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Sometimes URIs become chronic or can reoccur very frequently with the consequence that bad breath becomes very persistent too.
Chronic or recurrent URIs are in fact one of the causes of chronic fetid tonsillitis (or chronic caseous tonsillitis), otherwise known as tonsilloliths, and commonly named tonsil stones. In this post I will talk about about what tonsil stones are and how they form, and I will explain the relationship between tonsil stones and bad breath. The tonsils are naturally filled with crevasses (called tonsillar crypts) where bacteria, fungi, dead cells, mucous, food particles, and other foreign objects get trapped. In the case of a lump of food for instance, the process starts with digestive enzymes present in saliva breaking down the trapped food.
More layers may be added, such as layers made of dead cells that used to form the lining of the mouth for instance. Tonsil stones are a therefore a concentrically laminated pattern, composed of many different substances and organisms. In fact, several studies show that tonsilloliths are actually a living biofilm (similar to dental plaque). The characteristic pungent smell is mostly due to the volatile compounds produced by the anaerobic bacteria located near the nucleous. Most people with healthy tonsils have very small tonsil stones forming more or less regularly inside their tonsil crypts (rarely larger than about 1mm in diameter). These small tonsilloliths can be accidentally released when laughing, singing, talking, coughing or performing any activity that involves squeezing the tonsils. Although it is quite difficult to determine exactly why some people are prone to the formation of large tonsil stones, there are indeed a few factors that play a significant role. The same applies when the crypts are not necessarily big but very numerous; the tonsils may have a higher than average amount of pits, folds and tunnels, where debris, mucous, etc can easily get trapped.
In most cases, if the tonsils are working adequately and are not scarred with large crypts, foreign bodies and micro organisms will either be eliminated or get killed by the white cells inside the tonsils.
Even when small tonsil stones are formed, these will eventually make their way out of the body when accidentally coughed, swallowed (down the stomach and eventually expelled), etc. In addition, healthy tonsils are quite likely involved in the regulation and control of the amounts and types of bacteria present in the mouth.
Unfortunately there is not much research done in this area yet and I would advise you not to make any radical changes in your diet unless you have spoken to your family doctor or a dietician first. These excessive amounts of bacteria will quickly colonise the tongue and the tonsils as well.
In the same way, having poor oral hygiene can have the same effect on how healthy your tonsils are. There may be several factors involved that can encourage tonsillolith buildups during pregnancy. However, you may have larger than average tonsil crypts with exposed openings, and perhaps you tend to eat a lot of dairy as well; these two factors may be sufficient to guarantee the frequent formation of tonsil stones and the presence of chronic bad breath as a consequence.
Therefore, it is reasonable to think that the more tonsil stones your tonsils contain at any given time and the larger they are, the higher the risk of suffering from bad breath.
It is clear that tonsil stones and bad breath go hand in hand, and so it is important that you determine whether your tonsils are prone to gathering debris, so you can establish if you suffer from tonsil stones and bad breath.
Hi, I have suffered from tonsil stones and bad breath for about 5 years or so (although I did not know until very recently that my halitosis is caused by tonsil stones).
Very interesting post… I have wondered for a long time whether or not there was a correlation between URIs and bad breath, and it seems I was correct.
I had no idea what tonsil stones were until my friend showed me her tonsils and how she got them out. Asthma in cats is not particularly common.  However, sneezing and coughing can be mistaken for asthma, or it can indicate it. The veterinary solution is to manage the attacks usually with steroids, just as with humans. A quality, natural diet can go a long way in helping your cat recover from every disease under the sun, and should always be addressed as the first action. If the asthma continues after the diet change, it will invariably be less intense and less frequent, but may not be completely resolved in all cases. Dr Bouteyko, of Russia, discovered that when someone had an asthma attack, it was because the body was too low on carbon dioxide. Therefore, his (highly successful) solution was to get people used to holding their breath for a period, several times a day.
Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine which works by gently raising the immune system, meaning the cat becomes all round healthier.
It is the author’s intention to be as accurate in fact, detail and comment as possible.
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However, tonsil stones and bad breath are often present in very healthy individuals with no history of chronic or recurrent URIs.
They start maybe with a small lump of food or a bit of mucous which gets trapped in one of the crypts; then successive layers are created on top of this initial lump (stratification).
But what is important to notice here is the fact that tonsil stones are absolutely crammed with bacteria; literally layer upon layer! There are both aerobic and anaerobic layers of bacteria present in them, which calcify over time.
However, smaller tonsil stones are very common and they produce the same foul odours as the big ones. Usually these are not numerous nor big in size and are hidden pretty deep somewhere inside the labyrinthine net of nooks and cranies that form the tonsils. There are factors that may increase the speed at which tonsil stones form and other factors that may not only encourage tonsil stone formation but also impair adequate elimination of the calcified matter before it becomes too large. Pus, inflammation, crypt enlargement, presence of excessive amounts of bacteria, etc, all create an environment more prone to tonsil stone formation.
Mucous attracts bacteria, and so tonsilloliths can rapidly form when large amounts of mucous and bacteria regularly make their way inside the crypts. When saliva levels decrease, either chronically or temporarily, debris in the mouth sticks more easily and it can build up in the tonsils.
They do so by filtering foreign viruses, bacteria, debris, etc, and subsequently attacking them via the white cells.
