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Yesterday, a video of ESPN broadcaster Britt McHenry verbally abusing a towing employee surfaced. Redditors openly waxed the analytical on how much longer her youth and beauty were going to let her float by in the world. Britt McHenry is the new patient zero of everything wrong with female entitlement in media. Blogs were not so readily available when my father would crawl the family truck over country roads, telling me to take a good hard look at the migrant workers in the field. It wasn’t the work that was shameful, but the social strata in which that work implicated you.Even with a college degree, I was “barely qualified” to do customer support at a Silicon Valley startup.
I have gazed into the visage of indignity—it is to have your manager print out a screenshot of a Facebook comment exchange and underline passages relevant to your job performance.The customers who heckled me at my job were not rich television personalities with a degree in journalism.

They were other “common people,” like you and like me.I’ve made crank calls on store phones. We celebrated a friend’s 21st by going to an Applebee’s and switching seats whenever the waiter had his back turned to us.I too have had my vehicle withheld by a tow company, whose creativity in finding pretexts to charge me more money was nothing short of magnanimous (every time they hotwired my car to move it across the lot, they billed me $75). You’ve subtweeted helicopter store employees who are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you do need something.We rely on the service industry and we detest it—likely out of fear.
This implies an intentional shuffle of blame.Her notability, and womanhood, give any bad behavior of hers a higher yield of social media exposure, and therefore profit. In those dying days of empires writhing under war, they’d put a few blank rounds amongst the guns so that no one knew for sure if they shot the killing round.This diffusion is mirrored in our surveillance state—we are ever beset by cameras and tools that record our actions in realtime. At least, not a take hot enough to make the front page of Reddit.Britt McHenry might really be an ugly person on the inside, and this public shaming won’t change that.

It’s not likely to be transformative.You know who likely won’t profit, in any way, from this run of Britt McHenry Superstar? The attendant who she abused.We all retweet and comment on a video of her being called fat and having her teeth mocked—if our outrage is genuine, then it should be applied to shifting discourse on how we treat service staff. Her bully spends a week at home, and all the while, people like you and me place countless people we interact with on a daily basis in that same passive context.Contend to kill that context.

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