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RFC 1 – Host Software How to remove the smell of cat urine out of my rug, it soaked into the underlay and floor. Best Answer: To remove the smell of urine from just about anything, first clean it with some sort of soap or kitchen cleaner. Accidents happen and even the most well-behaved dog or cat has the occasional accident on your carpet.
PetPeePee specializes in permanently removing dog and cat urine odor from oriental rugs and area rugs. Images on this website have been digitally watermarked with ownership and usage information.
Home › Blogs › Robin Olson's blog The David of Air Naturalizing Takes on the Goliath of Stank. Running my cat rescue, Kitten Associates, and using my home as the main foster location can be a lot of fun. Although I scoop the litter pan MANY times a day and refresh the litter often, it does no good.
The added problem is that we have people coming over all the time to meet the kittens and they can’t be grossed out by the smell or we’d lose out on adoptions. I have 9 cats who occasionally urinate beyond the confines of their litter pan in places that break my heart. There have been a lot of reviews of CritterZone and many tests, but I doubt anyone has put the CritterZone into their car and hauled 15, 30-gallon bags of garbage including lots of bags of soiled cat litter across town to the local dump. This winter was so bad, we didn’t have garbage pick up for MONTH, so we had to move our own garbage by car. I hooked up the CritterZone and placed it between my partner Sam and I as he drove us to the dump. That's when I knew without a doubt, CritterZone is your first line of defense in preventing stench-offense.
The only caveat I will add is that I had mild respiratory irritation, which I discovered when I left the unit on overnight in the foster room. CritterZones come as a wall mounted unit for near the litter pan or other locations that need naturalization or a corded unit with an optional adapter (you can purchase separately or it comes with their Travel Pack) for your car for added flexibility. Thanks to Mary at CritterZone I can do a giveaway of ONE CritterZone (a $99.00 value) to a VERY LUCKY reader.
I suspect one of the reasons Sunshine is so happy now is that she isn't trapped all day with that smell!!! Ever since I brought Cee Cee in from her vagabond life outdoors and got her spayed, prettied up and pampered, she has always rewarded me with her Stenchy poop. Well, 5 months ( and lots of dollars) later, all of Loki's infections are cleared up and a dental left him with exactly four teeth and fresh breath. I am pretty certain the cats have burned their noses completely off since thier excrement doesn't even seem to bother them in the least! Robin, I would LOVE to have a Critter Zone because like so many of your other readers, I have permanent cats and foster cats (currently 12 total cats and 8 or 9 litter boxes). I scoop every time I go to the bathroom if neccessary, and take the waste out in various  types of bags. Then there is attempting to be lulled into dreamland by listening to "ocean sounds" on the cell phone speaker when my girl Cuatro has totally missed the box. I have a cat with IBD, when we first rescued him he had no control over his bowels and his, um, eliminations were like brown lumpy water and the stink, the smell peeled paint and caused many an evacuation of the house. We've got 9 rescue kitties, at least one of whom is an "inappropriate eliminator", and we've all been closed up from the outside world during our first Minnesota winter.  Critterzone sounds like it would make the "kitty corners" of the house smell much better! I might also want to give it to our main shelter, Kitty Connection, which has a lot more cats and more of a smell problem. I also foster kittens and my friends and have noticed the foul smell of their "contributions".
With 5 cats in a 2-bedroom condo, I am constantly worried about what visitors smell when they step through our door.
On top of all of this, I also will foster kitties from time to time, and that adds to the odor issues of the home. Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated.
Include: Ballerine Hogan, Hogan Olympia, Hogan Rebel, Hogan Interactive e Hogan Progetto Qualit??, ecc a buon mercato e di alta! Below is our free cat urine removal home Find best value and selection for your DOG CAT SPRAY PET URINE ODOR CARPET RUG STAIN REMOVER search on eBay. Then clean it with lemon If you are removing cat pee off your floors and rugs, chances are your cat is ill and needs a vet. If not cleaned properly and promptly, pet urine On light colored carpets and rugs, you might be able to track down the majority of the cat urine on the carpet just by looking for stains and smelling for the source of At Your Service Carpet Cleaning – Riverside (CA). PetPeePee guarantees, in writing, to permanently remove pet Not decorating, I know, but my decorating is taking a back burner to this!
Use this method on your clothing, bedding, rugs or anything you think you can stuff in the washer (not including your cat).
I get to play with the kittens, watch them grow, enjoy their warm purring bodies fall asleep in my lap, but the one thing a lot of folks don’t know is very young kittens, often with parasite-laden bellies, produce a special sort of foul-smelling stool that the U.S. In the winter, I can’t open the windows and the door to the foster room is kept closed, so smells are pretty much sealed in.
I was growing tired of making excuses to adopters about forgiving me for the smelly room, but I was not sure what I could do about it. I’ve had little resource in how to get rid of the smell even though I’ve used a lake full of odor “removers.” Some do an okay job, but when Pee-Tunia peed on the sofa, that was it. As the heat kicked in and the car warmed, I expected to get knocked over by the smell of the garbage.

