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Sweat is an unfortunate part of life that we all have to deal with, especially if you live in the Northeast during the summer (guys, it is so humid today that I don’t even know what to do with myself).
Avoid Maxi Pads or Panty LinersWhen I was doing research for this post, I noticed that a lot of people on forums and blogs recommended wearing light maxi pads or panty liners to soak up vag sweat before it can stain your clothes.
Source Try Anthony No Sweat Body DefenseThere are some products out here that are made to deal with down there sweat. Anthony No Sweat Body Defense, $20, UltaChoose Cotton UnderwearIf you're trying to combat vag sweat, you should avoid all underwear fabrics except for cotton. Hane's Women's Constant Comfort X-Temp Hipster Panties 3-Pack, $9.99, HanesTry Lush Silky Underwear PowderI mention this Lush powder in every article I write about sweat, and for good reason. Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, $7.95, LushUse Baby PowderDon't want to get all fancy with special powders? Try one of these methods for stain removal by using many products you likely already have on hand. Mattresses might begin to smell a bit stale after some time and this might be annoying while sleeping. If there are no spills or strains over your mattress and it still smells musty, you can follow simple steps to freshen it up. If you have spilled drink or anything else on your mattress, you should use a cleanser containing citrus to wipe it off. Some people are sweatier than others, and those extra-sweaty people know that the struggle is real. Sweating from your vagina leads to embarrassing sweat stains you can’t explain and also a ton of discomfort. Again, your vag is sweating because you're hot, so anything extra down there is going to make it worse.

If you're going to be exercising or you do a sport, you should definitely buy yourself some moisture-wicking underwear.
Save money on clothing replacements or dry cleaning by getting set-in stains out easily with the methods below.
To nip the problem in the bud, consider switching to aluminum-free deodorants, such as Dove Clinical Protection. Use vinegar and water to soak, then follow up with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and salt paste.
Try crushing up aspirin and adding just enough water for a paste that works as a stain fighter. This irritating smell might be the result of accumulated dust, any spills over the mattress or due to your own sweat. The simplest way is to spray your mattress with a good quality antibacterial air freshener. Spray a small amount of cleanser on the stain and leave it for an hour so that the mattress can absorb it properly. If only a small portion of your mattress is affected with mildew, it can be treated but if the entire mattress is impinged on, you need to replace it.
We all sweat, and it’s nothing to stress over, but I understand if you want to tone it down a bit, especially as we go through August, one of the hottest months ever. You're sweating down there because you're hot - do you really think adding extra material is going to make things better? Baby powder helps with chafing and sweating, and is usually sensitive enough to be used in your vaginal area. Instead, hang clothes to dry outside on a sunny day, and iron after the stain has been removed.

Whatever the reason it may be, you need to get rid of any smell from your mattress and make it freshened up.
Baking soda has tremendous properties to remove foul smells from clothing and it is widely used for this purpose besides cooking.
The sun heat will kill out any dust mites and bacteria within the mattress and finish off the stale smell of it. It might soak up your sweat, but it will also make you sweat more, and it will be uncomfortable. Dust mites and other allergens might also start to build up within your mattress if you do not properly clean it up regularly. Avoid using panty liners or maxi pads (if you don't have your period) to avoid more irritation to the area. They're typically made of light material, so they won't be too warm, and they look so cute. There are numerous ways to clean up your mattress and all of them are targeted to make your sleeping bed look spanking new and smell fresh.
If you can't imagine wearing pants, go for loose and breezy shorts or a skirt rather than denim shorts or a tight mini skirt.

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