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The shoes that look good may not be the ones that feel good, and choosing style over comfort can sometimes cause pain. An ingrown nail curves down and into the surrounding skin as it grows, causing the skin to grow over the nail.
If you opted for the stylish instead of the sensible shoes and now have an ingrown nail, you can begin treatment immediately [source: American Podiatric Medical Association]. To reduce the chances of infection, make sure the piercing equipment is properly sterilized. It is recommended to tell your doctor when your piercing became infected and how you've treated it, if at all, before seeking medical attention.
An infected ear piercing can be painful and can become extremely problematic if not treated correctly and promptly.
Once you have washed and soaked the infected ear piercing, using a cotton swap, apply a small amount of antibacterial ointment to the area. Don't put alcohol or peroxide directly on the area of the infection as these chemicals are harsh and can cause further irritation.
Ingrown toenails are one of the most common side effects of picking footwear that doesn't really fit your feet.
Although fingernails can also become ingrown, toenails, especially the big toe, are more susceptible to this condition [source: WebMD].

Other common causes include cutting your toenails incorrectly, injuring your toe or heredity. You can usually treat an ingrown nail on your own, but your doctor can also perform simple surgical procedures to treat recurrent ingrown nails.
If you suspect an infection, the area should be gently but thoroughly washed with a mild antibacterial soap and soaked with a warm saline solution.
Before washing, carefully remove the earring, and using a soft cloth or tissue, squeeze the area slightly to clear away any puss or discharge that might be present. Try to avoid itching or playing with the infected area because doing so could spread the infection.
If you were born with nails that are too large for your toes or nails that naturally curve, you may be more at risk of developing ingrown toenails. If an ingrown nail is left untreated for too long, it can become infected and require antibiotics, so it's best to take steps to remedy an ingrown nail as soon as possible.
Work up a good lather on a soft washcloth, and gently clean the area, rinsing it thoroughly when done. Rinse it thoroughly, apply a little antibacterial ointment to the post, and reinsert the earring. I took out the earring for just two days and when I tried putting the earrings back in, there was a piece of what looked like hardened pus at the piercing site.

You can work to prevent ingrown toenails by trimming your nails correctly and wearing shoes that give your toes more room.
If the infected piercing does not improve within three days, gets worse, or if you begin to run a fever, you should see your doctor immediately. Saturate a cotton ball with the solution, and hold it against the infected area until the warmth fades, then repeat.
This might not feel very comfortable, but it is important to keep an earring in so that the hole does not close up and trap the infection inside the ear.
You should also trim your nails regularly, cutting them straight across the top and rounding the edges, to prevent them from growing too long [sources: Mayo Clinic, WebMD].
To avoid further irritation or an allergic reaction, your earring should have a post made of 24-carat gold, silver, or surgical steel, and avoid earrings that contain nickel.
Also apply antibiotic cream on it but keep the earrings in your ears to prevent them from closing up. But if the pus is excessive or has an odd color, these are symptoms of an ear piercing infection.

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