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Clean the area as best you can by thoroughly soaking up the accident with an old towel or rag until you aren't able to absorb anymore. For deeper or older accidents: "mist" the area with water first, then place the CritterZone on the carpet within 6" of the soiled area for 30-60 minutes and repeat 2-3 times as necessary, depending on the age and saturation. This process works for spills, cat, dog and other animal urine (pee) and feces and other accidents on carpet, fabrics, upholstery, mattresses and more.
Traditional filter systems passively rely on the air passing through filters, greatly limiting their effectiveness.
Often, the smell of cat urine is the direct result of cat or other tree dwelling animal’s urine.
The high level of alcohol within this solution can help to immediately cut through the ammonia stench.
As a final solution, the Christmas tree can be placed erect outside within direct sunlight until the odor dissipates. Recommendations for home-made formulas to clean cat urine stains are widely circulated on the Internet, and typically include some combination of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. There is a strong, legitimate, and chemically important reason to use an enzyme cleaner to clean cat urine stains. The only thing that will break down the uric acid to permanently remove the smell is an enzyme cleaner. To treat a mattress, use essentially the same process as for the couch cushion (you don’t need to remove the mattress from the bed!). Thick cushions and mattresses may require several applications to completely remove the cat urine. The Small Hard Surface Cleaning System I is intended for the removal of dog, or cat, or human urine odors ONLY in hard surfaces such as concrete, etc. The Large Hard Surface Cleaning System I is intended for the removal of dog, or cat, or human urine ODORS ONLY, in hard surfaces such as concrete, etc. If for any reason you do not want to keep your products, send them back for a complete, no strings attached refund. It can take as little as 5-7 days for a smell to develop within this water, so it is especially important that it gets poured out and replaced on a weekly basis.
In such cases, the Christmas tree can be taken outside and given a heavy spray with the garden hose to wash the ammonia-based odor away. Pour a small portion of vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to mist down the entire tree.
Similarly, you will want the tree to be in a location within the yard where it will be sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.

He has an over-productive olfactory system with absolutely zero tolerance for unpleasant aromas. Of course, many people unfamiliar with the problem of cleaning cat urine stains simply try to clean up cat pee as they would any other stain, only to find out later it didn’t work.
Home-made mixtures or typical household cleaners simply do not contain the required ingredients to remove ALL the components of cat urine.
Soap, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide (to name the most common cleaners) simply are not chemically capable of breaking down the uric acid in cat pee.
The enzymes break down uric acid into carbon dioxide and ammonia, both gasses that then easily evaporate.
This will not only help prevent the cat from attempting to pee on the same spot while the enzyme cleaner does its work; it will stop family members from stepping or sitting on the wet spot.
But be aware that an old stain may require two or three full cycles of enzyme cleaner application (allowing it to completely dry between applications) in order to completely clean the stain.
The thickness is the issue, and getting the enzyme cleaner to all the same spots the cat pee went is more difficult on the thick things.
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REMEDIES FOR PET STAINS & ODORS : This is how I got rid of that nasty cat pee smell on our floor: I bought OUT!
I've tried everything to remove the dog urine damage and odor on my hardwood, unfinished floors.
After using several products "Claiming" to get dog urine stains out of hardwood floors along with the smell associated with said stains, I FINALLY found a product that works as stated! It removes dog urine, cat urine & human urine in hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile, grout, concrete, etc. The stains and odors will not come back!  We stand behind all of our products with 100% confidence that they will produce the results you expected and paid for. Once complete, place the erect tree within a location of the yard where it will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays, open space and fresh air will all work to naturally lift away any unwelcome odors. Vinegar and baking soda work to neutralize the odor temporarily, and hydrogen peroxide is 30% more oxidizing than chlorine. These cleaners and deodorizers only temporarily make the smell go away and appear to work because they do clean up the other components of the cat urine.
Cheap ones will work, but need to be reapplied over and over (and probably end up costing as much as the more expensive enzyme cleaners).

This is deceptive, because just spraying a light layer of enzyme cleaner over a urine stain will not result in complete cleaning of that spot. Some people lay aluminum foil down over the area; other recommendations include an upside down laundry basket or an aluminum baking sheet. As mentioned earlier, cat pee wicks, and you must get the enzyme cleaner to wick to all of the same places the cat pee did or it won’t work. This process is so thorough it can even help with odors from your four legged friends left in carpeting, drapes and upholstery!
Once the Christmas tree has completely dried off, it can be taken back within the home and placed within the stand. If this solution has not been effective after one day, try leaving the tree outside for two or even three days until the smell is gone. Enzyme cleaners this author is aware of that work well and reliably include Nok Out, Urine Off, and Anti-Icky Poo. Cat pee wicks, and unless the enzyme cleaner completely envelopes all of the cat pee, even it won’t work. Let it sit for 15 minutes then squish out as much of the excess enzyme cleaner as possible.
It was very easy to apply, and my dogs have not been anywhere near the place since I've cleaned it.
And the scent of their urine outside of the litter box encourages many cats to continue urinating outside of the box, often with their families left scratching their heads wondering why.
I am so happy with the hardwood floors that I will be buying the carpet cleaning product as well.
To continue using your couch for the days it will take your cushion to completely dry, lay aluminum foil down over the couch, put the cushion down, put another layer of aluminum foil over the top of the cushion, and a throw blanket on that. You saved me a TON of money - I thought for sure that I would have to replace the floors, which would have cost a small fortune. When you’re done for the day, remove the throw blanket leaving the aluminum foil behind to discourage kitty from peeing on it while it completes the drying process.

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