It had cleaned the air, but since I left it running after it had done its job was when it caused the issue. I just fret about stinky air, but if you have the sniffles you might want to try a CritterZone for that as well.
For everyone else, I can offer a Coupon Code so you can SAVE $10.00 on as many units as you want. If you see it here, it's because, at LEAST I think it's worth you knowing about even if I have an issue with it and, at BEST, I think it's amazing and we should all have one, two or more of whatever it is I'm reviewing.
I currently have 6 cats and 1 dog who, from time to time over the years, have peed and pooped various places throughout the house. My big dog (RIP Estes) had a bit of a sensitive stomach and would vomit yellow, foamy stuff if he didn't eat for several hours. I too am the main foster for our rescue and I have devoted two large rooms in my home to the fosters. Poor Loki was a litany of neglect-caused problems: skin infections, ear infections, bladder infection, fungus infections on his feet, matted coat, etc.
I often have litters of 5-7 kittens and their mom - requiring several litter boxes - in a small space.
I have 3 cats, a dog, a 2 yr old, a husband who works construction,  and another little girl due very soon! She doesn't seem to point it towards the litter and it runs down this plastic "Vote for Bob Wilson For City Council" sign that I cut up and put on the wall for just such occaisions!
She drops a dainty steaming pile and then paws the edges of the box for what sounds like eternity but never does she EVER paw actual cat litter over her dung! Seriously, he once got that "look" while I was holding him and didn't make it to the box, I had to wash 3 times and soak in baking soda to rid my body of that smell. A couple of my neutered male cats still have a tendency to spray even after they have been fixed. Like many others responding, I have lots of cats and litterboxes, including litterboxes in the kitchen and my bedroom. It would be so awesome to be able to have visitors and not even have to think about whether they think I have a "cat problem."  Please help a single girl out! I work hard to keep the houee clean and not smelling like there are 16 cats here, so every bit helps! If the cat urine is on the walls 2’ up and higher, your cat is How do you get cat urine smell out of a rug? The "Digimarc-Enabled" Web Button is a trademark of Digimarc Corporation, used with permission. I can’t use a candle or plug-in cover up because a) they don’t work and b) I don’t want chemicals in a room with 4-week old kittens who would inhale the fumes.
Our foster kittens can be friends with the CritterZone because it doesn't use harmful chemicals. It was a first and I wanted it to be a last, but the only way to stop the others from peeing in the same place was to get the smell OUT. It was too cold here in Connecticut to open the car windows during our trip, but I figured that’s what we’d have to do. I wanted to sleep with the kittens, but not have the smell of a litter box visit wake me up.
Here’s more information about their technology and the MANY WAYS it can help make your life better. Make it funny, creative, compelling-whatever you think you need to say to convince me that you should WIN! This Giveaway ends Friday, MARCH 14, 2014 at 11:11 PM EST and is open to residents of the USA, only (sorry guys!). I get NO reimbursement for writing these reviews, though to write a review I am supplied with the item, as I was in this case. One morning my (ex-)boyfriend and I woke up to the sound of Estes puking in the bedroom and a smell I cannot even describe well enough to do it justice.
She’s a one-eyed, five-pound bundle of fluffy black energy, a young adult I adopted about a year ago from a rescue-turned-hoarding situation. If I am sitting on the couch and I get a whiff of a healthy doodie I gotta jump up and dispatch it asap!
The room is not air conditioned, so in summer I have a bigger odor problem than in the winter. I have tried absolutely everything to neutralize the cat pee smell but so far nothing has worked.
Best Answer: Go to the store where the pet products are kept and find a pet urine cleaner, that says it breaks down the natural enzymes.
Also, visible cat urine odor dog urine odor human urine odor cat spraying was an area rug used under a dining table that our cat decided was his litter box. I thought I lost my mind or that my sense of smell had been destroyed by smelling one too many cat “bombs.” I asked our visitors (they had kids who have an even more sensitive sense of smell) about the odor in the room and they could not detect anything other than a fresh scent. I’d have to place the unit at one end of the stain, then move it every 45 minutes along the length of the stain. CritterZone provides indoor air with the natural charge it needs to virtually eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria in an area up to 800 sq ft.
As soon as a few dollars are put away either the car breaks down or another fur kid who needs medical shows up.
So please pick me where I can live in a smell free house with all these precious ones that I love!! One has colitis, another has kidney issues and pees A LOT, one is eyeless and has horrible aim but lastly we have Peanut, The Foul. Since I live in a rural are I usually don't even have to go looking for kittens or cats to rescue. So far I have gotten her to sucessfully use a pee pad -- but by the time I get home, if both litterboxes are filled and the pee pad has been used, everything is ripe, and spraying the air (circumspectly, so Cee Cee doesn't get blasted by it) a store-bought dollar can of scented air-spray only makes it worse. Because he had so many teeth pulled, he drools a little all the time and dog saliva stinks! Seeing as her litter hox is in my room (we have several around the house) I am constantly woken up by the infamous kitty "bomb".

