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This thread is to introduce a mod that I have been personally been working on.The Crusader Kings ll Voremod is a simple special-action user-modification that adds Vore, or at least references it, giving the character (regardless of gender or culture) a choice of 'meals' in their dungeon (good for getting rid of those annoying rebels leaders!) , and giving a ridiculous buff that is yet to be nerfed. As an avid player of CKII, i don't think the current form of this mod actually fits well into the game. Can someone continue this mod please?I just started getting back into Crusader Kings and a vore mod would actually fit the roleplaying quite well. But too bad about needing Way of Life.Ill probably get the dlc next month and try it out with the mod.
I was afraid of this, when I made this modification I had all the DLC but the Rajas of India on, do you have all the Expansions?Cadfrust wrote:I, for one, am super excited to see such a mod for this game. And much much more ^^I am only but one person, so I won't always be on to continue to work on the mod itself, but I do plan to continue to work on it when I do get the time, but I also plan on doing an 'Amazonian' mod to.
One of the farmers argues that the other has not only stolen some of his cattle but even devoured some in front of him, thing which the incriminated fellow firmly denies. Thank you for fulfilling that wish and I hope to see more added to it as time goes on.You're very much welcome ^^ I don't have an infinite amount of time to stay on the mod and I am only one person, but I'll see about getting it updated, this 'release' was to see if there was any problems with the mod itself.
While they both throw insults at each other, you notice that the said farmer shows a bit of pudge on his belly. What shall you do?-Imprison the farmer, he'll spend the next years working out that cow-pudge (20% chance to gain the just trait, 80% chance of having no effect)-Devour the farmer!

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