bacteria, some small fraction of any strain of bacteria infecting you are, because of random genetic mixing, more resistant to the antibiotics you may be taking. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the full course of antibiotics, and some bacteria cells are extremely drug resistant. Unfortunately, some bacterial strains have developed that are resistant to a lot of different types of drugs (according to the World Health Organization), and these bacteria are responsible for thousands of deaths in hospitals around the world each year.
Without the overuse of antibiotics, drug-resistant strains of bacteria are not as competitive as other strains that commonly infect people. It’s a bit as if, somewhere in the forests of India, one tiger was born that was much, much better at hiding from and attacking people than the ordinary tiger, but it was smaller than other tigers.
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There isn’t always a clear distinction since chemical groups can be added to antibiotics, making them partly synthetic and partly natural. Neither are they proteins, although some antibiotics contain amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. I’m taking biology and chemistry, and to meet a standard for this project on a virus I would like to include something about enzymes. We want to learn about your use of computers in the classroomSandra Porter on Teach Biology?

When the environment changes, those fortunate organisms who are better adapted to the new environment will live longer and produce more offspring than those that are poorly adapted. This is why your doctor often makes you to take the antibiotic for a few days after the symptoms are gone; to kill those last most resistant bacteria cells. Over the years since the discovery of penicillin about a century ago, bacterial cells resistant to penicillin have been surviving and reproducing, so that there are now strains of bacteria that are resistant to the drug.
When your doctor prescribes one antibiotic and it doesn’t work, they can usually prescribe another that will work because a bacteria strain that has an immunity to one drug might not have an immunity to another, especially if the other is a very different type of drug.
Instead of treating every, or even most colds with antibiotics, their doctors take a wait and see attitude.
They prescribe other medicines that reduce the symptoms, the coughing and runny nose, and let the body’s immune system deal with the bacterial infection. However, when people start hunting tigers, the supertiger survives better and passes on its genes. In Norway, they are able to use penicillin varieties that would not be effective in other countries.

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