She has some kind of tummy issues (still trying to get a diagnosis) that give her frequent diarrhea and – probably because she grew up in a house where many cats used the floor as a bathroom – she doesn’t poop in the litter boxes at my house (though fortunately she does pee in them). I've used every product out there to keep the cat boxes and floors smelling nice but apparently it's not working. In addition to him, I have a female with food sensitivity and the only thing that doesn't make her sick makes her smell like a rotting corpse sprayed by a skunk, then there's the 17 year old who has to pee (and poop) on puppy pads because any litter box even looked at by another cat is "contaminated" and can't be used by her. He's a very sweet 9 year old, obviously used to living with other cats, but he objected to his new surroundings by spraying. We have to keep the house extra clean and avoid pretty much everything that is scented - which is everything these days! If the stain is not recent, re-wet the stain with water and You can deodorize and clean cat and pet urine odors and stains from your carpets and rugs using common household products.
Our shaggy rug has been used as an indoor toilet Find best value and selection for your Cat Dog Pet Odor Stain Urine Remover Carpet Rug Cleaner search on eBay. Who can believe a little doohickey like that could clean the smell out of a small space, let alone a room? It smells THAT BAD and on top of it, the smell isn’t from ONE kitten, it’s usually from FOUR OR MORE. This is in addition to the fact that I knew one of the kittens had recently used the pan for “evil”. I wish everyone could win one, it sounds like a lot of people need them, or could use them. The CritterZone I already have does great but there is just too much space for 1 unit to keep smelling fresh and clean! To keep from gagging,  I try to stick my nose into my sweater while I clean up everything. My kitties no longer avoid him (big ole 70 lb dog is afraid of 2 10 lb kitties!), but I think the CritterZone just might be the thing to bring a little freshness back to Loki, Merlin, and Simon's lives – plus mine too! My bathroom and basement floors get really gross really fast, and the smell seems to permeate the entire house. Six steps and you are standing in what the rental agent laughably called the diningroom, eight and you are in the tiny kitchen!
We start our mornings on a game of hide and seek to see where the pee was deposited the night before. I'm thinking that the CritterZone would help with the usual smells of the litterbox but also help with scents I am not always able to control (like cleaning products) and perfumes guests wear to our house. So, while some people cannot open the windows for a couple of months in the winter, I spend about nine months of the year with the house sealed up against the heat. Cat urine on a carpet or rug is more than a nuisance; it can penetrate through the fibers and into the padding, causing mold to go along with that awful smell. With much trepidation I took on the task of testing out two units because baby, I have a lot of foul odor issues in my house and one wouldn’t cover it. Combine that smell with what their moms unload, (who have eaten God knows what before they come to us and got good food) and it's a nose-hair-melting blast.
I did spray the area and the fabric was stained (my fault), but the smell started to go away.
You may have a completely different experience with how long or under what circumstances you should turn off the unit.
So there all over the hardwood floor was yellow, foamy dog vomit with several cat poops in it! And just try wrapping your brain around a rousing game of "Jeopardy" when yer gagging from one of Mr.
I've had to replace my (cheap) toaster and my very nice, perfect color red, fairly expensive toaster oven. It took a good day, but by the end of it, I carefully sniffed the cushion and the smell was gone. Somebody (there are six feline suspects!) decided to use the floor of the closet as an unsanctioned carpeted (sigh) litterbox. The unit, however, had grown small white salt-like crystals on it which meant it had done its job and it needed to be cleaned.
Even after a bath and days of litter box training (oh yeah) they still bring the smells of being down on the farm to the great indoors. I don't want to have to pick between my son or my cats because to tell you the truth my cats would probably win ( don't tell my son that!
17 litters boxes with different types of litter for our picky pusses and a couple empty ones for the more discerning felines that won't use litter. After many attempts to locate the culprits (none of my neighbors will fess up so I could stop the trek) and since the mother cats don't seem to be rushing to my place desperately trying to recover their missing kits, we face a unique and added essence to the already natural odors these babies bring of their own accord. If the CritterZone can get the odor out of a sofa, surely it can get the odor out of the closet carpet!
We go through a lot of cleaning supplies and air freshners to help battle the Peanut stench.
Oh yeah I get to be mom because for some reason the mother cats don't seem to be beating a path to my place looking to retrieve their offspring. That covers that bodily function now throw in a couple of kits that can make grown men weep with their odoriferous bouts with intestinal air.
I'll have to paint 3 rooms and, short of putting him in diapers, this product could be my only hope. I love her more than anything and will follow her with clorox wipes for the rest of her life. Now don't get me wrong it's not only the cats, we have 2 large breed dogs and one giant breed dog also known as the Moose.

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