However, there seems to be anecdotal evidence that consumption of dairy products can increase the frequency of build-up of tonsil stones in the crypts. Sensitivities or intolerances (without being necessarily an allergy as such) can cause the palatine tonsils or adenoids to enlarge and swell, as well as increased mucous production (and congestion), post nasal drip etc. The tonsils are part of the immune system, and so they will not function adequately if your immune system as a whole is weak. Therefore, an unhealthy oral flora may be a contributing factor to the formation of tonsil stones, since a poor chemical balance in the mouth may make them grow at a faster pace. Both food particles and bacteria can quickly build up inside the tonsils if the mouth is not properly cleaned after each meal.
For instance, you may be very healthy, have excellent oral hygiene, with no allergies, sinus or post-nasal drip problems, nor any chronic throat infections at present. I have kept it hidden from my girlfriend for a long time, but she keeps mentioning the bad breath and I feel too embarrassed to tell her it is because of those little buggers.
This naturally built up the carbon dioxide, reducing and finally clearing the asthma attacks. It works by using the very personal and unique symptoms of the individual cat, then matching them to the similar remedy. When some couples have undergone multiple cycles of IVF or other fertility treatments and nothing seems to be working.   Acupuncture will  help them get pregnant when nothing else has worked. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can frequently resolve medical problems that western doctors and western medicines cannot.
If a doctor is to learn acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine well, getting trained in China is very important. Machol formal studies include a bachelor of science degree in Behavioral Science and Health from the University of Utah in 1988. Acupuncture uses thin sterile disposable needles that are inserted into acupuncture points to cause an effect in the body. It stimulates nerve fibers to carry electrical impulses back to the brain increasing beta endorphin concentrations. Acupuncture May Be Helpful for Chronic Pain: A Meta-Analysis A recent NCCAM-funded study, employing individual patient data meta-analyses and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, provides the most rigorous evidence to date that acupuncture may be helpful for chronic pain. Pets with any medical oddities, or under 1 or over 15 years old need the specialist calculations in order to provide a balanced, healthy diet to their pet. Springer can give you that understanding and personal customization you can only get from your own veterinarian! Bacteria will then start colonising the area, as they will feel very attracted to these remains, and so they will form another layer on top of the broken down food.

And this is the main reason why tonsil stones smell so putrid; in particular, the anaerobic bacteria which create volatile organic compounds are responsible for most of the unpleasant odours.
The consistency evolves from a soft gel to a hardened stone, as layers are formed and the materials calcify.
Most people are not aware that their tonsil crypts are full of debris (not necessarily hardened yet in the form of a calcified stone) which is causing their halitosis.
Usually, the small size of the crypts and the fact that any small stones that may form are likely to be eventually released and swallowed, guarantees that no large tonsilloliths can ever form. Tonsils are not moisturised as they should be and all these factors are thought to increase the risk of tonsil stone formation. Note that this is very rare (even in severe cases of acid reflux, food particles or acids do not normally reach the tonsillar area).
I do have a problem with recurrent throat infections and my tonsil crypts do look enlarged.
I think my tonsils are scarred and are collecting stuff in their folds and crannies… Plus I suffer from post nasal drip, although I keep it under control now with regular oral irrigation. The veterinary label is feline bronchial disease.  In effect, the bronchi tighten, restricting normal breathing.
She then finished her Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California. In Acupuncture, the practitioner treats not just the symptoms but the whole person – body, mind and spirit. In addition, results from the study provide robust evidence that the effects of acupuncture on pain are attributable to two components. In addition, white cells present inside the tonsils will also attack this mix of materials and surround it. In addition, I have many allergies which cause a lot of mucus to drip down my throat (getting in the tonsils I guess). I am now kind of obsessed with them and always try to get them out so I don’t have bad breath! Pain from sports injuries or headaches will often be gone after one 50 minute acupuncture treatment. During her clinical internship she interned at the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou, China.
I never really thought for a minute that my tonsils could be the cause of my bad breath, as the tonsilloliths are not visible.
After which, she had the opportunity to study fertility related acupuncture in San Jose under the supervision of Dr.
I have now learned how to clean my tonsils properly and my girlfriend has assured me that my breath has improved dramatically since I started applying all your tips. The content of this e-letter may contain the author’s personal opinion, which is believed to be accurate at the time of publication.
The guide was very helpful by the way, not only to get rid of my tonsil stones, but it also opened my eyes about bad breath products, and I also learned a lot about the other causes of my bad breath. The publisher and their representatives are not responsible for any errors or omissions whatsoever. Active ingredients in the sprays include oxymetazoline, xylometazoline, phenylephrine and ephedrine. These decongestants tend to work faster than their oral counterparts, and patients do not usually experience drowsiness when using the spray form. Hold your head upright and place the nozzle inside of your nose, squeezing the bottle and inhaling. Continue to sniff several times after spraying to send the medicine deep into the nasal passages. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. The most common side effect of these medications, however, is "rebound congestion." When topical decongestants are used for more than three to five days, they become less effective. Patients require additional doses to achieve the same effect, and this overuse creates a dependency and actually exacerbates their congestion. Rebound congestion typically resolves itself after being off of the offending medication for several days, but if dependency continues, it can cause permanent damage to the sinus membranes.
This condition is called rhinitis medicamentosa, and it includes severe nasal dryness, stuffiness and even regular nose bleeds.
Consult your physician before using a nasal spray if you have a chronic medical condition, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, emphysema or thyroid disease. Nasal decongestants may also exacerbate headaches or even cause strokes in patients taking some antidepressants, diet pills or anti-migraine drugs.
Read medication labels carefully and discuss your medication list with a health practitioner if you're concerned about potential drug contraindications.

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