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Then, follow with removing dust and webbings from the ceiling, scrub surfaces, sweep and mop up the floor. If your lot is full of plants and weeds alike, water bugs will be encouraged to visit your home. I've flushed it quite a bit, but only once in the evenings when we are shutting down to head home. You need to do an intensive general cleaning to clean up every corner of your house that may be infected with water bugs. Your kitchen drain, bathroom drain and garage drain might be full of waste clumps that the water bugs love. If there are any leftovers in your pet’s food bowl, those water bugs will constantly take trips to your pet’s house to steal any food resources that is supposed to be for your pet.

So if the population of water bugs in your house is just too much, you can always ask for the exterminator’s help. They will mess with your kitchen cabinets, damage your drainage, and destroy your garden plants and a lot more. Call your local exterminator office and ask him to eradicate all those water bugs from your home. Water bugs are definitely home wreckers so if you find water bugs in your home, you should remove them as quickly as possible so that the situation will not worsen.
Water bugs like cool, damp and shaded areas so you will most likely find their nest in hidden areas. One simple thing you can do is pour pure vinegar over the drains so that the high acidity of the vinegar will kill the bacteria and germs that are inside your drainage pipes.

Of course, you will need to pay for the service but at least; those water bugs will stop bothering you after they have been killed.
So clean up all those stuffs and throw away the garbage that has lingered in your house for so long.

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